I found a green mosquito in my cup. + FPS-ing

I found this little fella R.I.P-ing in my cup just now.
How nice to have his grave there. IN THERE.
Never seen something like this.
Plus its so huge and so green too. And the wings have patterns!!
Was playing around with it just now with my room mate =D

I KNOW RIGHT?!? we should get a life! Zzz

*above: draft before i went out*


Just came back from Grand Hall.
yea, like just now. and it's 1.31am now too.
It's for the exhibition. But frankly, we did very few stuffs only.
cause we don't know what to do, and they don't know how to call us to do.
Maybe it is too hard for us to do those things so they do all by themselves.
I pity them though, i think they are not going to sleep tonight.
Sleep at the grand hall. =P

To all the people that are still there: Good luck and good work!
although they will not be reading this, but whatever.

Going to sleep now.

But before that.. i'll upload some pics.

The dark road i took to get to the grand hall

Pass by the MPH. saw LOADS of people. It's so crowded.

Okay, the pics below are from our exhibition.
And people only can look at this stuff 2moro.
But it's here now. =P

I dono why, but i look kinda weird. O.o

Daydreaming in class =D

Well, this photo wasn't taken today.
But i just wanna upload ONE of my pics in this post anyway. =D
I still have so much to do here and i'm still blogging.
WOOOHOOOO! Hallelujah to procrastination!

2moro must pass up PreCal Assign, need to certify the PTPTN, got replacement class for prob&stat, need to help set up the FPS exhibition (macho time). =.=
and then thursday must pass up Physic Assign (damn loads of question and many blanks dude. my mind was like uber blank when i read the questions. O.o)
Attend PTPTN hari-together-or-you-die, then got the cilaka talk some more leh. 오모!
Friday and Sat just need to go to FPS exhibition.
Sunday ar, study till i die lor.
Monday, PHYSIC MIDTERM EXAM! I cant even go back to Subang this week. boohoo~~~

Friendly reminder: Please come to the FPS exhibition in MMU, especially on Fri and Sat. Cause we really need supporters. Like REALLY.... DESPERATELY... plus loads of VIP/orang bernama(that you never heard before -.-) will attend the exhibition. So please. I BEG YOU! T.T

That's about it. I mean my schedule for this week. It's like... so full of bullcraps wonderful shiny things.......
wait, wat the fag did i just said....? =.=

Okay okay, Today!
Let's blog about today! =D
Was daydreaming in class. Cause P&S was very un-entertaining.
So, i took some pics during class... I took a bite of Moon's cadbury. *ah, the wonderful life of eating in class LEGALLY*

Our very young, pretty and HAWT teacher.
She's wearing red today. WOOTs. *okay, i'm not really a lesby although i always said i am and always gawk at pretty/hot girls..... aw, shit*
Random : The pink bottle is John's. and it's PINK. OMO!

Moon and Paan.
I forgot what they were laughing or smiling at, cause i was to busy taking this picaz.

Our class~~ see the heads majority are guys.
I wonder how it would be like if majority are girls...

=P Let your imagination run wild baby!
HAHAHAHA!! omg, i can't believe i still have time to waste on drawing this crap. =.=
All long hair gay people. tsk tsk.

Oh, and looky here. i caught i big monkey sleeping. =D

i wished i doodled his face just now. That would be so hilarious.
I would really burst from laughing so hard that i'll fall on the ground and roll over 100 times.

P&S class ended with our quiz.
And i finished fast... cause i thought there was no class already so can go back to my room straight away.
So happily, I merrily waltz to my hostel room after i pass up my quiz.
Then take water.
Climb those friggin stairs to the 4th floor.
Open the door.
Change my outfit.
Called the operator to unsuspend my bank account.

And i was feeling so uneasy and like something was missing.
and then it struck me. "omg, English class"
I was suppose to go to English class right away but i didn't.
But i was hesitating on whether to go or not.
Cause it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooOOOoOoOo far away from where i'm enjoying my 15 mins of freedom... okay, more than that...
And Eng class is so dang BOW-LLING!

hesitate some more... Wan ponteng leh or take attendance...
Ponteng la... Go la.. Ponteng la... GO LAR....

then decided to just go to the class...
But was wasting more time walking there. cause the class is really really boring. really.
Was 45 mins late. =P
And the class was 2 hours. One hour of Eng class is still excruciating but i'll endure it. xP
Feel like kicking our Eng lecturer right now.
send my flying shoes to her face... =.=

MEMOIRS: A walk through time

People who are crazy over Photography will definitely enjoy this event.
Bring your camera along to make memories! =D
Please support!


