17/12/11 Burpday Celebration with family

But first, 
my brother got a new awesome haircut. It's so lovable, because it's not Justin-Bieber-like anymore. IMO, short hairs look really good on guys. Got swag yo. 

He's no family of mine if he ain't got a big forehead. aha!
And to Bangsar, we go!
And this post will be full of candid pictures. Because I just simply love em ♥

creeper smile

grandma doing the creeper smile too LOL
mama mia



what did I tell you? Short hair is awesome

At the Chilis
Epic candid! Distorted head! LOL

grandma keep looking at the TV and not the camera. 

Uncle Alvin and his parents

The Stupefying Siblings


food fiesta!



 LOL!! This is a rare picture. Never thought I could have taken a picture of him posing with a huge lollipop. Oh, and he's  looking at the security guard. Why? Because we were suspected for our behavior.

Candy candy candy

Tis' the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la~ la la la la~~

Collage of candid shots from a few secs. All of them were awesome. XD

There were even performances by some kindergartners 

Don't you forget about Jesus's birthday! It's not all about Santa Claus ya noe?? 

Mr Santa!
Mr Nutcracker soldiers!

Mr Penguin! and his... child! Penguin Jr.!
Mr Creepy Santa!
He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake.
He will hunt you down if you're on the Bad List. 
OMG. MR. MOLERAT! on a sleigh!! with a fake reindeer horn! 

OMGGGG. It's my brother!! Asking for help, because he has a stomachache!! :OOO
... I think I have lost it. 
Giving names to dead things and be excited by little things. 
Can't help it. 
Because Christmas is just around the corner!

Vintage Reindeer ♥

The spinning Christmas Tree

Sorry, if I scared you with my random selcas

If you haven't know yet. Yes, I have changed my hairstyle. And it's horrible. My hair is still falling like there's no tomorrow and I look like I have aged 10 years in a second.
[Please insert more rants]

If you're wondering who's leg is at the bottom of the pic. Well, it's my grandma's. LOL


Mini size Cheesecake ♥ 

And I will end my post right here.
Have a happy and jolly Christmas Day! 
If you're planning on something, then may it become a reality.
If you're planning on confessing to someone, then may you have the best of luck and guts to do it.
If you're planning to play a prank on your friend, then please go crazy with it.
May you have wonderful memories with your friends and family!

With much love and kisses under the mistletoe, 
Joey  K.

Omg, snow

Derp. Nope. Think again.
We have the whole iceberg that can sink Titanic in our very own fridge.
Ta daaaaaaaa~~~

Be amazed. by the work of nature/or-not/or-whatever. 

yes, it's a hammer
Anyone, some ABCs???? 

The ice wouldn't come off even when we treated it with a few Thor-like hammer skill moves.

Okay, I'm trolling