Future Photographer Works

Here's some snapshots of April in my eyes.
I love the clouds. Obsessed with it! They are so... hypnotic.
Forgive me if there are some pics which i had post last time.
I tend to forget things.

Drew it myself. *show off* haha
but its not ori work, i had some reference from some wallpaper.

Through my eyes. These are from my home.
I mean places near my home.

Special shapes aye?

In case you don't know where this is,
Its Hoover!

view from the new bus station

Your marvelous photographer in panda eye make-up
my sweaty face. =-]

Feedbacks anyone?

Wonderful Gourmet : Apple + Peanut butter coco


that's my first thought when i put that blasted slice of green apple with peanut butter coco paste on it, into my mouth and chew chew chew my way to it.
It taste kinda good though.
But WARNING! : It's quite fattening.. i mean cause of the peanut paste. It's fat.
So for those who are dieting, please don't blame me when you try this out and gain a few pounds.
But i don't think a bite will do you anything... right?

I kinda found the food idea in seventeen magazine.
Some actress likes to eat apple with peanut butter.
So, i figure i would try it.
You people should try it too ya know?
It's really kinda nice.. if you like peanut butter in your mouth, that is.
Don't worry. There isn't any side effects......................yet.
My proof : I haven't had a stomachache since the last time i ate that.

well, Happy Eating! ^^

To those readers here,
If anyone of you have a weird way of eating something. Do share it with us.
I would like to venture into the world of 'unique' gourmet. lolx

The Wonderful history of Pi (the obnoxious math symbol)

What the hell is this world coming to???
We have to search the history of the-damn Pi for add. maths project work?!?!?
just for your information.. Pi is that symbol you use everytime you wanna calculate the area of circle or something to do with circle..
yes.. the spelling is Pi... i think.
but its definitely not PIE people. thats a kind of food okay?

Okay, i'll search it in the net later.
Google it or something.
oh yeah and good luck to Form 5 gals on the search.
it's SOOOOOOO going to be SOOOOOOO interesting.
"The History Of Pi". Zzz..


Lix's 17th B-day!

Yesterday was EXHAUSTING!!
That is the first day i ever gone out so long in like.. 6 months!
8am till 11pm.. jeez. how many hours that makes?
hm.. 2...4...11+4... 15 hours!! my GOSH!
lolx! it's really fun though. It's a rare thing to be out so many hours these days

*sigh* it's because of the 'age' thing again.
it's like, we're old, no point of hanging out if there isn't any decent older handsome guys hanging around, and we need to study at home instead of loitering round the town drooling over some hawt guys(if there were any though)
Now, lemme tell you something.
Although i lock myself in the house everyday.
i DONT study.. No.. NOOOoOoOoOo..
You can't make someone to do the things with locking one person in a room.
it's like.. like.. like locking someone in the bathroom and expect him/her to shit in there when they don't feel like it!
urm.. that came out wrongly.. well, what-eves.

Back to the main point here dumb-dumb.*rool eyes*

well, yeah.
on the 18th of April on 2009,
We, as in Lix, me, Pim, Zoe, Rence went to Angsoka Hotel at about 8am.
and i accidently called the caretaker of that pool, "Pak Cik".
and he turned out to be a not to old guy to be called a pak cik and he's not a Malay. Zz
Cz normally, all those people that works there are either Indonesian or someone from some other country that seeks work here in Malaysia.
so yeah, we went in. We waited for that caretaker to finish cleaning up on the pool.
He cleaned it but the pool isn't very clean. =.=
dirty.. and full of 'mushi'.. BUGS.. ewww
ignored it, and swam, laugh, bullied, do some underwater tricks.
And that upside-down trick rence taught me. That was REALLY fun, i tell ya. ^^ the view of the sun was beautiful under the water. Thanks!

After we swam, we went into K-box.
We sang until our throats burned. haha!
it's really fun! and the 'criminal'-minded persons, namely Pim and Zoe, order a take-out from Mcd and take it into k-box undiscovered with there helmets. LOLX!
it's like okay this is 2 helmets like this.. u + n = O
get it? One helmet covers the other helmet upside down so it stays hidden and placed. Brilliant idea rite? lolx!
Oh, we danced too! Dance till like crazy.. XD SO FUN i tell ya.
i rarely get the chance to dance like this besides dancing alone in my room.
we were booming on the music. and moving with it. i was high. =P but we didn't drink, mind you. we do it legally. hahaha
And Lix open my present with i did the wrapping weirdly.
i wrap the gift with some rags and then put it in a letter-like thing i painted my self.
Really Weird rite? =P

so yeah and we went back from Angsoka at about 4pm.
got back to Lix home. only me and her.
Cause i wanna watch the video i made with her.
the video contains pics we took last time. The Cru pics and another video i edit about "school bullying : Teacher vs Student"
and we were laughing like crazy i tell ya!
the whole house were full with our laughs!!
we were lucky we didnt have any complains from the neighbours. haha!
and we watched it the second time at night with rence, zoe, xin yi, and cass.
we were laughing again. haha!
And then we went on about our time when we were in our school at SRK Convent.
I tell ya, we were rebellious at that time and we knew no fear. =.=
and the teachers were vicious, violent and weird too when we think about it now. O.o
we were also laughing like crazy when we talked about it.

so at about 10pm, Lix blew the candles of the cake that rence and zoe bought.
and it was delicious you guys! haha~!
so yeah, thats the end of the story.
i went back with rence and zoe. yeah. 3 of us sat on a motor.
1-Q-3 as we says in Canto. =P the nite was breezy. hehe

that's all of it.

