WTF, now i feel like a volcano erupting inside of me
Feel like ripping something apart
Feel like biting someone's head off
Feel like crushing somebody's skull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't think rationally right now because i'm effin MAD!!!!!
i'm so mad i don't even know why.. wtf...

oh yes.. now i know.
SCREW YOU 99 to that "somebody"
Really give you do till i wan insane jor
wtf.. wtf.. wtf... WTF

Shasha's Birthday~!

The Lady Boss of The Day
Avisha Patel
 Lol.. i cant believe i just wrote her full name haha!
Went to Sunway Pyramid for Shasha's big day
And she have to spend her whole day with a bunch of foundation juniors
See, we so love our senior 

Went to Pasta Zanmai for brunch

i don't know why i made that expression. LOL
and i wasn't sms-ing.. it isn't a phone

purposely did that expression. hoho

My pasta : Avocado paste + Salmon
 It was okay... Pasta was kinda.. hard. =S
Shasha's : chicken?? loll
 They gave a lot of meat wei.. 
And the meat was really good

lol, suddenly, food blog came out. HAHA

they even gave a bowl of sesame seeds to savour the flavour (?)

 Then bafoons joined us =P

i dono why shasha's face like tat. hahaha!



John and Alex's foods
they ordered the same thing. lol

Ah Rice's food. I don't know what this is called so yeah.. 

group photo~~~

then Teddy came!! =D
random dao.. lol
 After out brunch, we encountered a homeless guy
namely, Alvin

poor guy...
All those got car one doesn't wan to teman him go put in car 
they say it was too far
and they expect him to carry the luggage wherever he go
Naw, just kidding.
They aren't that evil

Movie Time~
It was A-weeeesssooommmeeeeeee~~
Although it's a bit hard to digest the storyline at first
It was a really good movie
At first, I didn't know what this movie is about
and I thought it's boring one
But i'm impressed
I really liked it
Especially the ending part

Is it me or is it Leornardo is so hot even though he's old?
=P gatal

Ellen Page so pretty~~
Juno girl~~
After movie, we didn't know where to go
So we went shopping

You're to be doomed if you go shopping with guys
I swear, ladies, if you guys wan go shopping make sure u don't bring any males that don't like to shop.. 
If not, they sure go loco like these guys

candid with starbucks

all nothing to do.. watch people skate lor.. LOL
Dai kar jie shasha~

nothing to do.. camwhore lor~~
 After a longggggg discussion..
finally, we split up into 3 groups
lmao, like doing a formation for war

Me and Shasha - Team Shopping
Alvin and Ah Rice - Team Loiter Around
Alex and John - Team Skating

and we were happy lol

Shasha took wrong elevator.. so we waited for her up there
 Shopping with Shasha
and camwhore in dressing room. wtf. LOL

nice to see, nice to wear... 
but... =P
i didn't buy.. hoho 
Sexy Shasha
Hawt dao~~~~~~~ 
 Then we meet up with Grace~!
Surprise visit especially for Shasha! 
 Went for dinner at Asian Avenue 
Korean food~~
I *heart* Korean pancake
and dukkbogi.. but.. it's too spicy for me..=P
both look so serious.. lol

look homeless...
and again with the word.. LOL


So cute the periuk
It's a bowl for the noodles. =D
 Paiseh, i didn't take our food pic.
Too hungry and forgot ady. hoho

camwhoring again~

Rabbit teeth so cute~~
And that's the end of our day
Happy Bilated Birthday again Shasha~~~!
I hope your future will be bright after your 21st birthday~
*heart heart heart*


This is mua first time in doing this kind of thing.
I mean go out for the sake of just taking pics.

But i gotta say.. it ain't easy.. 
you have to cope with the over-whelming heat from the chaotic outdoor world.
As you know, i'm a very indoor person so I don't like to expose myself to heat very much.

I forgot what this place is called but it got a nice a very amazing view
So, without further taking your time from writing nonsense, here are pictures!!

somehow this kind of view reminds me of FFX the game.