Finally!! i have returned from my sweet sweet home.. T.T
*note: it's 'from' not 'to'*
i wanna stay for another week~~ one week isn't enough to quench my need to daydream and do nothing.

Damn, come back here already start to get busy.
DAMN PTPTN, y so fast come??!?!
My document also very capalang liao. Havent get all those documents i need. T.T
Mis-print, now only know can't print two pages in one paper. waste paper liao lo.
Plus haven't certify some more.
PLUS WHY THEY WAN AKUAN!??! damn, wan pay them to cop the akuan thingy.
and it's this THURSDAY some more. really don't know can get everything ready or not before that date. T.T
got FPS exhibition work some more....... cilaka.. X|

Actually, i'm blaming myself... For not reading these things last week. *sobs*
learnt my lesson ady. Mummy also lintang pukang ady with the documents since i only notify her today.
But i swear, i told her last week when i download the things from ptptn. T.T Y?!!?

Don't feel like going to class 2moro. =.=
CANNOT.. kenot ponteng. kenot.. T.T kenot.... can....
fagface, got time to blog some more.
Go do my things first.
plus my homework also haven't touch.
ADUI, so enjoy last week, now suffer..

i'm HOME!!

gawd, i can't believe i'm blogging everyday now.

I'm back in my hometown now!!!
and currently blogging at Old town.
I came here because i need to download itunes from the internet.

oh, its just because i got my iPod touch today.
MuAhAHhahHAHhaa *super creepy evil laugh*

Let me tell you about today! =D
if you don't wanna know, just close this window la, don't waste your time.
JUST KIDDING!! don't close please!! T.T read read read.. *talking to self*
Today there was physic quiz.
And i done the question pretty quick......
as my friends said. but i don't think so.
It's not that i'm fast, it's because they are slow. Zz. Even with the notes in front of them
Yes, for our physic quiz, we can open our whatever book to refer. That includes the thick heavy book that Naqeeb bought today. I think it was 1+ inch thick weh..

Taking some pictures as i was so bored.
see... all so concentrated to do the quiz.
walao, suddenly i think i will fail my quiz leh. O.o
all do until so professional, i'm the only one that goyang kaki early today.
They feel so pressure when they saw me 'kepo' see here and there.
Especially Farhan, who was sitting next to me.
Plus i'm a girl. I think they feel more pressure knowing that.
I bet they were thinking things like "WTF?! why she do so fast geh!!?? oh shit, i'm losing to a girl.. NOOoOOo. FML"

My arm look so fat here.. And fair too.. heeeee..
nothing to do.. take pics lo. xP

Oh there's something i wanna share.
It's about my note book.

Nice leh. Vintage , babe!
Even though the words don't make any sense, i still bought it because of the pattern.
i have very pretty friend, (Yeah, i do)
Let's get together and play sometime! (WHAT?? but you are a book! i can't even skin u alive!)
we are the happiest friends. (omg, you're getting so ahead of yourself)
Another session of self-conversation going on. =.=" OMG, i need a life.

At home ady! reach home about 5pm.
Lolx, showing off my iPod. bleeehhh..
Currently, this is how it looks like in front of me. It's my bro playing my nds.
I can't believe i brought my nds charger here to let him play. =.="

Done for now. Gonna get busy setting up my poddy~~
Ciaoz babies.

Today i learnt korean.. and saw a monk..

Ja jaaangg~~~
Cam-itching even though i'm a little late for class.
That's because it's English class today.
I *heart* English but then this Madam decided to ruin make shit out from the language i love the most and ruin my whole interest in learning English.
How can someone be so happy while they talk?!!?! and sometimes angry at the same time??!?!
Happy voice + angry instruction = ANNOYING! + boring...
History was my sleeping pill when i was in middle school, but now it's English class.


heeeeee... Funny edit. xP
they didn't really say those words, i just made it up so it looks funny. hahaha.
KOREAN!!! i wanna learn it so baaaddddd...

Annoyed Junhwa(dono how to spell but i pronouns it this way) today.
We were allowed to called him "hyung" today. xD
but not "oppa". cause.. it sounds kinda weird.... lolx.
Actually "hyung" is used when a person is very close to that someone, yes, much closer to "oppa". But since we don't quite get it/care, we decided to call him "hyung".
*i'm giving korean lesson now lolx*
I even called him "junhwa-yah". Wahaha!
'Yah' is actually used when we are calling someone who is younger than us, but i'm younger than him... man, i've got some guts. =P
Me + Kay + Hyung = no ending blabbering about korean language!!
*man, what's up with all my equations + words. see!! i'm doing it again! maybe it's because of my Pre Calculus test just now. =.=*

This evening we had our Pre Calculus test that was suppose to start at 8pm.
But then the teacher came late (second time like that ady. i think there are taking revenge on us cause we usually came late to class everyday. =.=. NOT ME. *points finger at someone else*)

And today, i saw a monk.. sitting near the MPH...
My brain was jammed and i couldn't stop laughing, questioning, laughing again, staring, and i couldn't even close my mouth.

