Golf time!


gave up on my physic tutorial which is due tomorrow and came to blog...
oh wait, its today. It's past 12AM already. O.O
I don't know how to dooooooooooo~~~~~

will copy from friends tomorrow..
or just pass up  hehehe

Lol, posting a random pic that has nothing to do with the post again
MA HAIR!! still pondering whether to cut it or not
my "mane" is too hard to control, got its own mood some more

I'm a big big girl, in a big big world, it's not a big big thing~~~ 

omg, why am i singing such an old song????
reminiscing. haha.

Went for golf today with Rika, Farah, John and a new friend, Burhan today

the lanes~

rika riebu =3

At least she knows how to swing correctly. T.T
Why so many of her pics one??
I seriously don't know =P

Burhan is the most pro among us
sweat the most too
swung the most 
and well.. the most good-looking one too
*all worship* LOL

John having fun with Farah's DSLR

aww.. don't cry. =P
he hurt his hand =(

Was so excited, cause this is the first time i'm going to hold a golf-club and swing it will my full strength!*yeah right*
And I thought swinging a metal stick is easy
well, obviously, I'm COMPLETELY WRONG

It looks and sounds easy but when I tried to emulate all of them, I failed wonderfully~~

okay joey, you can do it.
swing only ma, can do one
okay, left arm straight, right arm bend
*swing* *thud* (i hit on the floor not the ball. wtf?!)
owh my hand. X.x

And I can't resist saying "I suck" loudly
and my "weird half-bend leg stance" OMG, super weird lah!

Everything was wrong 
My clothes were too big (give me wash until became loose ady) so i can't move properly
My boobs were standing in the way FML feel like cutting them off ady. XP
My shoulder are "humping" (is that wat it's called? i have no idea if it's correct or not) because of.. well.. I know why can ady. =P 
My arms are moving very awkwardly, i had both my arms straight instead of right arm bending
and i almost thought my golf-club would flew when i swung too hard 
but it didn't.. thankfully.. but i let out a weird ogre-shriek instead 

see! weird donkey stance.. =.= LOL

at least the ball rolled. *peace*

I couldn't make the ball fly though.. =( 
(wth, why am i thinking bout projectile motion when i'm writing that sentence. too much physic. arrgghh)
All of them just rolled on the ground
oh, boo hoo
i still shucks in sports. hoho.

and i think this post turns out to be a rant post rather than an outing post

Dan Sebenarnya(lirik)-Yuna

Currently loving this song...
Thanks to Farah/Frannie for introducing this song to me.

Etude BB cream part 1 ?

i've already postponed enough for this.. =P
Short review only..
You know why?

1. cause idk how to use this friggin stuff and i end up look like an idiot with it
2. was lazy to put it on everyday, no time also
3. AND i like no make-up face better
4. my pore feel so damn FREE. freedom baby~~
5. and i think my face grew more pimples

i show something funny to you

It's already night, you can't expect me to put it on my fugly face ma rite??
so i put on my hand instead..

Looks okay? very fair?

 Very natural in here
look almost i didn't put anything on
WTF  is this!?!??!

I'm remaking another twilight saga with my hand

P.S.i put one pump on the hand, that's why it's so white
actually just half of it is enough to cover the face, and it won't cake your face if you use at most that amount
i think my skin dark already, not as fair as i used to be....
who am i joking, i was fair LAST YEAR when i used to be a very fragile girl that sits in her house all day long watching tv and do my homework.. Zzz
after came in to MMU, must walk here walk there everyday
the sunshine also come make friend with my skin already. bad influence. Make them go to the "dark-side". wtf

I'll confine myself in the room everyday (expect going to class, can't escape) and become a vampire who only comes out at night
Oh, curse you UV rays~ 

I learned my lesson already. T.T buy shades that suits you
and some of those girls selling these things are useless lar. throw a question "what shade suits me?", "NAH~".. *kaching* bought ady. O.O wtpark. i'm like this, i don't hesitate cause i'm afraid to hog around too long
shit, every time buy make-up like this one, very sui. don't know how to buy some more
amateur amateur 

One question:
Malaysia many very fair people??? why all BB cream so white one. T.T
I'll wait another year to start finding another brand.
i bet that time got people create a new hot make-up thing that is so much more magical than a Blemish Balm

... i'm so doomed

Why my camera snap pic so nice liao de??
so weird. lol

as you can see i'm in a dilemma 

I'm going to MPH for my Physic Lab final exam tonight at 8pm
and i haven't done any revision.
You know why?