Eric kacau!

i forgot to crop eric out.. =P
there's Kuettai

Eric again

Kuettai and Jeff
looks like they are having those photographers' convo. =P


Pro Shasha

 Ini Shasha Sifu *aka SS* haha!
Pro dao bao
Must learn a lot from her ady! lol

Pics from Kuettai
A very great photographer i have to say. =D

From Jeff and Eric
I'm not sure if there's more to come for this outing "album"
If they post more pics then i'll be sure to update them on my blog
So stay tuned?

Overall, I had fun~!
I wish to do it again sometimes. 

Havto diet first

I'm in love by Narsha

I'm so in love with this song! 
and in love with Narsha!!! XD awesome xunder18-unnie!!


Sashireun cheom bwasseul ddae buteo geudael johahaetdago
Malhagiga naegen cham eoryeoweotdeongeojyo

Meonjeo yeonrakhaji anheumyeon geudael nohchilkkabwa
Geuljareul sseugo ddo bogo jiugil ban bokhaetjwo

Gipeojimyeon sangcheoppunil georaneun saenggage
Duryeoumi apseon geon sashil ijiman
Ganjeolhan mameuro gidohago baraetdeon sarami
Geudaerago nan mideoyo

Oo I’m in love
Oo I’m fall in love
Duryeobjin anhneyo geudaewa hamkkeramyeon
Sesangeun neomu areumdabjwo

I thought I never gonna fall in love
But I’m in love
Cuz I wanna love you baby

Sashireun cheom bwasseul ddae buteo nae mamsogeuro buteo
Geudaen pado cheoreom millyeo deureo ontong haru jongil geudaeman ddeo ollyeo
I can be a good lover Wanna be your neip clover
Sesangeseo gajang haengbokhan yeojaga dwen geotman gatayo

Geudaen gotta believe me
Make you never gonna leave me
Uishimhajin anheullaeyo geudael mideulkkeyo

Ha~ I’m in love (Uljima baby..)
Ha~ I’m fall in love
Duryeobjin anhneyo geudaewa hamkkeramyeon
Sesangeun neomu areumdabjwo

Oo I’m in love (I’m so deep in love)
Oo I’m fall in love
Duryeobjin anhneyo geudaewa hamkkeramyeon
Sesangeun neomu areumdabjwo

Geudaeneun neomu areumdabjwo


사실은 첨 봤을 때 부터 그댈 좋아했다고
말하기가 내겐 참 어려웠던거죠

먼저 연락하지 않으면 그댈 놓칠까봐
글자를 쓰고 또 보고 지우길 반복했죠

깊어지면 상처뿐일거라는 생각에
두려움이 앞선 건 사실이지만
간절한 맘으로 기도하고 바랬던 사람이
그대라고 난 믿어요

I’m in love , I’m fall in love
I’m in love , I’m fall in love
두렵진 않네요 그대와 함께라면
세상은 너무 아름답죠

I thought I never gonna fall in love
I thought I never gonna fall in love
But I’m in love
But I’m in love
Cuz I wanna love you baby
Cuz I wanna love you baby

사실은 첨 봤을 때 부터 내 맘속으로 부터
그댄 파도처럼 밀려 들어 온통 하루 종일 그대만 떠올려
I can be a good lover Wanna be your neip clover
I can be a good lover Wanna be your neip clover
세상에서 가장 행복한 여자가 된 것만 같아요

그댄 gotta believe me
geudaen gotta believe me
Make you never gonna leave me
Make you never gonna leave me
의심하진 않을래요 그댈 믿을께요

* repeat x 2
* repeat x 2

그대는 너무 아름답죠

Important notice to ALL!!

There's one important announcement that I wanna make
That is....




study hard.. 
but not too much..
and not too less...

and if you can copy....
just do your best.. no comment. 

And be sure not to leave your paper empty 
even if you don't know what to write
perah all those brain juice!!
and dont spend your time on the internet too much!!
hmm... this reminds me of someone....

Haw Haw Haw!