Calculus Assignment Answer

I'm misusing my blog to upload assignments
because i'm too good of a person.. =P
and why upload on my blog?
cause uploading these things takes too much time!!
send ady, some more got error. RAWR
so.. here....
I think I spoil you guys too much. 
Oh well, got give-and-take.. so it's fair..
*added some caption.. read*

Click the pic for a bigger image
so you could zoom in to see clearly

*error: copy wrong equation. Check back the textbook*

this oso wrong..

Like a cat

Random post about the things I like.
Like a cat... Yea, very random title but still true.
I know Ann and Liz know this very well, cause they said i'm like one before 
Okay, I'll write them down now, including those that have nothing to do with cats. =.=.

  1. I like mangos. 
  2. I like water. *drinking water*
  3. I like to be pat on the head. *Depends on who okay. Not everyone*
  4. I like it when frens play with my hair. *and again depends on who it is*
  5. I like laying on the bed while my back touching on the wall/person. *last time i used to do this to my grandma. LOL. But now i can't anymore. sobs*
  6. Skinship. ~.~ *learn this on korean variety show. LMAO*
  7. Milk!! Goodday choco milk, yummm.
  8. Biting people. *my bro suffers the worst. sorry ek bro*
  9. Rain.
  10. Annoy people when I have nothing to do.
  11. Salmon!
  12. Hiding in my blanket. Which is a sleeping bag. *My blanket = Sleeping bag*
  13. Bread fetish.
  14. Randomness.
  15. Play with me! =D *lol, like a child*
  16. Making fun of slangs. 
  17. Dancing! But I never do that in public. hawhawhaw.
  18. Hanging out with my betches.
  19. I don't know what to add anymore.
  20. Watching movies/dramas.
  21. Reading good books/comics/magazines.
  22. Girls!
  23. Guys!
  24. LOL!
  25. LMAO!
  26. ROFL!
  27. wtfomgbbq-ing?
  28. GAYS! <3
  29. Animals
  30. Imaginary creatures
  31. Looking at the mirror
  32. Funny people
  33. Not doing homeworks or sports! *very very like*
  34. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~
Okay I think this is enough. If not, i'll go out of hand.

Special Brunch

My very very capalang brunch today..

  • nasi lemak 
  • salmon sashimi
  • egg tart 
  • nyonya kuih
  • "Dai gao min"
  • Goodday choco milk *this milk really nice, you guys shud try too*
LMAO.. Weird combo.

Don't worry, I didn't eat it all up by my own.. 
My aunt and mum oso with me.
I can't even finish my main course: nasi lemak. ~.~

Step up 3!

@ Alamanda again and Sushi king first!!
And i have to say... 
their service sucks.

Even the one in Teluk Intan is better.
But anyway, we tried to enjoy it. =P

makan makan makan

act cute lah.. lol

cool shasha.. pose some more. haha

the coolster and the lamo. XD

Vudh no eyes see ady. 

finally, a decent photo. xD
After dinner we went to watch Step Up 3!!!!! 
but we were late because of me eating. =(
service slow, some more give me wrong food. RAWR.

Step Up 3d:  Moves:
NIKE!!!! =P

Step Up 3d: Step Up 3D Opens TODAY ...

Step Up 3d: Step Up 3D (2010) Movie ...
rights reserved.. =X. whatever lol

kinda creepy but i like the style. Gangsta! 

It was really nice and all the music are like <3
The dance moves were awesome
The routine was awesome
Moose was AAAaAaawesome!
Robot man is the most awesome one!!!

Overall those hard-core dancing were really nice
but as for the romantic scene...
Well, it's a tad bit weird and kinda wrong timing some times. =(
So minus points there.

I'm gonna give a rating of 
for this movie
I wanna download and watch it again
I hope someone will upload it in ct soon.

Korean Food & Phua Chu Kang

Korean food! <3
@Seoul, Puchong
But hor i forgot to take the pic of the food before we eat it.
I forgot to take pic and we were too hungry
Overall, it was okay. But the kimchi-jeon (kimchi pancake) was a lil weird.
Me no likey. =(



Went to a spontaneous movie trip yesterday with Shasha, Vudh and Hau Loong to watch Phua Chu Kang The Movie
And I have to say, I'm really glad Hau Loong asked us to go for a movie
Cause this movie DEFINITELY made my day!!!

As you can see, we were sitting comfortably because there wasn't anyone else in our seating row
Poor hau loong, featured in my blog like this..hahaha!

This movie got me laughing like a hooligan-on-the-loose every 5 minutes!
I'm surprised there wasn't much people watching it yesterday
Maybe it was really late that's why. =S 
All I know is the cinema was filled with my laughter. lmao!
But i'm glad got another girl at the side seat is like me.
We were laughing through the whole scene weh! hahaha!

There's a lot of memorable phrases used in the movie
Suay Gi Na
Pai Gi Na
"Chu kang, pain o not?" "I hit you see, see you pain o not"

plus the buddha jump over the _____ wall thing
ahahhahaa!! I don't wanna spoil the fun so i'm gonna leave it blank there

But the language they use is all very capalang-ish.
So for those who knows how to listen to Canto, Mandarin, Hokkien are really gonna have a blast watching this
For those who don't.. well, subtitles are provided but listening is more fun. =P

So now... the scoreeeee....

because I really enjoyed it and yesterday was like really a great day for me
So yeah. 
Go Kang Kang! ROFL!

Frankie Foo, blardy fool
Phua Chu Kang, chao long kang

Weird dream

I dreamt about being engaged yesterday.
And you know what kind of engaged marriage?
The kind where your parents chooses your husband when you're a baby.
I think they call it an arranged marriage?


But I only dreamt the part where my mum told me about this.
So basically, I didn't get the chance to see my future-dream-husband face
And my reaction was like




~.~ : "Whatever lah, it's not like a have a boyfriend now. Save time to find a husband since it's been arranged"

Then i woke up ady.


Somehow, i couldn't help but to imagine the marriage will be very chinese-ish..

If this arranged thingy really happen...
I don't want red red one ya mummy

Modern taste better

I want this place for my wedding.. woots~~

Dream of Doll

I'm not a creepy doll collector but...

Presentation1.jpg my dream doll image by chelle12_7

bubbebop.jpg dream of doll image by B_lonely_photo

file1.jpg Dream of Doll image by Kurenai_1111

0000-1.jpg dream doll image by scarlet0009

DSC04554.jpg dream of doll image by T3fyz

5zovvja3.jpg dream of doll image by T3fyz

delphine.jpg delphine image by gracebabosa
vampire version also got wei

good vs evil?

my personal favourite

Cosplay also got. =S

random pic.. she just look like a doll.. =P

I'm like in love with these dolls!
*i think i'm using the phrase "in love" too much these days.. well, whatever*
Let me tell you how much these babies cost..

more than $ 500 per set
well... there's much cheaper one actually
but u will only get the wig. =P

If you're reading this, and you're rich, AND you're itching to donate something for someone
Then here is your chance!
Donate a doll for me!! 
i mean.. BUY A DOLL FOR ME
I want  E-an doll thank you
If only i was rich/it was cheaper. 
If only it was in rupiah 500.. FULAMAK
okay.. that's way too daydreaming-ish


When among the Irish countryside
If you hear a blood-curdling scream
The Banshee is the one wailing
And you'd wish it was a dream
She foretells death that is soon near
So beware, little children,
You have something to fear

Sorry, i couldn't help it.
I just have to scare someone with this pic since i've found it
Isn't it delightfully creepy?? =D
BANSHEE~~ weeeeeee~~~