Life is unexpected

I'm trying very hard to... write things into my blog.
But i ended up crapping all the time.
and my blog is not filled with the journal of my life.
Its full of random things i wanna write about at that exact moment.
and here i am.. typing relentlessly again..
not too sure what's interesting in my life again at the moment.
What the hell am i hoping for now?
What the heck am i thinking rite now??
urgh.. i had an idea what to write about just now, but it fade away.
i didnt think my memory is THAT bad. =.= *sigh*
What does my life mean anymore?
okay, i'm so creeping myself out.
=.= y the sudden emo-ish mood..
i think i'm having moodswing. Zz..
oh, and i'm sorry about the pics. i think i can upload it next time when i'm online.
fingers crossed.. i'm so jinxed.. *sigh again*

New Obsession

Life is unexpected

Obsessions.. ooouff, i have loads of those since i was a little maggot.
But things change everytime.
and now, at the age of 16 and 3months (yes, i'm not actually 17 yet)
i'm full of ridiculous obsessions.
Let me list it down.

1. The colour beige
I like beige colour so much now. I dont look like a brown-person but seriously, i'm crazy over it!
well, not "crazy", i mean.. you know. more than the normal 'like' kind.
yeah, something like that.
if i were to choose my room colour, i definately will choose this.
oh, did i mention that my wallet, teddy keychain, bag, and pencilbox are all beige in colour.
*large smile* yeah, this tells the story.

2. Vampires/Twilight
All thanks to "Twilight".
I'm so really obsessed with it!
I can almost worship them for their existense! well, not actually exist in reality (how i wish)
and i planned on buying the whole series of the novel.
i already own 2 of them now... hehehe
and i'm searching and downloading for their songs now.

3. Robert Pattinson
Just BECAUSE of his part in Twilight. as Edward Cullen.
*sigh* so dreamy, so gorgeous, so hawt, so... soo.. soooo much more. =P
Did you know he plays the piano really well and other instruments too!! *shrieks*

4. Classical songs
everything that have soft melody in it.
espeially piano and guitar.
Yiruma.. thx to rain for that. haha
and i love pianos! i have to touch them everytime i saw one!
even though i dont play them very well. But i'm a quick learner if i like it. ehehe!

5. Khalil Fong
This is a popular fact to all my friends.
and i've been his fan for some years dy.
(To all his other new fan:Not just because he became recently famous okay. =.=)
okay, he deserve a worshipping, not "almost" for his incredible songs.
*praise the Lord*

6. English
I like to read books now.
Well, last time when i was Form 1 or so..
I thought reading is very boring and who reads them is stupid.
and yeah, i'm so resentful for that. ehehe
Reading is actually quite fun, you can learn new words, improve your imagination and and and.. so much more!
and i like writing too.. I mean you can create a whole different world with your imagination with it.
and i'm probably boring you with these.. i'm sorry. next. *stick out tougue*

7. Photography
and no, i'm not talking about camwhoring and taking people photograph too.
I'm saying about taking pics of the world.
Trees, drinks, dead flowers, sceneries and a whole lot more.
I don't know when or why i started to develop a liking to these.
It's weird yet i love it. and its rare among people. haha
and i'm so inspired by those pro-photographers in the world. i really am
i'll be inserting some photograph that i took and some i stole from the pros. ehehe.
i'll be putting it another post later. Somethings wrong with my comp.

8. Drawing
It's my life.
I've been drawing since i was small.
But i'm not really good at it.. yet... wahahaha!

9. Numbers
my brain is very good with numbers since i was born.
urm, i dont mean to brag. but really.
It's the gene in my family, even my bro share the same thing.
and tat would explain my dad in his money-counting.. Zz..

Thats a whole lot obsession.
I thought i would list less than 6 but i ended up with 9 of them.
thats seems like too much.. O____O
Whatever. haha!
oh, blogging is one of them too.. but i think it can be catogorized in the "English" part.
Duh~ i'm writin in English aren't i? =="

i'm so bad at ending things. so yeah.
Ciaoz, bloggie.

random Jan, Feb and March memories =D

Pics i would like to share..
it doesnt mean anything to anybody but it is to me.
its my memories. ^.^
its a long way down. lolx
i hope u wont ge bored though.

eww.. it have invisible body and no, i dont have an x-ray camera

super sexy piggy! lolx

drink at the Shitake Cafe

Mummy doing facial. lolx!

bus to Ipoh. doctor's appointment at hosp Fatimah.

second doctor's appointment with mum. in car waitin and camwhoring.

tuition centre. it's kinda spooky. =.=

fun with pens. i noe, it's not good for health. blah blah blah

origami i did in the past. yes, all of them

grandmama sittin on chair makin cookies. wait, TWO chairs??

