OMG. my lust is acting up again. argh..

omg.. this is so damn excruciating.
Everytime i watch a movie, there must be a scene,
where the main character kiss someone.
And then "ka-bish".. well not really ka-bish, its more like a "BANG".
yeah, something like tat.
Something occured to me that....
well, not really that desperate.
Cause i learned my lesson in the past!!! okay?? i've learned it and i will forever remember it.
To not accept any bagan kia as a boyfriend.

Now, i'm aiming for the better kind.
The smart, casual and intelligent guy. Romantic will be a super plus to it.
I've stayed single for a pretty long time. [not really again]
Whole body also gatal dy now.. Zz.. siao one, i know.
But nevermind la.. i'll aim high and then i'll achieve it!
=DDDD hahahhahaha.

but i'll never know who i am going to accept to be my bf in the future.
Who knows... i'll be the evil one in a triangle relationship.
You know what i mean right?
But hopefully i won't. I want innocent love. Zz..
Nobody know what the future holds.
I just hope i have true friends to support me in everything.
And guide me through every single decision so i won't make bad and wrong ones.

I've once asked some friend of mine some question like
"What if i'm a person that is evil enough to steal somebody away from a girl?"
They gave me a bad look.
If i really love that someone i will. but wait until they break first la of course.
"I really also will think you are a bad people even if you are my friend"
fine... but, do you know how it feels if you put into that somebody's shoe for just once.
Me, i look at things at all angle. To feel what a "bad" person do.
And sometimes i agree that some of the "bad" ones maybe right.
This world is sick.. and cruel.

This might seem like a cliche but.
All is fair in love and war.

OPENING OF MY other blog.

okay.. i create it very long time ago..
well... not very long. i dont even have an idea when it is created
i forgot. heheh.. normal. me. bad memory. so. whateves.

Opening to public soon.
the reason i put it in private is that i don wan any people to copy it.
[okay, its stupid i noe. and its not that GOOD until people wanna copy la. just in case.]
so if copying really happens, i hope i have my support. that is all my readers. bleh

and now, i decided to open it to public.
i thought nobody would read it
cause its not real life. and its just a story i created.
ANd now just one post.
it's kinda lame when i read it now. but i'll try my best to make it interesting in the second post.
and of course i see my friends publish some story,
so i figured i'll post something too.
And it is very long, so if you don't like reading long post. Don't read it. But please just go and see oso i will be very happy! T.T


i discovered this love of mine last year or so.
i really fell in love with writing now,
thanks to Sophie Kinsella, The Little Black Dress books and of course
my latest craze, Stephenie Meyer. The author of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Thank you all so very much.
OH! and before i forget.
the book i brought some year ago. "Teen life" or something like tat
i forgot the book's name.
But the book is about the combination stories of teens that love to write and their passion in
of course, more writing.
Those kids are unbelievable. So talented and yet so young.
More thanks to them that have inspired me.

ah, so many words and giberish.
My "Un-named" blog is now officially.


My past. truly an interesting thing to look at. or is it?

sorry for this..
and i cant rearrange all this. i dont noe why
and window Vista is defunately a retarded program.
i like XP better seriously...
so, all the talking is suppose to come first.. so please read the below words first
before you carry on browsing my fugly pictures okay.
thats all. thanks.

T.T i cant even arrange my pics from the first to the last
its all mixed up!! wuah~~~

Nobody should suffer my fate!
and hairs do not curl in that way!
Getting better now..
and not so ugly dy. this is Form 2 or 3 i think.

This is last year.

OMFG! MY EYES, it burns!
what the heck is that thing??!?!
...........oh wait, thats me.
I dono when is this. but my face is better
than this below one.

stupid haircut.
i wont go into michael to cut my fabulous hair anymore.
u heard me michael!?!?
[mispelled. however i spell it, you guys know which shop i m talking bout rite?]

