Should I make a video?

I don't know. 
I mean I have a lot of free time now since I'm on holiday.
Maybe I will take some video when I go back for Chinese New Year.
Videos are great for keeping memories besides photos. 
Because we talk and move. 

Maybe a make-up tutorial?
I don't make-up that much but...
sharing is caring???

I don't think I'm gonna make a singing video soon. 
LOL! I don't even know why I did that in the first place.
When I watch it now, I think I must have hit my head hard on something then.
That's it for today.
Just a short thought.

Midnight Selca-s!

Suddenly remembered the old story that tell us not to take pictures after midnight, 
if not u will see something that u shouldnt see...
well, i ignored it.

phail.. my "gucci and prada" bag under my eyes


LOL. my past signature pose. Liz and Ann, remember this. XD

lol-ed at picture above.. omg, i look so different.. like ang moh X9 hahahha

Digital bounce, Digital Sound, Digital X, welcome to Digital World

kay, sleepy.. gtg sleep

till next time, love.

Junhyung & Yoseob

another photo post for my bias
Currently drooling over these two

The cute

The cool 

How can they be so dreamy???

wanting to upload gif files but can't
:/ connection too slow maybe.
awww.. can't see their cute moving faces.