Life is unexpected.

I know this post is going to stay at the top of my blog post for awhile.
This is a risk i have to take.
And i cant stand it anymore.

I do not friggin want to hav anything to do with guys that like you right now.
and do not take me to be a reason to "not" do something you wanted to do or be..
IF you are even thinking bout it.. bcz tats wat's in my mind.
I don't want tat kind of thing happening again like the past. like the history. ZZzz.
This has become more awkward and awkward between us.
Not only me, but all of us had stayed away from eye contact and are reluctant to say even a simple "hi" or even a smile.
What the hell is going on?!?!?

I. Dont. Want. This.
No. Not to the people i know for a long time.

Yes, i admit. I had been very angry to hear some rumours or news.
I have cursed enough and had enough fury already.
I just want nothin right now. nothin.
There are so many things i wanted to say. But it's too much for one to read or hear it.
So. thats all i have to say.
Please. I can also be a freakin fugly volcano-erupt-like beyotch if this happen the third time.
Better pray it doesnt happen.

And lastly, you are a really bad liar.
Remember the question i had asked you. "No" is a wrong answer.
An answer that is very different from the one shouting in your mind.
And it is showing its true colour as time pass by.

maniacs spotted at Old town

Yiargh!! internet, i miss you so much.. X[
But i get to embrace you for awhile only, and then we'll be apart again. T.T

Kay, let's put that aside and focus today,
since the only alone time i get for me and the laptop is like 2 hours or so. Zzz..

These are the pics i took last saturday.
Old Town. doing crazy posing and stuffs.

Sorry no time for captions. i think the pics will explain themselves.
hehe. Note: Jo Venn's party.. see for yourself. bye bye.. =P
What a rush