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Camwhore pic.. =P


Pancakes and Shrek

My title seems too blunt yet straight to the point =P
And I think people will start to think what connection does pancakes and Shrek have
Well, they don't have anything to do with each other
but in my case it  has. 
I'm making people more confuse. hahaha!!

26th of May
Went to 1Utama to meet Rika for the last time before she start her intern

Lunch at Paddington House Of Pancakes
Fizzy Mango & Orange
Mango lurve~

 Dollar Choco Fondue
*I think that's the name or something like that*

dip chocolate! wahahaha! 

I don't know what this is. 
but I know it's a pancake =D 
muahaha.. such ignorance~

boiling boiling

Burhan and Rika. 

We look like tourist. LOL

Went to watch Shrek Happy Ever After

Puss in Boots is so cute. XD  
Overall it was okay, pretty funny but not as funny as the ones before
6 out of 10

traffic jam
Traffic jam on the way back. T.T

Somehow this is a very short post for an outing. 
Not much pictures taken also. muahaha..

Type of people i dislike

*warning, long angry post ahead*

There's many types of person in this world
Of course there's the good ones and of course the bad ones

I just read today's newspaper and have you seen the headline in The Stars today?
Gangsterism in school are getting worse. Read here.
These teens are just high school students and yet they are terrorizing peoples in the village?!
what the hell!!? Who the hell taught them to molest and rape people??
I would blame on their parents cause it's their child that they're suppose to guide!
I'm gonna rant about these muda-effers, like it or not. grrrrr!


There are even bullies in kindergarden for goodness sake!
How come these once-an-innocent-child morph into such cruel bullies?
I admit Malaysia has less cases than those other countries but I'm really curious, where did they learn how to use their hands and legs to assault people and ask for money from weak children? and learn how to curse like a master of bad language??
O.O??!?!??!?!  my expression now after asking this to myself.
Why do kids learn bad things easily? *sigh* 


These probably very common. All those tai gor tai gor talks.
=.=. somehow, I think they act like idiots but they think they are so cool.
I'm sorry eh, you're actions are only cool to you and your idiotic clans who thinks violence is the best solution.These people think they are like saviours to weak people? PUIK! Please lah, the world would be a better place without you people.
Violence is the key?? Then you should beat YOURSELF up till you die or go jump off a cliff near a sea, at least you can help mother nature to feed the sharks. 

Spoiled brats/Snobs

*even their pets are snobbish*
Not every rich kids are spoiled. But MOST of them are.
Because they never really live a hard life. They were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
16 years old and ready to flaunt their Gucci handbags and Prada high-heels. EYE-SORE. sei mui deng. Okay fine, I admit I'm actually kinda jealous of their wealthy state. =.= *ignore the branded things talk*
But seriously, these spoiled brats actually choose their friends by looking at their handbags and clothes. Why? Because they like to hang out with other rich kids! So they can talk about all kinds of expensive sh*ts together and brag more about it at each other.
In my opinion, if you are really rich, you wouldn't brag. At least be humble a bit. Plus, it's not your money either, it's your parents hard-earned money.
I admit I have friends who is kinda rich too, truth is, I can't stand their boasting about the things they bought or want but I have to endure it and keep my mouth shut so that I wouldn't hurt them. But thank goodness, some I know is quite humble, they don't talk much about $$ and they don't brag. Good riddance.   


I hate DESPISE the most.
I'm very sensitive to smokes and I will cough when I inhale them.
Not only they are just jeopardizing their health, they are harming people around them too.
Second-hand smokers are worse. This would isn't fair aye.
.... *sigh*.....
Not only that, some people I know smokes too but they aren't bad people.
But still, I hate cigarettes and tobacco and whatever-similar to this.

end of long rant.