Cause i friggin don't know what to read
the book got question but no answer
What's the difference even if the book exist or not?!??!
I can't even find the answers online FML i really go search via Google

Some sample question [and my answers, NOT book's answer]

1. What is the main purpose of a student doing an experiment?
.... to waste our precious time?

2. What is the difference between a random error and a systematic error?
systematic error de word is longer than random error

3. State two possible causes of random errors.
- brain malfunction
- human problem lah

Just a joke lah
you think i stupid will write those answer in my exam meh?

Give up ady
Just face the exam with empty mind

I don't even know how i survived my last mid-term exam
still a mystery to me
got *erhem* full marks some more for my *erhem* physic     =P
wtf. I got study, but only a little, cause i don't know what to study also

Physic Lab.... i really have no clue what to read. X.x

On the other hand, my iPod came back from rehab last Friday
but still, it's the same
the 'doctor' say no problem with it
but it keep restarting on its own every time i surf the net or use application (it's like addicted to cocaine or something, but hides it well when people check him) Zzz..
wan eff the 'doctor' ady. X.x

Just did the 3R on my iPod
If it restart some more, i swear i'm gonna kill the bugs in my room violently

2 more hours or so till exam

Humanity is lost....

Okay, i'm sure everyone read about the rape case in Kuala Lumpur
Where a girl was raped by 5 men and was found pregnant (one month pregnant mind you)
What the bleep is going on in our world??

And worst of all, there's been an alarming rate of crimes in Teluk Intan(my hometown) too
My mum was telling me a rape case that happened not long ago in TI
YES, it's another rape case
Here it is..


Girl sprayed with liquid, raped
A 19-YEAR-OLD girl was raped by a man who sprayed her with a liquid, causing her to fall off her motorcycle and break her arm, reported Harian Metro.

In the 1.45am incident on Monday, the teenager was riding pillion on the motorcycle driven by her friend near Jalan Pasir Pedamar in Teluk Intan when another motorcyclist drew up beside them, brandishing a spray can.

The man sprayed them with liquid from the can, causing the friend to lose control of the motorcycle.

The girl, who was on her way home after helping her mother at her coffeeshop, broke her left arm in the accident, which also saw her friend suffering injuries to the body and leg.

Hilir Perak OCPD Supt Mohd Zaki Harun said the man then stopped near the girl but instead of helping her, began to molest her. He also threatened to hurt her with his helmet if she tried to fight back.

'Ignoring her cries of pain, the man then took her to a nearby public toilet and raped her,' he said. The girl walked home after the incident. -- THE STAR/ANN

Took from here

It's kinda different from my mum's version though
my mum told me "the friend" was actually an aunty who asked this particular 19-year-old girl to fetch her back
and this aunty also get injured lah but she never get rape because... well... she's old. =S
And this incident happened near SRJK Phooi Yong, Teluk Intan in Pasir Bedamar

Not only that, there was a case last year where i heard an uncle raped a poor teenager, which was a guy studying in a school very near my house
and the incident happened VERY near my house also (wtf right?)
seriously, this is too gay and too psycho
Somebody should put all these sick uncles in a place where they can rape each other and not other people
@.@ wtf

And recently heard someone was kidnapped near Teluk Intan's Mcd
ma de, so many people there also got people dare kidnap
wtf!! (again!)

WTF, these people should DIE horribly lor!!
These f*ckers damn shameless and brainless.
wan ef ppl go find a hoe or something lah
and thanks to these f*ckers, i can't go out at night to yamcha with my friend already

omfg, THANK YOU so much sick-minded people for making life much more EASIER for all of us

what are those effin policeman/policewoman doing????? eat doughnut and sip coffee in your nice police car motor???

wa niao eh...


got license no use.. 
say can let me drive...
let me drive when?

WHEN THERE IS EMEGENCY only can let me drive.. 
FML la.. ZZzzz

and all that boasting at my friend

so conclusion
got license = NO USE

damn.. really false hope lor.. 
Mum say this word hurt her, but it hurts me more la damn it
at least explain a little earlier lah!

my own (human) photo-editor???

