Second Day...

......... I think the post these days can attract many rovers ppl to read.
Especially those who are in my friends list on facebook
At least people are reading. =S
Good good, continue reading ba. It's about u guys anyway.


steal people's board and then steal some paper wheels to cover the evidence
*thumbs up*

Okay, to tell the truth. 
The place ain't crowded with people.
So, most of the time you can see all purple people inside doing all sorts of things
Actually i think nobody even cares what we did inside.
Not even if we rot there... Zz

see... all rotting there ady.. wait spiders to come and make their webs only. lol

 Some even pick fights with themselves
Especially these two monkeys
Their mouth is like magic fountain
Their saliva wont run out so you can't expect them to stop
Perfect for "chui sui" explaining things to the visitors.
U want this kind of skill also can't get. LOL

some even can ponteng lectures to "tao qing"

some can do weird pose or tell yellow jokes

some even play with the small models and nearly destroyed them.. =P

Suspicious being seen doing some suspicious activities.

Walaaa... the product of suspicious actions..  

 poor Kien Bing.. hahaha!

 Eric-with-moustache kena pijak by KB

And some masterpiece.
not by me.
The photographer will be made known later at the end of these pics.

LMAO.. the pictures doesn't make any sense
One thing for sure is that
Apparently, the photographer has a fetish for ass butts

Jeng Jeng JENG!

 ... is the photographer.. 

enough of monkeying around..

The Highlights

 King Scout leh. 
Don't play play... 
hmm... i wonder if.......

I also have one now! HAHAHA

Rovers Scout exhibition

I'm sorry to say that there are no life-forms in all of the picture below
Please forgive me for not charging my camera before I went out

Huuu.. T.T

This is gonna sound AMAZINGLY ridicilous
but i joined Rovers Scout
I don't even know whether to call myself a rover or scout.
Cause I don't have any bit of friggin idea what it is
wtf... Okay lah, i admit. I join bcz i have an "udang di sebalik batu"
or something like that. I don't memorize my BM idiom okay. So blah. XP

DURATION : 28th June - 1st July 
VENUE : MMU FIT Glass room

Our own mmu rover Tee

jambatan "satay" =P

srsly, i hate this hat..
really... ewwwwww

 Yes, peepol!! Looks like a museum for scout things rite?!?!
When I first saw these things my mind and mouth automatically sync and processed the word "wtfomgbbq"
And at first I taught all of this is from the work of one person
but no, it's not.....
sooooo... change "wtfomgbbq" to "wtf" can ady

I like this 
I dono what it's called but I named it "kangaroo-leg-thingy"
I wanna play again. T.T

Overall, you can see....
The place is quite really seriously empty... 
but flies will come visit every now and then...
better than no living creatures come visit ma rite??

*Sorry, left out some pics.. edited this post and added below*
*only 4 pics though*

the barbarian play-house that they made by their own hands.

newbie's creation.
Pa lia hanger. really... it shakes like a leave when u touch it.
a sneak perview of the badges. some of the badges.

This so cute. =P 
hahaha. small kampung house


to keep my blog active...

A short post.

will update 2moro with pics.

stay tune

I *heart* my girls!

Went out with my girls the other day on the 19th..
Too bad Pim can't join.. =(
Took quite some pictures but will only upload a few

*I already upload all these in my facebook but i wanna upload it again here haha*

I wore my new purple lens

Camwhore in Liz's shop
The background a bit inappropriate.
I already crop some part out.
Those people who went there before only will know what's behind us

Tertangkap by tao keh soh while camwhoring.. haha


Went to the new Karaoke place
It's called "Q-Box"
To be honest, the place seems kinda shady
and I think it's kinda dangerous for just girls going there
Wanna know why?
Well, I'll tell you after these pictures

I gotta admit though.. the graphics are kinda nice. KINDA

beria-ria.. just posing..

The reasons I don't like there is because:

i. The services really bad. 

Wtf, wan put the tit bits down also can knock down those things. Ended up some of our tit-bits uneatable. Not only that, they didn't even change a new one for us! 
We didn't demand much cause that person is kinda in the "black business".
We know, because Teluk Intan is a very small town only.
Not only that, we want enjoy also cant! 
We didn't even ask for any services, yet these people keep patrolling outside our room. 
They even came in without knocking or anything just for what you know?...... Pour our drinks..
Destroy MOOD only i tell you!! I really wanna kill that guy that time!
The room got some glass so the people outside can actually see what we are doing!!
And the people who keep walking outside of our room ain't the kak working there.. It's mostly the "black business" guys.
Damn, and the room just us 3 girls. 

and ii. Sei bagan Malai-zai 
Those idiots are super annoying and SUPER scary.
They travel in a group and they look like perverts
oh sorry.. rephrase... THEY ARE PERVERTS!!!
they LOVE to kacau girls like us and scare us like hell..
saw some gangs that day...

There's no way i'm going there again..
Gonna go to the new place that is opening next next week
Cube Box. =D
My mum's friend's.. so i think it'll be better. hoho

♥ slumber party

Had a fun night again at Pim's house
*our fav hang out place*
The house is like an ancient museum itself
because most of the things in the house r all "old school" items.

We even acted a short drama yesterday
wth... LMAO...

Camwhore pictures coming up
Warning : May contain fugly expression which some will find it disgusting or funny

These are the sweetest memory right? =D

I know it's shocking. XD

Me: wanna fight??
Pim : come la! scare you ar??!
Liz : =)

candid.. keke

nobody wan entertain me.. T.T

At some point, we look alike... rite?? hehe
ghost.. lol

 Parody of some camwhoring skill from the past

 We look so friggin CUTE right this angle?!?! HAHAHAHA!

That's it for today~ 
That's a lot of pic to digest. XD

Oh, made a video yesterday
A pic after shooting the vid. keke.
What is it about??
Click and see for yourself. XD
I don wanna embed.. so here is the link. =P