'eat' forest 'eat'!! @ Bubba Gump

No no no!! Don't run away! i'm not a ghost
lol. random picture as the opening as usual.
This is the perfect stage where I don't know what to do with my bangs anymore

Went to Bubba Gump to try their famous shrimp dishes
To me, the shrimp looks more like an alien. =P

life is too short to drink cheap wine. LOL
I even snap a photo where an ang moh pose for me
He thought i was snapping his pic hahaha!
but lucky la, since he complete the picture
feel like I went somewhere outside of Malaysia to eat haha

They have a special way for us customers to order our food
First timer like us really find it quite interesting
So the waiter explain to us how to use these things

We have to use a stop sign to stop the waiter
My mum was trying to help us start order food but then she hesitate
It was funny cause my mum was like placing her hand at the sign there
then the waiter keep staring at us, thinking whether to stop for us or go somewhere else
they were like "okay NOW, oh no, wait.. now? no?... wat bout now? are u REALLY sure!?"

looks like a cow-boy restaurant no?

I found this interetsing ping pong thingy
They used it as a drink menu
How creative is that???
I bet the owner likes to play ping pong a lot

Finally, the moment you've been waiting for...
*p.s. i didn't take any pics of drink cause I forgot, but overall, the drinks are quite satisfying especially the mango drink thingy. you'll know which one when you get there. =P
Oh and i don't remember all the food name. so yeah. XD haha*
shrimp broth. 3 out of 10.

the bread is kinda hard but shrimp is really nice. 7 out of 10.

variety~~ 8 out of 10

fish fillet or something. 7 out of 10.

"4 dai tin ha wong" lol.. 4 diff style of shrimps. no comment. =P
Overall, i think i'll give 7 out of 10.
Cause the food are special and quite tasty.
but not much selections on other food. just simply all... shrimps.
and not to mention quite pricey $$

I swear, I don't wanna taste any other shrimps for the whole month after this.
bleh... X[

Hit you heart (HUH) - 4 minute

Hyun ah so hot!! XD
4 minute GO GO GO GO!! HIM NAE!!

<3 this song currently

Huh huh huh huh~ say huh~ say huh~!

the fanciest clinic i've even been to

Gonna start of with a random camwhore shot.
isn't it the trend right now? LOL
Nerd look

Does this look like a clinic, people??
need to take off shoes
I seriously never went to a clinic which need us to take off our shoes before stepping in
This is my first time seeing something so weird.
Not your everyday doctor-ish taste

curtain so nice somemore

a touch of hotel-ism

It DOESN'T even looks like a proper place for sick patient to seek for help
It looked more like a hotel room for goodness sake
Did you notice the TV there??
Whoever work there as a receptionist is a lucky bastard human
they even have a blardy huge air-cond at the counter there

Although the interior has been decorated so luxuriously, I don't think they have many business. Based on my observations, I think people will make a mistake and think that it is not a clinic when they step in.
Or because of the super lousy doctor inside.
Seriously, my friend got a shot and ate 6 pills on the spot
just because he had a stomach ache
WHO THE HELL give shots and 6 pills to a person suffering for stomach ache??
i mean 6 PILLS!?? WTF?!?
Okay, it's his fault also lah
bluff the doctor and made it sound so serious. Zz

dai sei dai sei
bluff some more la. hahaha!


I have never done this before and this is my first time ever, experiencing how to become a writer(?)
Well.. I'm already a writer when i started this blog so... uhh...
okay okay, an article writer then. =D

Please. Do stop by.
We have interesting articles for the world to read. *sound so formal suddenly*


So far I've already wrote two article.
Only one has been published.
The next one will be coming out real soon.
This is my first article in afterclass. *click here*
Do leave some comments when you are visiting.

Thank you. Have a nice day people~


second article is out. =P
click here

English class attendance

If you cant see, please press this photo to take a closer look.

My attendance for English is incredible. 
I wonder if my doppelgänger went to the class for me.
Cause I don't remember I went there for so many hours. XD
I was like absent for a lot of classes weh!

Thank you that special someone who is quite a racist and sexist.
Not to mention a too-happy-person and a very dirty-minded one too.

and i thought she would update something. But I guess not.
i HOPE not.

Google Reader

I discover Google reader not long ago actually.
It's really useful for those who are following a lot of blogs and those who loves to read.

Go here --
to start your reading pleasure.

If you already have a google account, then you don't have to sign up again for it. You can straight away sign in with it!