The origin of all freaking horrifying things
nahz, just kidding.
i'm not tat bad am i?
except for the fact i have half part hair in front and my neck is not visible enuf.
=] riteeeeeeeeee??


my friend, Chia Ling found our old pictures.
and she gave it to me. This is so shocking!!
i thought it's lost forever and can't be found anymore.
But this is truly a miracle. enuf said.
This will be really horrifying to see..
okay, maybe not. It's all my face.

oh, and FYI, i'm not bragging and i'm not saying "oh, look at me~ i'm so pretty now. blah blah blah"
okay, ABSOLUTELY not.. or.. maybe a lil. ehehe
but i kinda have the "ugly duckling" symdrome. ahaha. kiddin.
anyway, if u don't like me and think i'm a total beyotch then i advise you to look away now.
and turn off this window. and BYE BYE.
if not, then you're free to continue on.. ^^
thank you my fellow loyal readers. thank you very much.
MUAH MUAH! xoxo.
And girls, please don't kill me cause i'm about to open a new page of fuhgliness of our past.
Please forgive me. to all those people in my photos below.
and KILLING do not solve all problems okay.
i've done it and i know it.. =P

Here goes nothing.
[P.S. Look up]

Your Neighbourhood: Not so safe anymore

walk walk walk walk...

nice and breezy wind today, *inhale* *exhale*
WONDERFUL day today.

HIYA!!! *snatch your handbag/handphone*
then the tall dark man ran away with your belongings.
and you, stand there shrieking and sobbing at the same time.. =.=

Yup, our neighborhood is filled with hooligan thieves. No kidding.
why do these people even exist?!?!?!? !@#@!@$%^&
People like this should die. die i say! DIE!!!!
.... excuse my emotions... *er hem*
Luckily, i never experience that la.. er.. got one time, but its not a thieving experience.

Short story
by Joey

on one fine night..
actually it's Chinese New Year night if i'm not mistaken.
Me and Sin was walking around the neighborhood.
Where suddenly, a friggin ugly car with green neon lights at the bottom turn around the corner and followed us.
I was pretty sure it was following cause it moves slowly and turn where we turn.
And the we start panicking then we had a brilliant idea.
We both run to the corner and quickly run into a small alley behind some new house
and hide there when the car can't see us.
Finally, it drove off and we ran home.. =.=


Okay, back to the main post.

I have actually think what am i going to do if i was to be in this situation.
And here's what i come up with...

Before i become the victim:

1. See some suspicious guy following me around and looking funny. I will run to some house and shout "MUMMY!! GOR GOR!! ABANG!! GIANT!!! HELP!!"

See some suspicious guy following me around and looking funny. Turn around run towards that guy and shout "RAWR!! FEAR ME!!!!"

3. Turn around and walk towards that guy. and say "i will kill you..." creepily. That will scare him off. *wink*

4. Stare at him until he runs away.

If my things get snatch:

1. Chase him and karate chop his head.

2. I bring a blade with me when i'm going out. So, i'm using it to cut his wrist.

3. Shout "You disgusting thing! GOD WILL PUNISH YOU!!!"

4. Stares at the guy, with mouth open and then curses.


Okay, =.= i was just joking around.
No, don't do any of the above except for tat blade part. =P
Here are some clever things you should do when you r in this sitch. Seriously this time..

1. If you have a car nearby and you have the keys, you can sound your car alarm to scare him off.

2. When you go walking, you should bring your large dog with you too. If you don't have any, buy one. =P

3. Bring some sticks, umbrella or anything that will say "Beware, i have a weapon" to strangers that looked at you when you are outside.

4. Don't wear jewelery and don't hang your hp around your neck.

5. Don't go out at all.

In case you are in this sitch. then..

1. Poke his eyes when you grab your shoulder.

2. Punch his throat.

3. Knee his groin.. In case you dont know what that means.. Groin = his manly part. yeah down there.

4. Spit at his eyes if you're a good spitter. =]

5. bend his fingers like.. um.. you know, just bend his fingers backward. It hurts, try it to yourself and observe.

6. Go learn tae kwan do or judo. Tang soo do won't help you my dear.

That is all. I hope this helps.

A short complain post

Life is unexpected.

Exam is coming so soon~~
it's next week.
And i haven't touch any goddamn revision book yet.
Plus the add maths project work we have to pass up before our exam.

And i'm here onlining!! and blogging!!
....... because i have nothing to do already.. besides running away from my problems.

