Writing essays???

Writing essays? I used to LOVE em..
but now? it seems like a hassle. i wonder what happened to me.
i even blog less now eventhough i have friggin internet now.
i guess i dont have anything special to write.
Or maybe i'm too busy...?

But now, at this moment, i feel like blogging something again.
The feeling just came to me. I didnt know why...
okay, maybe i know, but i'm not gonna tell.. =D
i have big jealousy case.. haha..

But this is a great reason for me, cause i'm finally writing and expressing my thoughts out in my blog. Although its limited to what i can blog, but still.
Letting your voice be heard is a good thing to do.

I like taking photos~~
They speak to me. =D this one was taken at liz's.
I like this, cause it feels so vintagy, this thing.
DSLR.. oh well, i'm not rich enough..
Chinese New year went by so fast.
Oh my, my eye bags, dark eye bags.
Holy mother of cows, i can't do anything to heal them anymore.
I'm a late sleeper somemore. X.x dang dang dang.
But whatever.. Zz..
My newest addiction...(≧◡≦)❤

I hate strawberries actually.
But i don't know why i love to eat this kind.
My aunt always buy it for me, grandma and my bro.
and of course her kids.
It's Korean strawberry~~ it's really sweet, even the colour is special.
They look really glossy like.

this one.. ah, it bring back memories.
The chocolate coin. I'm sure everyone would remember eating this when they were young.
having choco smudges on their face, and look cute while eating it. lolx
i like the cup too, TEDDY~~

okay, i'm blank again.
wat to write? i dont even know.
I'm so random and i know it. haha.
it is a good thing or a bad thing to be this random???

Life....... I like skinship..

See, randomness.. =P
craving for affection and love... yes, really...


Sugar Gliders Joey!

and they are like kangaroos.. therefore, joeys.
and they are so FRIGGIN CUTE!

i cant belive they sell them here in KL..

okay, but they are damn expensive also.
But they live long like for 10 to 15 years.
Oh, and not everyone can buy them,
the sellers will test you whether you are capable of handling them or not.
see, they are so efficient and caring.
i think i'm gonna buy...??? if i have free time? X.x
okay, maybe they would die in my hands now..
but who noes, maybe some years later.. hehehee..
gotta start learning how to take care of them even without having one.
but i noe i'll give up in like.. the next month.. =P

here's their website.



.....Not gonna have a meaningful title....

waiting for the printer software to download.
So, i figure i will do a post first.

On friday, i finally went back to Subang Jaya after finishing my first week of study in MMU.
THANK GAWD, friday only have one class and it ends at 10am.
So therefore, i can go back early. *grins*
i was so happy when i went in the car, i was like "AIR-COND! i love you~~~" =P

I dont have anything to do that day so i decided to go to Isabelle's place.
I was so amazingly clumsy, i forgot to take my wallet out.
i left it in the car. And the place near Taylor there has a long history of traffic jam, so my mum just told me to borrow from my friend first, if not, i have to wait 30 minutes just for my mum to go around that friggin jam place.
So, there i go, walking alone to Isabelle's.

We chat a little bit, watched a lil bit of 2012 together.
And i learnt how snobby and b*tchy the spoiled brats in Taylor can be(some la not all).
I can't believe how low their kemanusiaan is. Well, maybe they all fail Moral subjects aye. Zz..
I felt bad for Isa, but what to do.. She just can endure it. =(
Then we went to Pizza Hut for our lunch/dinner. (cause it was like 6pm ady)
And yet again, another wonderful act of how KL service can be.
The gay waitress was absolutely impolite.. and GAY.. =.="
What happen to "please/may/thank you"??
He just throw the menu there like he's sick of the job.
and flip our pages forcefully without even telling us first.
What The Hell man.. what the hell.. Zz..

Bahz.. never gonna eat at that place again.. (hear first =P)

We laugh like crazy that day when we edit one of our ex-teacher's pic.
I swear!!! IT is FRIGGIN hilarious! hahahha!
too bad, i cant upload it. if not, i sure give ppl sue. =P

Went to sunway to shop shop shop~~

*heart* this shoe.
Although it's yellow(not my fav colour), i still love the design. =D
so feminine, not like me. lolx.

And we went to Honeymoon for dessert.
And everyone, please don't eat black sesame in the cafe.
It is delicious but.....
Your teeth and tongue will be black. =D
hahaha! i almost choked when i saw my aunt's teeth when she was smiling after eating that thing.
My mum saw it too, and we laugh like crazy.
Can't even eat and breath occasionally. lolx.
Shop till night, then dinner then sleep. =P

The next day also same.
SHOPPING againnnn...

