Miss me??

Start off with a random recent pic of mine. 
Damn, these pictures make me have this temptation to buy DSLR. 

Anyway, I've been in blog-coma for a week..... I think it's okay, you guys can just re-read my old posts when there isn't any update. XD Actually, I prefer my old way of writing blogs but then I can't emulate my past-self. Maybe that's because I don't have any appropriate English class anymore since highschool. University's Eng class is hellavu boring and useless, I can tell ya.
Kay, shouldn't digress so much....

What have I been doing for the past week?
This is the reason to my absence.
no, we did not colour it by hand. All we need is some photo editing.
For the whole week, I was actually making paperballs for this thing right here. It ain't small, it's friggin huge that made it to the Malaysia Book of Records. I'm actually quite thankful that they didn't aim for Guinness World Record.
Since this is my blog, and I am free to express my feelings however I want..... Here goes....

Dear  淫虫
Hi, I hope you are doing fine on this great morning and I hope you are not out there, still calling some random phone numbers (especially girls) while you are sleeping. You've done a really great job!!...... in pissing people off! I don't owe you any favours and neither do anyone. SO, PLEASE don't use that kind of "I'm your employer/boss/big-fat-motherass" tone when you're speaking to us. As a leader, you should have portrayed a good example for us to follow and not half-assed actions that you wasted your energy on; eg. Walking here and there for the past few days talking on the phone with a blur expression, taking a bath or rest when your volunteer can't even have the luxury to do that, sitting there building castle in the sky, blur till can lose keys some more and wasted our energy (there is still a lot of newspaper balls locked up in some room but can't use it because of this), wasting money calling those people who already know what to do, it's very annoying to see your miss-calls, and **** GIVING AWAY STUPID CHEAP CHOCOLATES WHEN WE'RE BUSY DOING YOUR ORIGAMI NEWSPAPER. You should know... it is pointless to do so... and you weren't even helping, you were halting our origami-masterpiece process. You have to know, we did help you, we didn't even have any decent sleep when some are suppose to be busy with their own things and events. Please don't make stupid calls again when we know what we have to do. We don't need you to remind us every day like we're doing nothing at all. Oh, and a warning for you. Do not ever, i said EVER, push someone's head (especially if it's a girl). It is very rude and it is a very disrespectful act. 
You don't know how big the damage that it can cause. Do you even know why people cease to help you anymore, because your thanks weren't even sincere. Heck, you didn't even thank me, ignored me some more. Please be grateful to everyone instead of claiming those useless phone calls credit. Please be really grateful for the person who do mostly of your job, and I mean that superwoman who are still very sleep-deprived because of you.
hello random moustache macho Shia Labeouf

My love letter so long. :X oops.

Kay la, think happy moments, happy moments, happy moments..... Happy............... MOMENTS!!! Okay, I'm not pissed off any more. But I have to get back to my Engineering & Society notes. Midterm test today!!!!! Wish me luck. 

Till next time!

Sore Thumbs

Conflicts tends to happen everywhere any time. 

Worse if it gets to the point where somebody lose their control and starts backfiring. When one gets too much power, they tend to think they can do anything. They might hurt someone without noticing it and forcing a very much complicated situation.

When we're starting, it seems so wishful. Dreaming high is great, but dreaming "too high" is another story.
At this point, asking seems like forcing already. Asking for a favour too many times sounds like you're making someone do something without their consent. Worse when they try to guilt you into doing something. I know it's a desperate attempt, you may achieve to make someone do things for you, but in a long run, people might think you are taking them for granted and then it's gonna be ugly.

People start to stand up and do things that you're not gonna like.

I can see many have a very simple mind. They vent their anger to hate somebody who's not helping them out. I know you're helping out in a great way and some of us aren't. But... do you even have to right to hate somebody when they only did it because they don't want to???? It's their responsibility? THINK AGAIN PLEASE. Here, people start being sarcastic enough to say something stupid and make other people angry too, and the chain continues. It's like fire spread. It will never cease until it calms down on it's own.
If you can help out, then go ahead. But you do not have the right to be dead angry at someone who just don't want to do the things they don't wanna do, okay?

When someone says no, please don't force them. There is no joy in forcing people. 

Some even tends to think "If I can do it, why can't he/she do it too??!?". We understand your great sacrifice. I'm gonna burst your bubble, not all people are as great as you. Not all are willing to take the risk. Not all are wanting to do that. Not all can stand it. Not all are willing to sacrifice. We are all selfish creatures. 

I'm not saying who's right and who's wrong here. This is not that kind of situation. Some times, just try to put your feet into another's shoe and maybe you might think rational and differently.
For those who can help out and want to help out, go ahead. Help is always appreciated.

