its... i dono wat to say bout here... lolx!

i tot i was coming here to register only, but then there was orientation after registration.
And they didnt write anything bout tat in the letter.
i was like wat the... Zz..
then i have to stay here, without any prior notice, any luggage, clothes, anything..
not even my laptop.... Zzz..
but my mum took all the things at night..
but there's still many thing i didnt bring.
mainly, the "mattress's clothes" *i dono call wat so i simply write. xP*
but thankfully my roommate was kind enuf to borrow me her extra one.

her name is Shyh Lei and one year older than me.
She's very nice, easy to talk to, and good aura float around her. lolx
thank goodness this room has only two of us.. if there were three, there wouldnt be any extra closet or table.. only got bed.. Zz..
Did i mention the internet line is so sucky here.. =D OMFAG

the huge stadium, i could only snap like more than half part of it..
it's really huge...
All newcomers to MMU for the Feb intake.
More than half is international student.
and there were like around 40 ppl taking foundation management, engineering, creative multimedia nor it) only.
They say it was normal because its January, more ppl will come during Jun.
But i'm still glad there is very few ppl, can unds easily in class.
so many Iran ppl there. Some look like American though, but they are actually Islams.
Schedule..... for the two three days orientation
looky... local students are sitting, and international students are standing.
they were called to make "rocket" with an A4 paper.
actually they were called to make the paper plane, but the staff call them ROCKETS.
=.=.. dono la, maybe its their lingo or something.. Zz..
They were called to write their names on it and throw them to us.
At least one ppl must catch one plane.
i got one from the floor when the plane crash.. =P lolx
the name on it was "Riski"

And then we were made to call their name on the paper plane and we have to sit together for the whole orientation today. Some cultural thingy ma jingy.
we have to meet every week for 2 months with our international partner.
well, this Riski is an Indonesian, his English is pretty good. Bravo.
And he's a cool guy to talk to too. I'm so happy he's not those quiet type! lolz! it would be awkward if he is with the silence..
And now, we have to learn the culture of our partner.
Task were given..... YES, IT WAS GIVEN ON THE FIRST DAY.
hav to do a biography of him and send it to our urm... teacher? O.o
and he have to take pic of us together and send it too. have to be creative though to get high points.
Oh, at the end of the 2 month, only 3 pairs tat have the highest point can go somewhere in Malaysia for fun and for FREE!!!!! WOOHOO!
but i dont think i can win.. ZZ..
sorry Riski.. =P

There's lots of partners so they have to divide us to three group.
I was in Group 1, and guess wat, Group 1 is the most craziest!
with out fearless leader, spongebob+walao eh *walao eh was my idea btw. xD* cheer and great ppl.. i think they are called OC or something like tat. O.o forgot

Here's Ali, Ali and Ali doing their SEXAY pose. lolx! cz they lost in some games we played.
yes, coincidentally they have the same name/nickname!
that's our fearless leader there in the centre with his champion winning pose

i'm glad i'm not miserable here..
well, uni life. Here i come. =D
tomorrow have to wake up early neh.. 8.30am jiu start liao.. T.T
I'VE DECIDED!! finally!!
to take engineering course!
well, i've decided since sunday i guess..
oh, i've went to mmu on tuesday.
i didnt snap pics but i googled them.. so here...

They even got Olympic size satdium..
but i dont care, cause.. i'm like not a big fan of sports except bsb.
and i like to observe not participate. =DD

my mum fetched me there and we went round and round and round the campus.
we were like.. "Where's the office????"
We asked the guards at the entrance and they told us to "go straight"
go straight where? =.=..
but then we eventually find it la.. cz the building is quite big, it's hard to miss..
we went there after our third merry-go-round.
and then we were in there. it took quite some time to fill-up the form though.
and they say we have to wait 2 weeks for confirmation to see if i can get in.
so yeah, i'm waiting right now.

oh, another thing about this uni.
i see quite a lot of non-malaysian registering..
and i dont like to see those kind of non-malaysian..
they all look.... malay-ish.. but very fair. *not racist just don like*
i think they are irans or whatever.
and then there was this guy sitting opposite me while i was filling up the form.
He was laughing, i dono at wat but i don like it.
he just look in front of him and laughs again.. Zz.. i dont get their joke but whatever.
but since i'm a really vain person, i tot he was laughing at my red nails. =P
and i've cleaned my very red nail yesterday.
bahahhaa! stupid.... Zz..

so yeah, we went out of the office after that and round a few rounds again (cause we dono where the entrance were, the road is quite confusing.. first-timers ma)
and finally, we exited.. lol

