Everyone is reminiscing, so why not..

I'm seeing a lot of post on saying what they have achieve during 2010
So, here I am, following the "trend"
actually, I just syok sendiri lah. I'm not going anywhere tonight so just let me be by doing this.
This is how I'm going to celebrate this year

The last day of 2010.
Am going to.
not alone.
* Imma be *
music please
with my

So to sum up my 2010 life
  • Entered Multimedia University as an Faculty Of Engineering student
  • Meet a lot friends and weirdos. Went through loads of awkward, fun and unhappy phases.
  • Sneaked into another college party with fake ID
  • Joined a band but just as a useless manager. lol
  • Got my driving license
  • Played golf for the first time.
  • Had an anonymous photo editor but he disappeared. That was really weird.
  • My first phone-sex call. WTF.
  • My first photo-shooting session.
  • Crush on a few guys but only ended up in despair. This is exactly why I don't crush on a person really hard anymore. On the other hand, I don't like all of those who got crush on me. FML and FTL.
  • Coloured my hair more than once. My gawd, my unhealthy hair
  • Meet saw JayPark in person

Actually not much has happened, I was really looking forward to my "GREAT" achievements..
but hey, we usually don't get what we want.
I hope 2011 is going to be an adventurous year.
Maybe I should be more daring and brave and do more weird things.
Wadya think?

I hope all of you guys forgive me if I have done anything wrong,
you will have many blessings in the future.

Just be happy and healthy alright?

Happy New Year!

Quick update 29/12/10

It's almost the end of the year 2010.
It's gonna be 2011 in 3 days. 
And it's getting closer to 2012, when we all die and repent like the Mayans predicted. DX
Oh well, this world ain't that pretty so I guess it doesn't matter if it ends or not right? 

Another new year is coming so I guess it's the usual thing.
I'm gonna write a list of resolutions for 2011.
But first I'm gonna copy and paste my last year resolutions and check if I've succeed or not.
Here goes!

1. Never get depress by something minor. Done that and it's too easy.

2. Save money dear. you're not a child anymore. Don't spend like there's no tomorrow. Well, this is pretty hard to do but I think I've spend lesser in shopping now than last year. XD okay, DONE.

3. SAY NO TO FAST FOOD!! but max one month can eat twice la.. don't be so hard on yourself. Done!! WELL DONE!! My stomach automatically shrink even by the sight of MCD's banner. haha!

4. Don't do things like hangat-hangat tahi ayam. I wonder if i'm correct or not. my BM sucks. Not done. I'm still like this.. lol

5. No cursing when you are driving hun. Stop those malaysians habits. Uhhhh... Half done. Cause I rarely drive. LOL

6. Work! i never done any real work before. i'm such a princess. T.T BAAAD.Not done. Still haven't work at all.

7. Never cry in front of mum again when she say something. i'm so touchy when she talks in her angry tone. weak point, go away~~ Done. Less crying now.

8. Study hard. Focus hard. and play hard! Wtf, this one also need to write. Done

9. Don't buy makeup anymore. you have loads but you seldom use it. and make-up ruins you although i like it. Not done, I still buy it. XP

10. I want that Wii~~~  This ain't a resolution. It's a wish. XP. But I still don't have one and I don't want it anymore.

11. Don't forget your friends from high school no matter where you are. Done. I still do!

12. Go out more, but don't spend much money on it. [i'm such an otaku. >.<] Done

13. Don't talk nonsense! think before you speak! Done. I think.

14. Get rid of that stupid brainless part of me. I'm not exactly dumb. be intelligent! LOL! Done!

15. Get a serious boyfriend.. Zz...Not done. It will still be in my list

16. Sleep early~~~ [the hardest task] Not done. Yea, it's hard.

17. Learn piano~ Learn how to dance~ [if got $$ and time] Not done. I taken up ukulele though. XP

18. Be crazy about nickkhun.. =DDD Time pass and so does my obsession. But my obsession for korean-related things wouldn't change that easily. XP

And now to present another whole new list.
Vintagebaby's 2011 resolutions!!

  1. Never let your guard down and never let anyone take advantages of you. 
  2. Take up all those good cleaning habits.
  3. To not do anything at the eleventh hour.
  4. Don't keep refreshing facebook or tumblr page when you have nothing to do. You're just wasting your time.
  5. Take more pictures when you're outside. The memories are sweet even if it's a small thing.
  6. Don't act cute anymore lah. How old are you? Still young meh??? Geli.
  7. I don't know I should or not. It sound like a bad thing but.. Be more flirtatious...? Just towards the person you like not every guy okay. lol. Hey, that's how people get into a relationship right? :D
  8. Try to remember the roads from now on. 
  9. Stop being so boyish... but I guess that's just a part of who I am. :9
  10. Since I got tired of my unsuccessful tries of getting rid of my laziness, I guess I'll just have to maintain my level of laziness then. ~.~
  11. Never stop reading and continue my love for writing even if I have less chance of writing stories anymore. I miss the times I wrote essays for English in secondary school. Boohoo.
  12. If I can't keep a promise I shouldn't be making any at all. 
  13. Be more daring to say and act. But think carefully before doing anything stupid. 

I think that's about it. 
I actually wrote this list out in a wimp. I didn't prepare for it or anything.
I can only write of what I can think of right now. 