Zz.. i'm waiting for my answer copy from my friend. [add maths got answer in the internet]
I will be getting it on Monday.
I just pray she got photocopy it for me and that no homework-givers are giving homework to us next week.
so i can finish it before the dead-line. *whines*

Plus Pend. Seni folio...
omg... that one July must pass-up. and we got the questions months ago.
i haven't done anything yet.
But i got search for the photos.
so many things to do and i'm chilling. =.=
my God, i think i'm a maniac. still can relax.

the most important thing i have to do now is...
ergh... gtg now.

Ciaoz. for real. Seriously.

A buffet Dinner at Pao Long.

Life is unexpected.


Well, it's not really big la.
What do you expect. It's Teluk Intan la wei not KL.
But this is the first time i heard of buffet in this tiny little town.
If they is any other buffet restaurant in town, please correct me ya.

Ya, the food is not appetizing at all. In my opinion la.
The food was unorganized.
I mean.... They should put the tables properly like one row what food one row what food.
Easy to find ma like that and it's a hell lot easier to WALK around too.
And then the food is too few lo.
Very easy 'out of stock'.
One interesting thing about yesterday is their special tonight


yes, sushi.
I know all the Teluk Intaners would scream and shriek when they heard this word.
Because, they don't sell sushi's here in this town.
and yeah, you guys should not believe what i saw here...
i am not 'hyperbola'-ing people.
i even videotaped some footage of this activity but its kinda blur cause i used my phone to capture the whole thing.
BUT luckily, i will upload some pics.

The time when the waitress serve the first plate of sushi,
those people swarm towards her.
I pity that poor indian girl.
It's like they have never seen a sushi before OR
they were possessed by some hungry barbarians.
all people rush and were like grabbing.
i think this will be a good headline for the news. =P

i felt very disgusted when i saw that scene, cause i'm hygenic ma!! 'as if' hahaha
but i did ate one.
Sin's mother managed to grab 3 pieces for us.
yes, only three.

but then we saw how they made those sushi.
the cook made them without wearing any gloves..
it's called gloves rite?? i dono called what la, i just know its a plastic thingy you wear on your hands before touching any food so you wont add some 'unwanted' ingredients in it.
i forgot what it is called.
okay, that has cross the line. I swear i will not eat them anymore.
It is not that yummy too. bleh...

Note: before this scene, this exact place only have 1 or 2 people walking here and there only. This is after they serve the sushi.

They waited there after some of them grabbed all the sushis in the first serve
and the children there are damn annoying too.
i was near the table and i was stepped on the foot, 3 effin times by 2 little girls..
Walao, its like i'm invisible or something to them.
yes, the suspects are two little girls in pink in this pics.

This was taken WHEN the second plate of sushi was served.
See, i told ya so.

This was when all the sushis had been grabbed.
and to those who didn't get the chance to grab some,
you're lucky cause you all won't taste how bad it taste. =D

that's all for now.. too-da-loo~

P.s. still not recovering from my flu and sore throat.. T.T



I dono how i did it.
I just kept my eyes on the web page and keep turning it.
it's a miracle!
*angels ahh-ing*

Rubik Cubes

Life is unexpected.

The mysteries of Rubik cube.
Aye, who can figure it out?

i bought one from Ploy on Monday.
I thought it will be fun doing something that uses your brain.
and i have absolutely NO idea how.
Googling the solutions soon.

It's so pretty when it is not in this state.
Ya know? with the colors undisturbed in each of the 6 sides.
~So Pwetty~~
But thanks to Ploy, i only get to have that moment just 3 seconds. =.=
She 'helped' me made it messy until i dono how to turn it back. T.T
Then many people start borrowing it in school. I say yes. and then make it more confusing with 6 colors.

And when i got back, it's my granny's and bro's turn to turn it.
.......... it's not me playing anymore. =.=
But it's a good thing right? I made people think and addicted to it. =P
addicted? no.. i used the wrong word. blehh.
What-eves, i'll go google it now.

Bsb 3 on 3 + Rakan Muda day

Life is unexpected.

HOhoHO! i'm online again today and i skipped class. die la, i'm addicted to truancy dy. anyone please help. T.T

okay, last Sunday there was a basketball 3 on 3 competition ONLY for GUYS
by Rakan Muda, the sponsor.
Here's what i have to report.
There is no hawt guys or what so ever.
No, not even one in those storms of guys.
got one cutie only, of course, he is much younger than me la. Lolx.