This jubah is black. I bet you people never seen a black jubah before.
I didn't even know there was black colour. I thought only got white.
He said he wore this to do good things and hope for luck in Calculus test.
WHAT IS THIS?? jubah karma?? LOLX!

I swear, if he wear this and was walking in an empty park or something, i would shout and scream and go into hysteria because i would think i saw a ghost.
Because it would seem like his head is floating in mid-air.
OMG.. If it's white, lagi teruk man.
*can't stop complaining and ranting*
Ignore the yellow face with the bouncy and shiny hair.
was feeling random. =D

OH! and since you're reading this...
can you please do me a favor and press at the ads?? xD
making money $$$$$$. Thanks for those who clicked them.
Ef-fu you ppl who ignore it. =P heheeee

Girl talk : engineering

Why is there so few girls taking engineering course?

well, don't ask me, i'll just give you crappy answers. =D
because I seriously don't know why.
oh.. i know one reason.. SEXIST!
hehe. Kidding.

Actually engineering is not really a course that only suits guy
it's the 21st Century now people!!
there's even house-husband now, and women work while their husband take care of the children.
There's even pregnant fathers nowadays. =.=

But that is sick dude. seriously.
How can a man be pregnant. Unless he has a vagina uterus or something. O.o
i dropped biology... sooo.... whatever.

Well, actually, if you're really good at calculating and loves add maths/maths
I suggest you girls to take this course
I'm in foundation, and this is my first trimester, and i have to take 5 subject this trimester
4 of it revolves around calculating.

  1. Pre calculus
  2. Physic
  3. Physic Lab
  4. Intro to Probability and Statistics.
  5. English (the only one that has no calculating. duh.. but it is the most boring class ever)

In my group/intake, there's only 2 girls taking engineering course.
so, there's no such thing as open girly talk unless there is more girls.
Like me.... omgawd, I'm so manly now, i don't know how to chat about girly things anymore.

Oh, if you're stuck like me (as in being stuck with guys who don't treat you as a female)
you must endure this:
  1. get used to yellow jokes
  2. being bullied everyday
  3. talk to you as if u r a guy, as in no manners and no censorship
  4. sooner or later, your fucking cursing vocabulary will increase =.=
  5. lending homeworks to them because majority of them don't care bout finishing it until the last minute.
  6. kutukan kutukan kutukan (they complain so much, they are like mothers-in-law to me)
  7. being more manly everyday
  8. the complaints you get because you act more macho day by day

i have to endure all of this and more because.. well...
i'm kinda tomboy myself, so they even treat me as a guy nowadays.
Wat the fag, they even ask questions that are to embarrassing to ask to a girl
Bang head against wall Pictures, Images and Photos

Evidence: bullying case
that is my friggin Adidas shoes from Japan and this midget wore it like there's no 2moro
maybe he's trying to get revenge on me because i was trying to snap a pic of his toenails.
he used NAIL POLISH weh!! xD WAHHhAhaHhAHA
friggin sissy midget

In the mean time, i'll be showing some pictures which will make your eyes suffer so much you wish you were never born *hyperbola-ing* and maybe some that will make you go gaa-gaa..
These are the peoples that i usually hang around with. =D
i'm gonna kutuk these guys in my blog now.. and maybe even praise and give them compliments lah.. depends on how they treat me.. hehehehe
*sorry if the picture is too big... i copied and pasted it from bookface*

Subject 1
Name: Munirah
Petname: Moon~, Girlfriend
First impression: a very quite girl that doesn't talk much
My note: my ex-lesby-partner that left me for Taiki. T.T LOLx
She's kinda cool and funny actually once you know her.
well... i don't really know her that well either.
heeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ xP
She's the other girl in our group and like a girl, she is independant.
The thing i like about her : She doesn't ask me for my homework. =D
Annoying factor: NONE! xD

Subject 2
Name: Wan Auni Farhan
Petname: Paan, Auni, auni(yam in chinese), farhan
First impression: Typical rich kid that acts cool. =P LOLx *don't kill me, i'm being honest*
My note: The first person i was really close to when we started our classes.
He is actually 17 this year. =.= young un.
Half local half international *he said*
Like girls, hot girls, date girls, and pretty girls. =P Playboy, typical. hahaha
Know many languages and curse a lot
The thing i like bout him: He's a good company and is a gentleman actually.
Despite the fact that he would say the f-word every five mins.
Annoying factor: Making fun of my "eagle wing" =.=