I.U Day.. again. but more details and pics!

Our theme for I.U. Day in Convent.
Chain Of Love
Doesn't it sound so lovely??
To know that love is like a chain that will chain you forever from freedom...
Wait... That doesn't sound right.. well.. Whateve's.
I think i drank too much wine.
We all know that in this much modern world, there is no such thing as 'forever' + 'love'
well, if it exist, it's rare.
Because people are so eager to get married fast and get a divorce later.
and you guys are so horribly *AACK* WRONG.
Love and marriage is meant to be unbreakable
marriage like last.. last.. last CENTURY.
Where people see marriage as a holy ritual or something like that.
and divorce like an unspeakable sin.
But now, it's gone i tell ya. Zzz. Humans are so ignorant aye.

i'm so lost in my own thoughts.
blah. ignore it.

I took a pic when it's blackout.
As you can see in this blurry pics, it's dark.
Unfortunately the power supply have to 'suddenly' go off at that time.
But stil,l it was fixed. and 'Halleluyah' lolx

Dancing performance by Form... 3? i think.
i have a terrible memory, sorry.
See the left side of the pic?
Ya, i took it at the instance where Jo vin(sorry, if i mis-spelled it) go break-dancing
Woo HOo~~ Go Girl POWER! xD

Jo Ann and Chui Venn in Japan wedding costumes!
So *heart* the kimono~~
very dark, i know. and the heads. Zz.
Feeling like pancung-ing their heads off. =P
ruin the pic only.

Here comes the Bride and Groom.
OooOo, look at mingq, very Phantom-of-the-Opera-ish,
i give her a 8 out of 10. lolx

here's the whole wedding parade costumes.
and you don't wanna know how much it costs us to borrow these costumes.
Our singers performing "Love Story" by Taylor Swift.
Nice song but girls.. You ruined it.
LOlx! just kidding.

I look bald here.. eww..
but still, this is a nice pic. =D
because many people are in it. haha

Our own Count Dracula : MingQ
She had it going with those tux and eyeliners!

Fav Candid Shot.
LOLX! i took it by suprise when Joe Yee came in from the door.
cuaght her off guard but still she look kinda nice.
Not like other candid shots i took before which results in grimace faces. haha

I just notice something special about this pics today.
If you look carefully, you will see two teachers mimicking a statue called "The Thinker"
You can google it and see the similarity in it.
=D cameras are so fun in so many ways

Jo Ann, Michelle the Talented, and me.
She look so hawt in that red cheong-sam. Lolx!

Ivy and Mei Ling.
Another candid shot, but they did some posing in time for it.

This is what i get when i got home about 8pm after our dinner at Polywatta.
I have to bear to wear the half-broken shoes and walk from LPC to the restaurant.
Do you know how much it pains me??!?!
But it's damn funny la, if you see me walking with these shoes.
i think some strangers saw it and laugh.
and it was like this when i finally got into my mum's car.
Good thing it was broken AFTER the IU day.
If not, it'll be very embarrassing for me lolx.
T.T goodbye my fav high heels.

Thats all fer now.
Ciaoz Baby~!

I.u. Day success!

Finally! All those hardwork had paid off!!
Well... Not exactly.
Only convent interactors experience the horror behind the scenes.
Talk about chaos. The whole community in it were wild before the program starts.

Not only that, the power supply have to cut off right when it was 3pm!
The time when the whole iu day starts!!
Really shui la wei.. I still remember sitting at the registration table when teacher walks in n suddenly 'poof', lights off.
Oh, THE HORROR. But luckily it got fixed in time, i were clapping like a maniac when the lights were on again.
But still, if havent fix yet, "the show must go on!" lolx..
I was in a sketch, n thankfully, all the actress n last minute hired actress to act as the three gangster were able to perform greatly, although some convo was skip, including me skipping it. Ehehe.
But still, everybody was laughing, tat was really good, imagine if u're doing a sketch n nobody were laughing, now tat would be trouble..
I was so proud of myself *erhem erhem* i wrote the sketch u noe. *grins* Wahaha.
Really bangga la wei..
Plus i was able to provide some classical music to be played when it tea time n unfortunately i did bad at selling flowers..
I only asked 2 ppl, n they denied.
The fact tat i couldnt handle rejection very well, i gave up selling flowers n run around lpc like a fool, searching for ppl willing to do the part as the gangsters.
N yes, We werent fully prepared.
We didnt even have a proper rehearsal but still, we made it.

Oh, n michelle, my gawd, she really have talent in acting, the emotions were real when she act unlike us, pressing the urge to laugh all the time. Hahaha!
All i can say is WOW. U go girl! Lolx.
Okay, this is all i have to say, ciao then!
Oh yeah, this is the 'In' way of saying bye now..

P.s. This is the first time i wrote a blog with my handphone, i finally figure out how to use the opera mini thingy. Weeee~