It's never easy on you, but it is never easy for anyone either.

I know i did wrong things too and i acknowledged it. I apologize when I have to.

12/3/11 ♥

Family dinner to celebrate my uncle's recent marriage
My grandma, brother, aunt, uncle, godzilla cousins came to Shah Alam!

of course, i will start off with a vain picture of mua.
it's a must for every *erhem* girl blogger. lol

idk y my face so mushy.. 
My grandmama putting on some make-up. LOL
No kidding, my grandma not only know how to make-up, she knows how to play game consoles, become a princess (like that one time she puts on my crown headband, true story lol) and enjoy doing some mask. So "in"! My awesome grandma.  haha

she so blur when i'm taking pictures. keke. so cute.
Moving on to my next victim.
Now my time to stalk my brother and annoy the hell out of him.
Damn chio.. why my face kenot be more handsome like him?
First step of stalking : Approach your victim quietly so he doesn't notice what you're really doing.

Second step : Force him to take picture with you. 
Kidding, I only did that to him because he so damn camera shy and kept looking at the computer
Keep "Sudden Attack"-ing since he came here. 
Cz hometown no internet for him to play. Pity.
That's how i went through my high school too, without internet. But it's good thing though.

This time no need force ady..
I use the threat method. 
"If you don't smile at the camera, I will friggin rob you and take all of your money in your wallet where you carelessly threw at the table there"
This threat always works... because he damn kiam siap one
So scared of losing his precious money
*Oops, his secret is out. Now everyone going to use this method against him*

and again, when she got all dressed up. :D

Guess who??

sleeping after dressed up. okay..... sleepy head. keke
Which girl don't like to take selca you tell me?
Especially when she doesn't look like her normal self. keke.

got caught red-handed while selca-ing by aunt.
and she joined in. hehe

damn this angle.. cun! xP

Okay, enough pictures of my face. Vain-ness enough for today. 
To the dinner place we go~

My uniqlo jacket on her. see, told you, she very "in". :)

look down on me, sial!

Young aunt look so bored. lol.
I'm sorry for the lack of pictures, the camera died. I forgot bring charger back from MMU. orz. Damn, my memory getting worse. Keep forgetting things. 
There isn't much things anyway at the dinner. We were all in the "VIP room" where we are not together with the other crowd. At least it's not noisy inside, but we couldn't see anything that is happening outside. Like when they played the picture-video of the two married couples and when they are giving some speech or whatever. Just ate some typical Chinese food and then we went back. That's it. End.

yeah, it's kinda abrupt. :P


It's been awhile since the 4 of us hang out. Man, I miss the old times. :) Been hanging out less because of our own things and so...
We went to walk around Alamanda and dinner @ Pizza Hut~! I love cheeesseeeeeee~~

shasha trying to hide. lol

I look like I just woke up. LOL. 
I was dead tired after walking so much and doing all sorts of things. I just wanna say one thing, I don't like extra responsibilities.... but I ended up taking it. Urgh. Maybe it's a good thing since it's making me walk more. I've been sitting to much during the holidays. Lemme sweat a bit then.

Rika pwnage 
Took this while she was off-guard. kekekeke!~

Puff-fish face
damn, selca skills deteriorating.

I present to you the correct LOL expression. 
By Farhan.

okay, this one failed attempt. lolz

Couldn't catch a movie though. T.T I wanna watch so many movies actually. There are so many new movies screening this month! Me wannttttssss~!!! Cinema~~~~~~

Girl talk : Skinship

What a coincidence, 13th March is Hug an Engineer Day and I'm writing something that has to do with hugging. This is actually a very touchy subject. *Oh lol I just made a pun. Touchy as in touch, like touch skin = skinship. Get it?........ OTL what am i doing...*

well, it looks kinda romantic in this pic. oh lol
e.g. Patting shoulders, treat me as an arm-rest, shake hand, sitting real close to each other. I don't dislike it. But I only like to touch people I'm really close with or comfortable with or girls that I wanna get close to. Because skinship makes people become friends faster. THAT'S what I think lah. I don't know if it's scientifically proven or not but it works for me. I'm okay too if a stranger touch me cause well it's kinda neutral. But if it's a super good looking guy, I would of course blush.... and crave for more! XP Hey, the world is unfair and I'm a realist. *Click to read about what realist I'm referring to*  lol. And if the person I don't really like or I feel uncomfortable with touches me, I would make "The TSK" sound and then proceed to frown that can last up till 5 seconds. I know it's mean, but that's my way of saying "don't touch me". That includes my car agent uncle, refer this post where my hand got molested.

