for now..

Exam over!!

very very short post. =P


Blog.. like abandonned.. lol.
Tumblr much more easier and their design nicer. =P

Break... Kwon, Khun, 2NE1, Minzy!! XD

P.S I've changed the songs in my mixpod. 
=) I know it gets annoying some times when you have your own music playing
But bear with it. puahahaha~

I've been in this condo since like.. Monday..
and all these while, I have never ever step out of this condo area. 
all these while, I have my netbook to accompany me.
all these while, I am sitting cross-legged at the corner with a big blue bottle beside me everyday
I will only leave this room when I need to eat or to resupply my drinking water

OMG. I'm becoming a Otaku/zai nv!! 

Sleep in late, wake up more late.
wtf. normally wake up at 2pm.
But today i woke up at 10.40am! 
so proud. =P  

Study break? uhh... 
I can't concentrate and I seem to find things to distract me
Like finally watching the anime I downloaded
and facebooking..
and tumblring.. 
and twittering..
and finding new korean drama to watch and download.
Currently I'm totally hooked on
Playful Kiss, Kim Hyun Joong!! SO DAMN LENG ZAI!!
My girlfriend is a Gumiho, damn funny sia.
Blood+ (anime), I need some violence and vampire once in awhile. 

and a bit of romance. =D

Nerd Khunnie. XD YIA, so cute!!

This is Kwon from 2am, also my fav singer and entertainer. =D
Kwon + Gain =Kwin/Adam couple! nyunyu!

despite being funny and famous with his "kkap dance" which is "cheap dance" *google*
he also have a very manly image.. omg.. 

Their new album
To anyone

all of the song are very nice indeed.
Fav = It hurts & Can't Nobody 

CL and Minzy

ParkBom and Minzy
Sorry, I didn't have Sandara's pic. =P

Can't Nobody MV
Close off the the music in my blog first. If not it's gonna get annoying
Note: Minzy hot dance @ 0:46 - 1:00!!
and she's just 16 years old! Jaanng!! 

MINZY!! <3<3<3

She's so hawt with her long hair now. XD

OMO, so much Korean thing. lol
I was never so active on dramas and music but this week.. 
well.. uh...... i'm a total maniac

There's nobody to meet.
But good news is...
I'm going to 1U to watch Step up 3d in 3D 2moro!!!


I'm blogging because I'm stalling. 

My head is stuck so i'm doing this.

I was like reading the same line again and again just now
According to Erikson, children who successfully resolve the psychological conflict of industry versus inferiority develop a sense of competence at useful skills and tasks......
According to Erikson, children who successfully resolve the psychological conflict of industry versus inferiority......
According to Erikson, children who successfully resolve the psychological conflict of industry.....
According to Erikson...........
According to Erikson..........................
According to Erikson..............................................
According to Erikson..........................................................
I hate you.....
According to Erikson..............

and then the next thing I know, I'm here typing. 

 Yes, up until now.. i've only read until Chap 5
Only one subject.
I havent even touched the other 4 subject..
I'm so doomed... =D
wtf... still so happy..

I hate you too facebook


My primary source of entertainment 
With only just one click, I can waste 234565473342534seconds of my life.
With only one click.. 
Google Chrome, why did you make things so convenient?
My netbook is my only source of entertainment
and also the root of all evil.
Oh wait, my notes are in there...
AND also my aorta of education

wtf? Aorta?


*i got tired of studyin (plus facebooking) and so i'm here to blog about this*

and how many people went you asked?
Only FOUR baby!! XD

But then MingQ, Wey Li, and Gen2 came afterward for a little while

Nothing to do in TI so we went karaoke 
We were saying about going there for awhile now 
and finally we did.

blur faces
 And look! 
My brother tagged along
Because he was bored in home
And he didn't even sang a song
He went there because he wanted to see us sing. wtf.

He's as tall as me ady!!
My title as "the tallest" in the family will be taken over by him soon


and they said I look like his mother. Watthefish



we're not drunk although i look a lil tipsy


was suppose to take pic of us 3 but i didn't know it was zoomed in
and this pic was the result. XP
 Wah, muka Liz manyak besar o.. LOL

 Omg, i look like a friggin alien here


too late to do anything ady, dik.
No point moving.. lol

untuk sms dan menyanyi
It was fun
And it was epic when me and MingQ sang "BoomBoomPow"
We owned the song! XD

Conew editor

I think many girls will like this editor
Because it's tends to our every need in editting our camwhore pics
Editing made easy for us!
My friend told me about this editor a very long time ago
I downloaded it, but then i deleted it, and today i downloaded it again.
because i'm afraid i'll be addicted to editing my pics! 
but whatever, the ending result look really nice

okay, i'll stop blabbering now
I introduce you to.....

click click and download there
the right one

but it's in chinese though
but i don't even know how to read chinese
yet i'm still using it.
You'll know how to use it very fast 
it's THAT easy

You can erase your pimples
make your eye bigger
brighten up your pic
colour you skin. YES! colour your skin! and it's looks real!
It can even shrink your face!

Here's some example!

 yes yes, i'm aware of my exposed cleave-age.. but whatever
~.~ everyone have them anyway, even guys.
 Much cleaner and softer right??
and my dark circles around my eyes also erased a bit ady
and i made my face a bit thinner
Noob like me also can use this editor properly
Bye bye complicated photoshop *which i nv actually used before* Hello Conew~

so dark

bright and my lip's colour pops out!

my prof pic in fb. =P
 experiment sia

white mou?? LOL
 and i got carried off by this make-eye-look-bigger by clicking at my eyes.
LOL!! IMBA sia
some more cacat! XD wtf

Blog visitors

Remember my dota post?

shocking... X.x
what a hot topic to write about. lol.
not much visitors to my blog

To my surprise, 
I found out another thing.

Someone must have been reading thru my whole blog posts including the old ones.. =X
So nice to read meh?
Or u refresh too many times? lol


What i did these few days...


Teddy sleeping... in liz's ketiak. =P




woo.. sakai play computer..






ju on... wuuuu.. XD

MMU students!

nerd chiva. =D

Didie - annoyed 

Mango Pudding!


*tap tap tap tap tap*

No signs of me flipping through my book or reading slides from my netbook. =D