i finally updated?

Cute lil doggy..

i cant belif how many light years or aeons it had been since i last updated!

actually, there's nothing i'll like to say..
i couldn't if i wanted to, cause it's damn too much to be written down right here.
uh huh uh huh.. right~~

oh, trial just ended like last two days ago.
erm.. wait, actually there is still PJ and Art to go after the holiday.
well, whatever. never studied for those two subj anyway.
i think i did pretty good on trial.
at least i studied.. oh, n i did studied really hard for physic.
it's like intensive physic time. bleh, glad tat's over.

Yest i went to watch "Where Got Ghost" for the second time in the cinema.
Yes, second.. i'm crazy i know.
I went with Ann and some friends. Today my mum went with my bro.
It's really damn funny!! all those singapore malaysian slangs and lingo.
dang~ it's pretty scary too. it scared me quite a lot of time.
even if it was the second time for me.
after the screening we went to Glutton Square for some tea time.
Something funny happened there.
All i can say is, I can't believe there is still a grandma that stares at her granddaughter for having tea with some guys.. *gags*
Then after that we went second round at Mcd.
So many things happened..
Random words to decribe it..
Friend. Date. A lot of hot-looking guys. actually, a lil only Zzz. Lier. Hooligan. Me. Suprise. Met. The guy. Damn tall.
=P bahahaha~~ very blur indeed right?
that was the plan. lolx.

that is all i guess. i don't know what to write anymore.
I WANNA GO SWIM!!! *random*

Oh~~ 2moro gonna go to Ann's tai lou's wedding's buffet at her house.. wow, that's a lot of " 's ".
hope there would be funny or interesting thing happened there.
today was very interesting as well ady.. *grin*

bye bye bloggy~