I'm a Malaysian and I'm Chinese. I think Malaysians don't like touching each other cause it's not really common to see us hugging while saying our hi and goodbyes. In my case, well I find it uncomfortable for me to hug anyone, including girls. I don't really like the bumping-chest-to-chest hug. LOL. I don't initiate hug and you will never see me initiating one any time soon. But there is some exceptions ; my really close family members,my korean bias :9 and of course, my future boyfriend/husband/자기/whatever-you-call-it.  I can hug myself really well too without problem actually. keke.
Oh, there was this 1 time I was caught off guard where it was after my exam and I was on the phone. This friend of mine was so happy that exam ended and he started to spread his arm and walk towards me. I didn't even have the chance to respond. That dude was already hugging me. orz. Western influence. Yeah, I'm saying about you, hobo-man/Farah. LOL. That's actually the first time ever a normal guy friend hugged me. Don't do that again without my permission kay??

So girls and guys, what say you?
Leave a comment. :)

Life since beginning of Degree

It's been approximately 5days and 13hours since the start of my Degree life. And I have to say.......... not much has changed. I don't feel anything different. Wait, do I have to feel anything extra special inside of me to feel like I'm an official degree student? uhh................ NO. Okay wait, I can now bully juniors that are in foundation programme. :DDDDDDD Okay, NO again.
Have been busy with promoting the Green Scouting event. My friend asked me why I so hardcore in promoting, and I said I don't know. Lol. Honestly, I don't like pestering my friends to join something that they don't have any interest in (exclude those people I dislike, I'll keep annoying them then) so yeah. Although I don't like it, I have to do my best because I choose to take this responsibility. It sucks but hey, I can proudly say I did something and I put some effort in it right? Oh, and I dislike peer-to-peer-politics. Never liked politic. Since I'm on this topic, might as well spam the link on this post too. greenscouting.blogspot.com. :P

The class, Engineering & Society has been hellavu BORING. Korean Class is awsuummm. This short sem, not much pressure cause I'm not taking core subjects. Hhhmmm.. And I think my luck is getting better this March. 

Quake is 5th biggest, but Japan best prepared
A man walks through houses devastated by tsunami in Minami Soma, Fukushima, northern Japan Saturday, March 12, 2011 after Japan's biggest recorded earthquake slammed into its eastern coast Friday. (AP Photo/Kyodo News)
Source from here
Oh, Japan has been hit by a 8.9 earthquake yesterday. So far it's the 5th largest earthquake since 1900 and the worst one that ever hit Japan. *pray for Japan* That doesn't look good at all. The tsunami was really bad that I had goosebumps when I saw the video clip of it. Although the Mayan predicted that the end of the World would be on 21-12-2012 but 21 May 2011 is Judgement Day as stated in the Bible. :S Maybe the Apocalypse is going to be earlier than we thought. 
*Screams while running randomly in my mum's condo home*. 

I really like to freak myself out. orz.

I just hope I'm not correct although I would like to be correct.

The hardest question that we face everyday.

What's for dinner?
What you wanna eat?
Go where eat ha?
Can think any new place to eat?
Apa makan?
Hoi, 等下要吃什么?
What you want for dinner later? *i actually miss hearing this one from my grandma T.T*
What you feel like eating tonight?? I can eat anything so it's up to you to choose. *my mum's favourite sentence*

I cannot stress enough on how annoying this question sounds every single day. Not only my family and friends like to ask me that. Even I ask MYSELF that everyday too.

If you're living in MMU Cyberjaya (or anywhere that is surrounded by humongous amount of trees, roads, or inanimate object except animals/rodents. You see hutans and babi hutans in your vicinity) and you ain't got a car or even friends who has them or you don't have any friends at all, a loner like me. Believe me, I feel you dudes/dudettes. I know your pain just like I know abc is not 123. Worse if you live in the hostel like me. There are food stalls (and believe me, most of them sell foods that are not even tasty at all!) here but can you seriously eat the same thing every single day? Not only at night for dinner, but also to breakfast and lunch too! *Or you can call it brunch, a two-in-one combo package at 12pm* The more worse when you decided to add in "Tea-time" or "Supper" into your schedule.
Like wut? MAMAK FIESTA everyday?!?!?! Holy-flying-cow-on-an-aiplane-shwt. NO WAY JOSE!
I wouldn't complain about the price of the food here since it's not as bad as in KL. They pretty much scam everyone's money there even for inedible food that taste like crap. But still....