The score keeper worker consists of 4 people, if course that includes me, Sin, Ploy, and turtle/Wey Li (I still dono how to spell her name, sorry aye)
Anyway, that day we were suppose to go there before 8am as instructed by Ann's mom.
BUT i woke up late, instead we went there about 8.++ la, late a bit only.
But when we got there we have to wait until 9am for a certain someone to bring those 'kachang' there.
You know, sometimes adults are so childish la. ish ish ish. that's all i can say about that.
We worked until... i think it's 4.30pm or so..
We got our money $$$. ehehehe. 50 bucks for each of us score keepers.

They seem hawt behind. but don't be deceived.
wait they all turn around first only you can judge. lolx

Only famous people like 'us' gets to sign autograph voluntarily.
Please don't sell that paper, i know it will sell in a very high price but treasure it.
(Head in the sky again)

Turtle looking very blurish.

i'm all smile here but i'm thinking nasty thoughts.
when the f*ck is this match ending?!?!? @#^&!
Camera-shy Sin... awe.. (boo)

Candid ShoTs of strangers!!!
Here's an aunty imitating the 'Sleeping Buddha' pose.
I know its rude to take her pic, but hey, there's no law in "accidents" rite?
ehehehhehe. *evil laugh*
This is how we know we got caught.
She turned around. WE'RE SO DEAD!
We act like we were photographing ourself when she turned.
Plan B, we called it. =P

And after we finished work we went behind to the field where Rakan Muda activity took place
They were doing a lot of things there.
They have dance comp, shuffle comp, family activities, rock-climbing, and etc.
I was too chicken to try the rock-climbing stuff.
Cause i don't trust those equipments. They smell funny too(as reported by Ploy), and that friggin tower is very wobbly.
Maybe i'll try it when i am in Genting. *shows tongue*

The Adventurous Ploy lands safely on ground.

Sin trying to climb, but stops halfway.
More BOOOOoOoOoOs. haha
"am i on the ground yet?? WHERE THE F IS THE GROUND?!?! i want my mummy.. *sobs*"
i'm a teaser. =P

Ploy successfully climbed to the top of the wobbling tower.
CONGRATS! lolx somemore pose to the camera.

I took some cloud pics too. (My speciality) bAhahhAHa~
Still working as a photographer wherever i go if i have my camera with me.

If you're observant enuf, you might see the moon in the last 2 photos.
It's tiny but its definitely there.

Short story
Yesterday i dreamed of a very happy thing ya know?

I was so dissapointed when it was all JUST AN effin DREAM
I dreamed of winning 2 cars. Yes, 2 and not 1.

One is like a buggy, sparkly green one, and another is like a sport car (fav) , yellow.

Walao, i still can remember clearly. This girl fantasize too much.

i still remember that the friggin person who drove my car to me bang my precious car accidently to the wall.

T.T NOOOoOoOo~~ My SpoRt CaR!!.. i think i was wailing like this in my sleep.
And then he drove it away. To change another hot car. i think.

And then *pooff* i'm awake..
haiz.. if only i remember what competition i took part in.
Lucky draw, perhaps? X.x

GIRLS! please, cheer up

Firstly, i would like to say
I'm sorry for posting to much today,
and i take it back because i don't need to apologize about my post limit in my own blog.

To: All my girlfriends.

Hi, how are ya all doing? I hope you are in your 'bestest' state.

=P i'm kidding, i'm not really going too write a formal letter.
Just fooling around.

Snap out of your emo state!
you have to be positive. cause your sad aura is going to make more people mope!
and i don't want any '-'-vity around the air!!
Think positive! although you're in your shittiest state, please!
the light is blazing on you, and you are still walking down to the dark side
Don't be blind! walk towards the light.

Don't forget the people around you to give you support.
so, don't be an arse and let the ones around you to give up on you.
when they call you to cheer up, you do that.
and don't say this "aww.. i'm going to die! die die die i say! die! i'm useless. cheering up is so effin useless too."