Yesterday there was a guy who asked me if he can edit my photos on facebook
and well...... nobody never voluntarily edit my pics so i was very happy and blur at the same time
*more blur than happy actually* HAHA

I never bother to download photoshop or learn to use it because i think it is too complicated to me
and if i do learn how to use it, i'm sure i would waste most of my time there..... =.="
LOL.. and now he have done the editting and i'm gonna post it~~

This is actually a post from a new blog he created


ok..lets start with some facts b4 we go any further..
1. im a noob in photoshop so don't expect any great work from me..
2. i only learn from tutorial in internet..meaning? u also can do (another proof im a noob)
3. i took ur pics from u blog d ah..
4. u can do anything u want bout this blog n the pics editted..since it was your pics to start with..i only interested in learn how to edit..
5. 4got to remind u in fb mssg..DON'T simply give ur email to sum1 u just knew =.=|| lots of things can be done with your email..
6. feel free to post any pics u want me to edit if u want bcause sometimes i also blur blur dunno which pics to edit... ._.
7. errr...enough ranting for now..thnks again for letting me edit ur pics :D
update me later if u want to know anything~

ok here goes..the pics editted just this evening..while i was sweating like crazy in my room not studying for tomorrow final so doom...


Haha!! somehow i think he is a funny guy.
cause of the ending sentence he made!
and he is good enough to advice me not to give strangers my e-mail
I wanna ask him why.. .... but nahhh.. too lazy.. XP 

Thank you again for editing and Good luck in ur exam~

meet Ah niu or go old town?? OLD TOWN of course

Movie Sharing Session

Ice Kacang Puppy Love


Yesterday, Ah Niu and Jet Yi came to MMU Cyberjaya

and i didn't go to see "ah cow" and his friend 
And this post has NOTHING and
absolutely NOTHING to do with Ice kacang Puppy Love

Haven't watch the movie also 

My bag so colourful 
Camwhoring Season begin!

sexay~~ LOL.. my teeth look weird. wtf. =/
i like camwhoring when i'm wearing this tee
dunno why

LOL. My room-mate is in the room
I bet she thinks i'm crazy hahaha

Wearing make-ups i bought the other day in Pavilion
*click to see what is that*

And i said i want to do a review about it
but don't have time 
maybe this week i'll do it since there is no internet in my hometown house


Showing everyone my messy desk
Yes, this is my room

and you think a girl would be much cleaner than a guy

curi-curi take my room-mate's pic. lol.
that's her side
my open closet
Actually I plan to go to the Ah niu movie sharing
but since Shasha is busy and Rika doesn't wanna go 
then i also don't want ady =S
and i know Peggy would be busy with the things there so booo..

Was bored so did some camwhoring (as seen in above)
then went to Farah's townhouse/room

 This guy damn deaf lor
Shasha and Rika shout so many times "Farah" he also didn't know
Worse of all, his room no reception so some times can't call his phone
So, i beh tahan ady, straightaway shout "F*cktard" loudly and finally he noticed
I don't know what's wrong with me that night. Was so high on whatever shit. LOL

his name is actually Farhan, but we call him Farah since he is so gay =P
and his housemate asked him "who is Farah?" LOL! pwned!!!

Camwhoring Season 2
Shasha went to friend's house so no pics of her

fashion queen~~
 And while i was busy chatting with Shasha on MSN
Rika and Paan were "raping" each other
I don't wanna get involve in their affairs so..... HAHA!

Child abuse/rape victim 
Rika relly did some serious shit on him
*okay this part i also got help la*
Tried to hack his facebook but we fail
so we attacked him instead

chatting with a pretty girl
 And he was mean 
"brb" when he is not busy??? WTH
serious case of ditching people
but since she is taken i would understand
he wouldn't ditch her if she is still single

And finally Eric arrived and abducted us
then we landed on Old Town

and farah say i'm a camwhore when SHE is one too LOL

i don't know what i'm doing anymore

 Seriously had a great laugh yesterday
We're like the loudest in the place

And everyone had a favourite phrase that night!
We would say those words like once every 5 minutes

Me - Repent!
because the earth is dying 

Farah - ef you la~
because 'she' was racially abused by us every time since 'she' don't know chinese

Rika - Sakai
i'm not sure how this come by 

Eric - ....?? (i'm not sure) LOL
double LOL!!

I think everyone thought we were crazy
cause everytime Farah said "ef you lah" at us, we would explode and laugh like crazy
inside joke
too bad only we know what it means 

I don't know what to say anymore cause majority of it is inside joke!
XD i'm so empty right now lol

and people.. 
REPENT before it's too late