For those who are going to open a food stall/restaurant/cafe/etc... Please be sure to pass a cooking exam first. Go take a Phd or Master first before opening one. Or else you're gonna waste precious ingredients from Mother Nature and that is call wasting. Wasting ain't good. Wasting ain't good, you got that?! Bitch, don't waste food! FOOD PRECIOUS, TASTY FOOD PRECIOUS, MY PRECIOUS.
You no good cook, you NO cook. 
*my inner luanlegacy burst out. my apology*

I miss the normal food I eat during my holiday already. T.T 

Read Print - Your online library

Read Print Books - thousands of free books by famous authors at your fingertips.
I already bookmarked it in my google chrome. ohoho.

look at that vast selections.
If you want to read "Harry Potter" or "Twilight" series, I'm sorry, you have to buy them at your nearest MPH or Popular book-store. But they do have quotes from J. K. Rowling. On the other hand, if you are somewhat interested in reading works of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens or [insert any famous literature authors' name], but never got the chance to (or you just don't wanna waste your money on old books or whatsoever) you'll simply love Read Print.

I love to read novels actually but it is hard for me to get started to open and read one. But after I get started, it will be hard for me to the book down if it's a really good read. But actually, I haven't been reading much because of internet and my downloaded movies in my hard-drive. I even have an e-book on my NDS but I deleted it since I never liked reading on that small screen. It pains my eyes actually. But now, no more, I can read it on my netbook. Muahaha~!

If you see the image on the right, you can see there's quite a lot of tabs to click. There's Online Books, Quotes, Groups, and Volunteer. Online Books is for you to search which kind of books you would like to read. There will be 6 category to choose from (also shown in the homepage as seen on the image on the right agai) ; Essays, Fiction, Non-fiction, Plays, Poetry and Short Stories. In Quotes, well it should be quite self-explanatory. In Groups, you can share thoughts with other fellow bookworms or maybe talk about your favourite author or so. As you like. In Volunteer, it is to show how you can volunteer to promote this site. Like me, I choose to blog about it. :D hehehe.
If you register, you can use additional function as well like "Bookshelf" which you can organize your own cyber-world bookshelf, you can "favourite" a book, and so on. I'm already a member actually. I just hope I will start reading. As I said, it is very difficult for me to start reading. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

It is never to late to pick up reading as a hobby. It's fun actually and you can improve your language, learn new words, and even train your imagination. When I read novels, I tend to imagine things like how the character would look like, how they would talk, how the scenes would look like or so. That's what I like to do anyway.
You can now stop reading my babbling and start reading there. lol
Happy reading! :D

*No, i'm not getting paid for advertising this website. I just thought this would be a great site for everyone. Okay, I'm not earning money for every click but I'm earning points actually. :P*

25/2/11 ♥

Orz, forgot to write in.. So i decided to write in now.

This is MOF @Sunway

 I love the atmosphere and the design in it. 
Oh, must try the Fried Mochi~! It's really nice
I don't like the red bean desserts though, it's too sweet for me. 

And yeah, my nose problem is acting up again. This time, instead of going to Ipoh for a hospital check-up, I went to Sunway. The doctor is actually better here if compared to Ipoh cause the Ipoh doctor don't explain much of my status and all. 

 This is what I need to eat and spray starting 25th Feb.
I always forgot to eat medicine and spray that thingy last time cause it's too troublesome and I'm such a klutz who always forgets many things. 
When the nurse gave me these and was explaining, I was like 
uh huh okay... twice.. two tablets.. 
twice... one tablet...
after eat this then continue this....

Not amused
Should have continue to spray that smelly thing and I wouldn't have to do this all over again.

Till next time~

Selca Mania Feb 2011!

Title self-explanatory.

If you're a girl, you might :
Think I'm cute *vomit*
Feel jealous
Feel like slapping me
Start gossiping and make nasty comments about the pictures.
Comment about me writing these unnecessary stuffs
or just [insert any action that is vulgar or express love]
*Because that is what I do when I see them other girls' pics. :P*

If you're a guy, you might :
Feel boring, scroll scroll scroll. Or just shout around and make funny comments or compliment to the computer screen with your other guy friends. *I know because I hang around with a bunch of guys. And we usually comment a lot on a lot of facebook girl's pictures. lol*

Just sayin. Cause I'm bored.

I have only a little chance to doll-up myself, cause usually I'm wearing oversize comfy T-shirts and shorts in the house. And then I watch movies and shows I downloaded or just play with mothballs and rot there in the living room. 
But this week got 2 days' chance to not be following the same routine.
So blah..



dorky side

my url moustache~!

tough cookie

.....idk.. lol


I like this one. "eeee"

A random good shot. Oh, i love this one. My twitter pic. orz

emo hah.. emo..

attempt on being sexy.. oh fail.

cute.. Okay, fail also. old liao still act like this.

serious face.


and again.

 Okay, The End.
Why I keep opening my mouth in every pic? O.O