Subject 3
Name: Kien Bing
Petname: Ah Bing, fatty, open flower guy, farhan's gay bf
First impression: Bad boy/evil uncle.
My note: He can be so funny you could laugh like a lunatic. xD
Brain is full with dirty things.
He is so lazy, he would never do his homework unless told to.. last minute.
Sleeps a lot in class. Always late to class. Midget. =P
The thing i like bout him: whenever he opens his mouth, everyone would laugh so hard.
Annoying factor: ALWAYS asking for homeworks, so he can copy it.
Johnny Yap
Subject 4
Name: Jonathan
First impression: Nerd. heheee
Petname: John, ah Jon ar
My note: Blur-case. LOLX.
can you guess his age?? He is friggin 21 this year.
and he looks like a nerd that is still in middle school. damn.
Always early to class. ALWAYS.
don't understand a lot of things.
Loves his girlfriend a lot.
The thing i like bout him: Easy to talk to. And he is a little girly. okay, more than a lil. =P
Annoying factor: blur case.. lolx
Subject 5
Name: Sany Rozaidi
Petname: Sonny, Sani, Sunny, uncle
First impression: genius smartypants
My note: Is wiser than all of us, that's because of his age. *wink*
i don't think you guys can guess his age correctly. He look so much younger than his age.
Full of gay craps. Mysterious aura around him.
Has crushes on every guy that have curly bulu on their chest. *pft X]*
The thing i like bout him: Funny and give a lot of advise. Oh Wise Man.
Annoying factor: Slurs a lot.
Subject 6
Name: Naqeeb
Petname: N/A
First impression: i though he was a chinese!!
My note: FRIGGIN TALL budak!
handsome giler jugak la. LOLx
very quiet in class.
Always sticks to Sany, like a son. hahaha.
Dont know much bout him though
The thing i like bout him: Quiet
Annoying factor: None.

Melissa's party, nerd glasses, make-up, gayness, and talentime!! *that was a mouthful*

Today is Melissa's birthday!!
Last night/This morning at 11.50pm we did a surprise birthday for Melissa
We bought ice-cream instead of cake,
cause.... i don't think they sell cakes here....? lolx

I tag along with my room-mate when she told me they were going to suprise Melissa.
i'm very 8 geh. keke
All of them are from FCM, damn. i'm the only one who is in FOE. =(
i was planning to trick yiwonn into changing to engi, but it didnt work out. hehe
Our scheme:
  • make creepy footsteps sound
  • turn on the creepy halloween that wuuuuuuuu~~s
  • knock on the door like real slow + creepy
  • shout Happy birthday when she open the door
And she was actually scared.
ahhhaha! Good work ppl!

This is the cute thing that wuuuuuuu~~s

Today i tied up my hair in a bun and wore my nerd glasses.
And everyone was picking on me. *sobs*
They really hurt my ego dudes!!

omg, auntie ar
nice hair, auntie
omg, whatsup with ur glasses? i cant look at you!
wahahahaha! nerd!
stupid glasses
and all kinds of stuffs. =.= *tongue in cheek*
i swear, i heard my glasses and hair crying.

but eventually they borrowed my glasses and tried them on.
fucktards hehe

They must be jealous since they were criticizing me for it but had fun wearing it
haven't eaten the grape, already complain it is sour.
some chinese idiom which i sorta translate in the wrong way.




the magic of face crayons. xP
i look like a loser?! HAH! take that! lolx..
*having fun talking to myself*

I call them "second-grade camwhores"
"gayran" and taiki
Rizki and ...... his Indon fren.
sorry, i don't know what his name is. teehee
aww.. moon... camera shy.. kononnya. hahaha

Kay~~ and mee~~

lolx.. Imran looked so annoyed here.
I know why.
It's because of my camera flash.
Man, it's so powerful it can blind any birds that was flying nearby, and they would banged their heads on the walls.
*shitty exaggeration*

i was so caught up in camwhoring, i forgot to take pictures of the performers.
how dumb was that?!?!
but i did took some vids. but it will take a very long time to upload it on the blog.
so.. whateves. =P
i'm sorry guys, i didn't have Sephia's vids.
cause my camera wasn't here yet when you guys performed.
well, i'll wait for Farhan to upload and then only put up in here.

and there's a party going on at Cyberia while i'm typing here.
man, if i have a car.
Zz... T.T i'm so gonna pass my driving lesson next week. *hoping*