So I guess that's it for another boring post.
random. weeeeee~~~~

Ending my post with an one-eyed selca... and my grandma behind there. 
lol. Till next time~!

Christmas celebration 2010!

Sorry for updating late!! 
There was no internet in my home in my hometown *that was a mouthful*
25th Dec felt like the longest day ever in my life. LOL
Because I was awake most of the time. 
Too excited and too many things to do.
Actually there isn't much to do, but I just can't fall asleep lah...

This year has been different, because I wasn't celebrating with my best friends and schoolmates like I used to. I am studying in University now and I can't believe what my seniors did for me on that day. I was so surprised. Seriously! 정말 놀랐어요!
Here's what happened.
*I actually told most of my friends about this but whattheheck*

I originally planned on going to church with my mum at the night of Christmas's eve but we were late because of our dinner. We didn't think it would take us 2 hours to finish all those up because it was the "Chinese-give-you-one-dish-then-you-finish-it-then-only-we-change-another-dish-for-you style" thingy. And then we went home at about 10pm. Suddenly this kayu called me and ask where am i and he told me his friend is delivering gifts to my Shah Alam home and told me I should hurry back home. After that, my mum asked me if I had any plan with my friends for the night. I told her I thought we were going to the church. She said it's too late we wouldn't make it. 
I seriously didn't suspect anything even if my mum asked such a weird question. I was so blur. LOL.
So when we came home, there wasn't anyone at all at the doorsteps. I thought the person got tired of waiting and went home and I didn't even observe my surrounding much. Suddenly, this familiar white car honk at us. I saw Hau Loong first. Then I was like "wtffffffffffffff??"
They told me to get in the car but I was still "huh" like. Then Shasha told me she already got permission from my mum to kidnap me. lol. I can't believe my mum was in this cahoot
Luckily I was dressed nicely, if not... .... .... idk.. 

Booyah~ pic!

The Secretary
Flash was very nice that night. haha!
Celebrating @ The Curve

Once we got in, there were already some people spraying here and there. 
After the clock strikes twelve, they were spraying like nobody's business. I was getting sprayed on my face, head, body, blehhhhh by people I don't even know. wtf?? LOL.
I didn't buy any sprays to take revenge. I just thought it was.... well, I thought I was too old for it. No offence, I was just saying about me. XP.  I hated the sprays actually, but I couldn't actually abandon my friends there and ran away on my own. So I stood there with them shielding myself. 
I was intoxicated with the smell of weird shampoo in that half-one hour. uhuhu. T.T

The victim. Damn, this pic damn EPIC!! XDDD Rolling on the floor laughing while hitting on the ground!

Many people there to bombard my "photo-shooting" 

Surprise visit from Zoe, Rence, Rachel and two of my juniors

Guess who's hiding in the cardigan.. lol

my blue shield which I just washed.. and now have to wash it again. lol

Since I didn't rotate, you guys can rotate your heads to see this pic properly. XD

lmao, rence's expression. so damn high. XD

Everyone was throwing the empty cans on the floor. LITTERBUGS!!


Took the pic of the culprit while she was spraying me. lol

Group Pic!

Sasha pose~

wtf face.

by Hau Loong. LOL

Sasha's crimson nails

Random pretty lady. xD

I'm not drunk although I look like it. 
We shared the Secret Recipe cheesecakes and talked for awhile. 
Then we went back home after a round of supper with my uni seniors.
I slept at 5am and woke up at 8.30am because we have to get back to my hometown that morning.
I even skipped breakfast and slept in the car while my family ate outside. Bahaha!

The after effect of the surprise event
Went back and there's another cake again.
This time, I was celebrating with my family. 


I looked like a hobo who just woke up.. lmao. 


wish wish wish

Seriously damn blur. HAHAHA!

blur face again.. OMG

Nice or not?? 
Hehe. Not it's not for me. It's for my mum FROM me. 
Huhu. Belated Birthday present.

Okay, a random video of my brother opening an unwanted Christmas present from me.
Please just skip it if you're expecting something big, it's a lame present

Went for a meet-up at night with my beyotches!!
I only called those who I am really really close with. It's not always a good thing having Birthday and Christmas on the same day. Friends would have to choose whether to go dating, clubbing with others, celebrate with family or celebrate with me. FML.
Sorry, there wasn't much pictures because I forgot to take them when they arrived. 
T.T.. We don't usually take pictures when we go out, that's why I forgot about it.
Only Isabelle, Micheele and me got to take some pics.
Sorry Ann and Liz. X[ uhuhu

I looked so old.. lmao.. It's this the effects of birthdays???

The next day, lunch @ Sushi with Liz and Isabelle
My brother tagged along with me and Liz's bf tagged along with her.
It was awkward because well... it's the first time eating with Liz and his bf, but... ... ... I took some random pic out of a sudden.
This is it.
damn, awkward poses. XD ahahhaa!!1
Yea, that was the only pic I took that time. XDDDDD
But then in the car, I took this
Damn, my camera skill so bad. XP
Sorry Isabelle~!

The only pictures that is missing is that of Jo Ann's.. Damn heartbroken later. LOL
We go camwhore when we got the chance again la ya! XD
That's it!
I wonder how it will be next year. 
I hope it will better than ever. :D