Siao Yi helping to make cookies~

Pim's house. chillin~

so *heart* Khalil Fong!!

i noe u wont read the caption, but i'll try making it interesting as possible.

copyright Hafaree

Headless bro

dance class.. i luv the mirrors~~ except for the scribble they made

the artist behind this is ME~ muahaha

no, really. it's me, not him. He is just helping out. =P

YIAK!!! *hugs TV*

Jac Jac/Zac Zac (whichever) is so petite and adorable!!

the three headed statue

omg.. i need an eye bag remover

silly face time!

Candid Camera on 3 camwhores. lolx! in Lana


My life.. hmm. here's what i think.

Life is unexpected.

Me, you, he, she, they, we.. and etc.
Each of us have our different role to play.
As for me, i'm a daughter to a loving but busy mother,
a grandkid to a devoted nanny (grandmama),
a sister to a weird little boy who often grimaced at everything,
and a friend to all my silly and crazy friends.

and a heck of awful loads of role in the future.
Mayb a boss? a caring wife perhaps? or a cranky old widow??
lolz, who knows what will the future held?
but back to the story.

why would i start off a blog like this?
well, i was thinking how lucky i was to be me.
Actually it's not bad having a family history like mine,
neither in being in a shithole place situation like i have had experienced.
Because we learn from it, from mistakes.
What? You think u can be successful without failing first??
let me tell you this. If u are, then u're shitting, thats bullocks.

and i am so angry now because my words keep getting eaten when i try to add words in front of my other sentences, which i have to type all again. =.= I CANT LEARN IF I DONT EVEN NOE WHERE THE PROB IS!! who noes how to fix this. please leave me a note. T.T

I learn many when my life was interesting back then.
but now. pfft.. what? my life, it's as boring as watching an old man scratching his bum.
i meant interesting like when i was naive, stupid, and what a coward i was.
and some spices from all the drama that happened last time.
ahh.. the good old days.. hmm.. missed it.
p.s i'm not old as u think i am, cz i'm blogging like a really annoyed old lady rite now.
well, if i get bored enuf, i think i'll start another drama, and butt in into somebody else prob.
fuh~~ if i wanted to that is.. *grinning*

n i get a hunch that it wont be too long. soon.. soon..

what can i write more about my day?
NOTHING. Eeeexactly.
nothing.. except if my crapping count as one?
alrite then, here's the dirt.

Studying luck
March test, for me, ngeh.. not so important. but yet i try to study.
try.. try.. but i cant do it. i'm too lazy and too damn shitty to care. zZz..
i just watch tv all day long (i havent done that in a very long time)
play games, psp, ds, comp games....
oMg, m i becoming a GEEK?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo~~~

Wealth luck
i'm actually quite broke rite now.
cz i didnt urm.. "take" any extra money from mua dad. =P
i put it in "" cz i didnt exactly tell the truth with it. lolz
and how the hell is my money flying away from my wallet even though i seldom go out now??
Weird.. intruguing.. will investigate soon. lolx

Love luck?
i have absolutely no whichever luck in this.
all i can do is gawk at tat hot guy in front of me in my tuition.
*hands slaps mouth* Opps, sorry, i didnt mean to stare. lolx
ahahha! i think i have lost my charm.. pfftt, if i have one. =.=
even if there is a guy, i'll get bored easily. ngek ngek. =P

Health luck
my retarded nose is gettin better.
finally i can smell something! anything!!
not like last time, even eating a spoiled yogurt oso dono. puek
but i still need to depend on the pills/drugs/whatever to make my nose better when it get stuck again
and tat nostril spray, pe-eww, i tell ya, its not fun.
and i'm havin a faint fluenza and coughing prob. T.T

BAD luck
OOooOoOo~~ don worry, i have loads of this.
yeah. even i choose my name to be associated with this word.
i'm jinxed. and my pet name is jinx. xD btw it's pet not pet's.. don blur. it means nickname. or something
my hair looks dumb, and it'll take centuries to grow it.
i got a part in drama. but I DONT REALLY LIKE TAT PART.
i suck in acting. T.t and i have to write the script to compare and add some idea in it.
i'm bored as hell. and i dont no what else i should do.
i should be havin an internet connection rite now but NOOOoOoOo~~~~~~~~~

i think i'm gonna stop talking gibberish here.
blogging is so great, i nearly forget how good it feels again.
^.^ writing is my passion, i think. lolx!
I'm kidding okay, stop puking. jeez, will it hurt to make jokes? =.=
kay now

Ciaoz~ my bloggie~

[p.s. my mum bought a camera for me,but i think she's been cheated, cz it's such a rip off =.= but i still appreciate it, mummy. ^.^ i'll kill tat guy who sells this cam if i saw him okay. xoxo]