Then about 3 or 4pm like that i went to find Isabelle!! xDDD
college life ady some ppl *nudge nudge*
so nice aye.. and the taylor college there so many shops... and teenagers..
and i nearly fell because i was taking my phone from my pocket while walking.
luckily, i didnt.. =.=.. it would be so embarassing if i did fell.
Isa took me to her apartment.
then i entered her room.
i was suprised because the room is quite small.. i mean she paid like quite an amount of money for it.. O.o.. i guess kl means business right now.
i met some of her dorm-mates as well.. but they were all strangers to her as well.
except one, Sherly.. She's quite nice and taking A-level.. that girl scored 11A's in her trial.
geniuses... Figures.. =.=

i secretly took a pic of Isa cleaning her bedroom.. lolx!
oh, and i helped her out on her room's "feng shui".
move her things around so it's more spacious.
and yeah, at night we went for dinner with Ching Ee at Asia Cafe.
Oh, i didnt say thanks. =\.. too late for that. Zz..
and then we went to Mcd, HOPING for some internet connection.
Mcd don have.. T.T.. ish.. ish! nvm la.. oso didnt stay very long.
And then it was 9pm.. mum came and she was standing beside me while i stare at the laptop..
Lolx.. we said goodbye, but they left first because my mum is eating there.

I hope i can visit her again next time. =D i will have the chance i guess.

Career Choice [for me] DILEMMA!

i've announced on my facebook that i would take accounts in MMU.
But i'm still wondering whether i chould take up accounts or mechanical engineering. O.O
i mean i'm interested in both!!
so i'm gonna note all those little pros and cons about me getting wat with wat career.
to make myself more clear.. yes, this post is only for me to get a clearer image of what i wanna study.
but i wanna blog about it.. sooooooooo, yeahhhhh...

-i like calculating and maths a LOT
-i like money
-i like following schedule and what i am ordered to do. cz i hate to think of wat to do next
-i like typing and computers
-i like filling up forms
-i like to work alone, where i dont have to contact anyone. yes, i'm a loner
-FOREVER high demands of accountants EVERYWHERE

-i hate air-conditioned rooms
-i hate staying indoors and sit a lot = lazy
-i have to take at least till ACCA if i want high income and become successful [i mean what if i fail??!??]
-i hate "credits and debits" since i did those things in KH classes in form 3 [a BIG turn-off]
-i'm very clumsy, so if i calculated wrongly then.... oops.
-me?? manage things?!??! i cant even manage my own life like right now. i mean, a big company would fall in my hands in a single day! O.O
-although following schedule is easy, if i face something same EVERY SINGLE DAY, i'll become very sick of it

Mechanical Engineering [the major i like the most]
-i always have the urge to repair things when it is broken. sometimes i really can fix it.
-i'm curious about how machine works.
-i like machines and technology
-i like hands on jobs.
-i like to design and create things
-although i like to be alone, i prefer people to help me with my work =P
-honestly, i think engineering is better than accounts
-i've always like KH classes, i mean when we're doing those kayu things and electronic things
-high demands of engineers nowadays

-although i like physics, i don like electronics chapter [cz they are so damn confusing]
-engineering courses are harsher to girls [i think]

i was like this before blogging this down

and like this now

example of Nichkhun cuteness
apparently he's an ambassador for cornetto.
and this mv.. haaa~~ i'm falling~~
The song is kinda nice although its in thai. very sweet indeed.


On this new year day, i declare my love to...

Happy neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew year~!
bid farewell to year 2009 and welcome year 2010 everyone~
A new decade has finally begun in our life.
and sadly, we're now one year older.. lolx.
Went to sunway for the fireworks show.
it was awesome and it was 6minutes long.
the ending "BOOM" was fantastic~!
but sadly, there's no pic, as i forgot to take my dang phone out.. T.T
there's only one pic in my mum's hp though..
but she's not with me at the moment.
and it's 2.18am and i'm blogging.

and now, i declare my love to~~~
not one guy but two.
=P i know i'm very greedy but a girl can dream can't she?

everything he does is so cute and adorable.
and i mean EVERYTHING. lolx.
dont believe it? then u should check him out yourself.
Chinese mix ppl is usually very good-looking.

Woo young~!
VERY FUNNY indeed this guy.
i will never stop laughing when this guy is on the screen.

And looky~ they are both known as best friend "couple". =D

Ahh... celebrity crush..
a very sad sad crush for me, a girl who daydreams a lot.
they are both so funny and cute~!
not to mention hawt and sexay. xD *swoon*
My obsession for 2PM begins these few days as i search for their vids in youtube.
and i discovered "they are't half bad at all!"
and then slowly i was addicted. =D
all of their members are cool though.
Y koreans are so good in singing and dancing???
the world isnt fair anymore~ T.T

Oh, and i wish Jay will be back. =[
2pm is 1.59pm without you.

Feeding my addiction...