Okay? That is what i call a jackarse.

on another note, i seem to observed that many Malaysians are emo.
Mary said that too a very long time ago, when she saw her msn friend's pm.
all Malaysian are writing something emo-ish and non-Malaysians happy-ish.
so, it's very easy for her to differentiate between her friends.
And i'm one of them too.. LAST TIME!
yes, i admit it. because 'emo' is so 'in' that time.
But now, i'm changing mode to 'Full-crapping-happy-stuff-shit'

We need to LIVE gals!
LIVE your LIFE to the FULLEST!
that quote is not useless, i tell ya.
so, what are you waiting??
get up and do something fun rather than moping and moping and moping.

If you're having the shittiest day, jump up and say "I'll conquer the world!" or something that will make you happy.

If you're having a fight with your friends, take your phone and type "sorry". cause real buddies forgive each others! no matter whose fault it is.

If you're having a fight with your beloved ones, forget those sad moments and remember the sweet time you have and think again. It's this worth fighting over?

If you're sad about how your results are, get up, get up and read some books.
Although you don't unds it, at least you know you tried.
Maybe your talent isn't in these things.
Like me! I despise history and they despise me too.
But, at least i tried reading some words before falling asleep.
And i move on to other subjects that i have power over it.

If you're having sleep deprivation, for goodness sake, go flop on your bed and get some triple Z, now.

If you have lost something, buy a new one. if its really important, well, admit you are clumsy and you lost it, and get over it. No use crying over spilled milk.
Like me, i lost my bikini yest (reference to old post).

etc etc etc. you get the idea.

From: Happy Beyotch. =P

So, get over it. and started doing new things! HAPPY THINGS!
and think HAPPY thoughts!

family loco time

Life is unexpected

i forgot all about it until now.
i was copying my pics from my camera to my pc and found these
we took it during a random night.
Me and my bro was building tower from 'janga' blocks
i dono what that means but the block has this name printed on it.
like this...
My bro is threating to kill it.

behold, people!
my masterpiece...

And that night my mum went crazy.
I dono what gotten into her.
But she said its a statement
that teens this century like doing pose like these..
[PLEASE, ignore my horrible and un-girlish pose. I'm a macho monster in my own home]

Me thinking what i should do to make it taller
Mum, making faces at the camera

Me crying cause i nearly destroy my 'Tower of Hope'
Mum, making more faces to the camera.

Threatening to eat my feet off
And she did bite me, and i have pics to prove it.
but i cant show it.. =P cz my pose is damn friggin ugly,
it is almost illegal to show it in public

please be prepared before scrolling down.
For those with fragile heart,
you are advise to close this window and turn away
I repeat.

oh well, here goes nothing.

My candid shot my bro took while i was launching an attack
with janga block at him.
that is my 'aiming-face' =.=

My bro candid shot that i took
and now, HE is trying to launch an attack at me
i accidentally snap this photo and i was coughing with laughter!
whole house also my voice. aiks.
i nearly died la wei, can't breath, cut me some slack

Thank me, if it have made your day. ^^

What a klutz

I lost my bikini, shorts, and my... well.. my 'lady-wear'(=P)
in sungkai!! T.T


because dearie,
you forgot to bring it home.
don't ask why anymore.

Yeah.. i lost it.. *sobs*
i'm so effin forgetful. i'm a klutz. *wuuuu~*
i left it in the bathroom.
jeez, you know when i find out i forgot all about it???

It's RIGHT AFTER i came out from the car when we arrived home.
i accidently kicked a bag of wet clothes under my leg in the car and then

T.T this will teach me a lesson.
i don't have any swimwear to wear nymore.
wuah~~~ i want it back!! *child's tantrum*
and my friggin shorts!
the only pair which i can actually fit in without being a 'cupcake'!

when the old ones doesn't go, the new one doesn't come.

=P ehehehhehe

If anyone find it, please contact me.
alah, as if anyone will find it la. Zz... its lost in sungkai.
IF got people saw it ya, it's white and black and flowery flowery one ya.


MY NEW HOT DREAMGUY~! *heart heart heart heaaaaaaart*!!!


i apologize for my hysterical moments.
But ladies, get ready to go 'goo-goo' on this hot babey~
Oh my GAWD... He is so DAMN HAWT!

Trio of Twilight

See that?? He looks so INNOCENT.. *awe*
Rob, i know you have to grow your "man-hair" like this.
And unfortunately, you can't nail it nicely. boo hoo.

So FRIGGIN hawt... X} *drools*