Lemme show you some picture of how it looks like. 
*Please click to enlarge the image so you can see properly*

Actually I'm still new to it and I haven't tried all those fancy widgets there.
I just used it to read all those blogs i follow.
The pros of this google reader is that you don't have to open many tabs to various blog to read all of them. Google Reader will collect all the new post you haven't read and you only need to use one finger to navigate.
But the down side is that you can't comment using google reader, you still need to go to the blog to do this. And I think it won't increase that person's blog traffic too since you don't need to go to his/her blog website.

So yeah. =/
But it's really good for people who are busy and would like to save time doing this.
Or lazy-ass people like me. hehe.

i have date-phobia

I'm just random today, and I'm trying to take a break from studying.
.....Okay, actually I didn't use 100% of my effort or time to study lah. 
Plus actually I didn't study that much either
I'll come clean now. My confession : I did some exercise but just for awhile and then I got bored and I curse myself for downloading Korean Dramas that I downloaded a month ago. And I didn't have the time to watch them. Until now. And I used up most of my time to fool around, eat, and watch dramas. T.T FML99

Back to the topic now.

I'm sure I'm weird cause... WHO in the right mind would hate dating?? WHO?? WHOOO?!?
Me... *head knocks table*
I don't know why but I'm just born this way.

Oh, my definition of 'date' is as in "two person going out to eat or whatever" kind
Not only just those kind of girl-guy-date, I mean I'm saying about those dates where two people (don't matter if it's with a guy or girl or those half-half kind) go out to have a leisurely time (or lepak)
UNLESS it's someone who I know very long time like my family, BFFs or someone I feel very comfortable around with (these kind of people rarely can find).

I have less problems when going out with a girl but also will a bit weird cause...
I dono.. it just feels awkward... 2 people? seriously?
If it's 3 person then it's another story, cause it won't be that weird or boring either.
I would like to stress on this word : aw-k-war-d
Okay, that word just seems so weird now after I added all those "-"

On the other case, me and another guy going out? heh.
not impossible la, just very rare. No, super rare actually. wtf right?
This is why I'm stuck being single now. I'm too miserable. T.T
I'm sure now you people are thinking this, "then how come u got ex-boi-pren?"

I don't know either. =.=
I have the most weirdest relationship ever, I tell ya.
I would like to declare this before I start blabbering my past.
I was sixteen then, and I'm very STOOPID and more naive that time.
Oh why... T.T WHYYYYY... I'm so regretting the things I have done.
FML x1000.

First of all, my first relationship only just 6 days. I barely know that guy and we never even meet before we're together. One of our dates was like some minutes at his home and then 10 mins at pasar malam? and then i reunited with my girlfriends after. (WTF RIGHT?!) Pim and Liz, i know you 2 know more than this. P&C!!
Second, ..... this second bf... uh... hmm.. only last for 4 days (or less). FML and WTF again. Never went out dating also.
Third... I think this is the most shittiest out of these 3 people. I was seriously too stupid to say yes to him. He smokes, his hair and style kana ah beng an neh khuan, damn he just look like those bad guys that will hantam you, and... he was older than me a lot. I mean I'm 16, and he's like 20++ WTF!! Not to mention he's kinda hamsap also. =.= effffff.... I was so pure like a white rose but after this incident.. T.T Don't get the wrong meaning, I'm still a erhem-erhem okay. I was talking bout first kiss and stuffs.
You know why I'm able to put up with him for 3 weeks? Because I feel empty when my best friend always go out with her new bf. I was just used to hang out with her every time but after she is no longer single, I'm just too lonely. T.T. It's so ironic, this bf of mine is actually my best friend's bf's bro.
(Woah, I actually wrote a long paragraph describing about the third one. X.x)
Dating? Heh. Usually 4 of us go out together, yes 4 people not 2. 
And when he always ask me out, I'll make up some excuse and told him I was busy. =P

After writing this post, I have realize that this phobia of mine is worse than I thought.
Oh, this accursed damnation of mine. *sobs*
I couldn't even tell that whether I've dated before or not. Bleh.

Plus, even if I HAVE to go out with a guy or a girl, I wouldn't talk much unless he/she says or ask something.
Social phobia? seriously, I'm just so.... weird.

*Update on 1/7/11 - I'm getting rid of this phobia. :D yay!*