Went to OneUtama today. They have this gigantic cat and two smaller ones there
They're so cuteeee..

That's all i have to say. =P
lolx.. because i'm lazy to type anymore, and i feel sleepy.
Shit, i feel like my English is getting worse.
I can't even think of a not so normal word anymore!!
Must read NOVELS.. Zz..

Erghh.. software still download.. Half more to go though..
Whatever.. i'll just leave it there and wake up at 2am to install it.



Physic teacher was really strict and scary.
as if tat wasnt bad enough,
we have to buy this book..

how can they write so many stuff in just one book??
it's bigger and thicker than our normal dictionary.
i havent flip much of the pages yet cause when i see uncountable words,
my head stopped working.

i do not ever want to take this thing to class..
ever.. =.=

P/S: i'm alone in my room tonight. T.T room-mate gone home.
So that means much freedom actually. =D


.. Second day..
Class canceled and the three hours lecture ended up to be one hour then we're free.
And now, nothing to do.
Sitting at the library doing homework.
OMG, the add maths question is so dang hard!
then at 4pm another class.

Just snap some pic just now, and here.

see, so hardworking.. NOT.
this is just acting la..
Just now the right guy over there was sleeping on the table.
hahaha. left one actually did some.
But oso dono how to do some.. so yeah.
Our heads are breaking now. O.o..

Here.. see see.. ADD MATHS.
But much harder.. =/
My laptop next to my homework.
Cant resist the temptation. ngek ngek ngek.
so here i am blogging for awhile.
and.. Ta~~~

First day of class..

I was still in Teluk Intan today when i woke up around 6am.
And i have class at 10am in Cyberjaya.
yeeeeeeaaah... Crazy.. This is because i have to help my mum bake cookies.
Since it's dangerous to travel at night, so we hop on the car in the morning.

I was wide awake after i brushed my teeth.
But then quickly felt sleepy after like half an hour or so.
I couldn't sleep in the car, because mum's making all kind of noises..
Shouting and screaming and squealing every 10 minutes. O.o
She said she was sleepy too, this is how she kept herself from drowsiness.
Yeah, and it work REALLY WELL. I cant sleep either... Zz.. lOlx.

This is how the road looks like when it is still dark in the morning without the streetlamp..
tGradually, the sun rises from its slumber. and here light comes in slowly.
ITS BRIGHT~~ but... there are haze all over the places.. lolx..
Cant sleep.. so i took all kind of lame pics of the road.

Today was so hectic.
I'm in the library for awhile and then i was in the lecture hall.
had lunch
climbed up the stairs to my 4th floor room(minus ground floor)
went down again because i forgot my keys in my bag downstairs
and then up again..
At last, all i did going up there was for NOTHING!!
well, except filling up water for my "son" zzz
and then i went to the FOSEE building to register.
then another lecture class.
and here and there.. O.o

The class was basically.. basic.. Zz.
they teach all those things we learn in SPM.
well, it's just revision. It's the first class anyway.
well, no complain for now.

And somehow, i've become a "mother" to some of my engi frens.
i was taking notes, sending them and timetables and collecting money for books.
and i have to announce things??
OMG, i havent done these things in middle school. O.o
tsk tsk. The queen of blur looking out for others.. so ironic.
You guys are so doomed in my hand.. Hahaha!

At around 6pm,
I joined Ali, Taiki, Yi wonn, melissa, Suri??(i forgot the name) and Farhan for dinner in La Frest Restaurant in Cyberia.
The macaroni chesse.. ngeh.. so-so..
Taiki, u havent taste anything yet! lolx
and yeah, came back and sat in front of the computer.
Chat and facebooking.
And u forgot to check mmls. but i checked it just now.
so yeah.. download some data.

See... this is how our senior spend their time..
Lepaking somewhere out of Cyberjaya.
Lolx! went out for supper with Uncle Victor.
Meet some of his friends. Quite friendly and funny.
and i pwned one of his frens. LOLX
i didnt mean to trick u, uncle's-friend-who-i-forgot-the-name. xD
hahaha.. yea, i just ate a lil. *diet ma*
yea, basically tats wat happened today.
there still a lot a wanna say but.. ITS 2AM NOW..
And i really really really have to go to sleep.. >.<
Nitey nite~~~