XD There's a lot more where these come from
Here's the link
I wonder if all of them went for plastic surgery or not. =S
They look like dolls

Shopping Friday woots

I don't know what title is suitable for this post, so i'll just go with whatever.
Went to One Utama to do some shopping and meet up with Joe Yee the other day
Didnt snap loads of pics, I think my habit of taking pics is gradually fading away... =S hmm, oh well, that's that. 
We ate @ Nando's (yeah no picaz) and we shop shop shop shop.
Mostly window shopping cause I was planning to save money since I'm buying Konad and a lot of online stuffs. And yeah I bought Konad. XD yeah!!

camwhoring with Zoe while Shasha is in the fitting room

Oh yeah, my first time wearing thick eye-liner make-up out.
Inspired by the ullzzangs i saw on tumblr. And yeah, their eyeliner skills are really impressive. 
I'll post some of the pics on my blog in the future to share it with all of ye stalkers readers 

There was some special Halloween things on sale when we were there
The decoration was really nice and creepy! So vampire-ish! Me LIKEY!! Plus I recognize some of the music they were playing are from Twilight. xD 
Vampire rawks the Halloween these days thanks to Stephanie Meyer and Vampire Diaries.
I wonder when will werewolves be a trend.. hmm... a female werewolf.. smexy oso wad... with the furs and the paws and the claws............. 
what the hell am i doing.

Kay ignore my daydreaming and scroll down to feast your eyes. 
gimme me a hot Shakespearian guy playing the piano and this pic would be perfect.

Zoe the Ghoul


scary sia.. ahaha

instant eyebrows and eyes surgery! with free glasses! XD

the guy behind spellbound by Zoe the Witch. lol

suddenly looks like a photo-shooting.. LOL. because of model Shasha. XD

Taste my evil-i-don't-know-what-my-weapon-is-called-thingy!

looks real right? It even feels real.
And it fucking scared the shit out of me when Vudh took it and touch my face with it.

There's a lot more cute and funny things there *yeah, I know it doesn't make sense, Halloween stuffs are meant to be scary but it's funny for me*
The guy there even pwned me with a small toilet-thingy
Tempt me to open the toilet cover.... 
and I did... And got my shirt wet because of it. =.=

Paddington House time

I only like the maple syrup and choco sauce. =P


Zoe and Shasha
It's their first time ever meeting and I'm glad they can clique quite well with each other!
Yay to no awkwardness and to more girly talks!

"camera shy".. more like a fugitive to me.. =.=

y i smile till like that?!? yiiii
Lol. Zoe and I changed place for better angle. XD

That's it for this post
I love this pic. lol! random


Just a short short short post on MissyBubu
Click click, buy stuffs. =3
The seller is very efficient, got my stuff really fast after paying.
Skin79 bb cream

Skin79 bb cream

Bought the Tomatox cause got 50% promotion off
Used it once, and I don't really like it.
Cause it stings my eyes. =S
Maybe I'll change my mind after a few more uses.

and that's it. XD
I'm sorry for leaving my blog dead..

Facebook manners

I get the feeling I rant very much in my blog
Ah... well.... 
because there's just too much things that I'm not satisfied with,
including myself too 
not just other people

So, recently I got this message from somebody who added me quite a very long time ago.
A very very very very long time ago.
I remember because it's a face of a kid and there's quite a lot of mutual friend
I just ignored the friend request as how I usually would to those people that I don't know
Yesh, I'm those kind of people who are lanc/hidung tinggi and will not add strangers
except for some cases *which are very rare*

I know my reply is very rude. 
I was quite annoyed at the "order"
No please or whatsoever
and to think this person is even YOUNGER than me.
adik, you ingat you siapa? Justin bieber ke??
I'm already very kind to mosaic the face and name.
say thank you.

Have some manners kid

burn burn BURN

Okay, title sounds creepy and witch-y but yeah.
Witch are cool. 
Sounds like Halloween. =D
blah. okay, back to burn burn BURN.

So, me and my mum went back to hometown yesterday (which was Saturday)
At first we weren't but then my mum feels like going back so we went back *kinda confusing but yeah*
At 7am we started our journey. As everyone can predict, I will be sleeping during the whole time interval in the car. Come on, it's 7am, I normally wake up at 12pm during weekends. =P
So yeah, McDonald breakfast-ed and slept.

Then suddenly my mum shook me up. I was already half awake because I felt my mum stopping the car, I thought we arrived. But no, I still see roads and cars outside the window instead of white walls.
Then we saw this scene.

It wasn't very far from us actually, but it seems so here.
I thought it was someone burning garbage at first but no.

Can you see the flame??
Here, a closer look.

It's coming from a friggin car!
got police car some more.

The white smokes is fire extinguisher.
Wow, I never knew fire-fighters in Teluk Intan are so efficient. BRAVO.

P.S. Idk why but, shouldn't people avoid getting nearer when they see smoke? Smoke = fire. I still see a lot of cars and motorcycles went towards the scene like ants running towards a sugar-cube. They know no fear. =.=