Anthony Neely tonight!

Gonna see this super duper hot and cute guy tonight!!! 

too bad my camera is at my mum's hands!!!! 

15/6/11 ♥

A rare occasion of outing~!
:DDDDD Happpyyyyyyy~~~ weeeeeee~~ hahaha!
@ Kuchai Lama
Yummmm.. Snow Flakes!
♥ The Cold series Best Seller!

candid! haha
Sylvia lam taufu and Alicia~

what face is this?? lol

Vivien♥ and Mua~


Eunice jie jie ♥ haha!


lol.. act cute..

Nerd glasses!


Leng Lui-s alert!! wwwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwww.. XD

Peach **** (forgot the name XP)
@ Caribbean Cafe AKA 吹水站
A funny name they got.. :P

After all the foods and 吹水-ing 
We went to watch Green Lantern @ Midvalley
Overall, the movie was okay
7/10 rating

extra ratings given because they got 2 hawt main stars in the movie. :P
Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively

please excuse my randomness

Will edit this post for more pictures in the future.. :) Waiting for the uploads

Penang trip!

Too bad, it's not mine. It's my mum's invitation card. LOL
Planned a spontaneous trip to Penang when mum told me she's going there when I got back from MMU. Since she's going, might as well follow her there and visit some friends. :D
since many of my seniors are doing their intern there. Oho.

So it took us 3 hours to get there by car from Teluk Intan.
Demn, quite far also actually. Luckily we drove from Perak not KL. :X I think my butt will go numb if that happens..
Reached our hotel around 4pm

Capthorne Orchid Hotel Room
Rm220 for a night. Not too shabby.

lol.. testing the air-cond flow..
and trust me, it's doing it's job pretty well.. Freeeezzzinnnnggg

The presence of a huge mirror compels me to take pictures of myself

The view, outside
Went out for the exclusive tour around Penang with my personal tour guide, Soon En.
Thanks for the lengthy tour dude! lol.
First stop, Ghee Hiang Penang!

I like this one. XD have to buy more next time. hahaha.

keep taking pics inside the store. like a tourist! lol!

Personal tour in this "nice car eva" ride..
quoted from the tour guide himself. 
 To the next stop!
The search for food!!!
Demn hungry that time. Both of us only ate some light foods for breakfast that day.
I don't know what street this is called... so.. uh.. yeah.. just enjoy the pictures. XD
This is Jalan Macalister, New Lane. lol *edited and updated*

Popiah! 4 out of 5 rating

"Heh gor" Chee Cheong Fun. 5 out of 5
Actually, it's just a really simple dish. But i liked it very much.

Char Guey Kak.(Funny name!) 4 out of 5.
Giant prawns jjang!

Char Kuey Teow. 2 out of 5

四大天王!LOL! kidding.....

Nerd style!
 After eating like nobody's business..
We headed to our next stop. Cendol time! 
This is the first time ever seeing so many people eating while standing. It's completely normal.
Well... It's weird for me. But I'm happy to try new things. XD

Ho Chiak~!

Tourist pose. HOHO.
TeoChew Cendol 5/5! ♥ it!
 Since our stomach has reached it's limit to the extend of  almost bursting ady, 
we went for a ride around Penang. 

Somehow, reminds me The Leaning Tower of Pisa. :P

Recommended place for eating.
Why BERATUR? Because they say it's so good, that u can see many ppl beratur at this shop to buy their food
*scribbles on To-Eat-List*

Penang's Asia Cafe. XD

random awsum shot
 There's actually a lot of refreshing and beautiful sceneries in Penang.
Many buildings with some English feel.
There's a really charming Cemetery too, but too bad, didn't got chance to go there.
We just passed by, and it's friggin beautiful! Seriously!
Maybe next time.. Oho...

Loads of race cars in front of Overtime! DEMN! rich ppl!!!
Stopped at Hard Rock Hotel for awhile. 

Me likey

Live band playing
Awesome first row couple seats. lol 
 Walked at the beach for a short while. 
It was too dark anyway, but at least I felt the sand with my bare feet,
and the feeling was great. :)
AND it's CLEAN!! 
Campfire anyone??


 Walked around the night market street and spotted this

Monkey hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil
 When night comes, nocturnal creatures come out
Like these guys.. 
To Strait Quay we go~!
Beautiful Straits Quay
 Decided to chill at Starbucks since most of the cafes are closed...
Except for the Irish bar and what not.. lol

Hau Loong and Soon En

Lifang and Kent Loong

Don't get tired of my chubby face please.. It's too cute..

extra cute mini cup! ♥
We talk, we drink, we laugh until we drop.
One of the best laughing moments I've ever had. XD 
Recalling Hau Loong's near accident and Kent Loong's creepy sinister laugh.
Nuff said. LOL. 

*Fast forwarding*
The next morning
Went to Pulau Tikus to try out the 印度饭. 
Direct translation: Indian Rice.
Note down the Restoran name please. It's worth trying!!
It's just opposite the Balai Polis Pulau Tikus. :D
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Mummy and Aunty Vivian

May Aunty also come join in.. candid shot.. lol.. oops..

印度饭 7/5 rating !!
DA BOMB! lol!

Penang Laksa. 6 out of 5!
Another awsum dish. XD

Ate full punya face.. lol.. lanc nyerrr..
 Random picture of a Taiwanese celebrity.
Great timing. Hohoho.

That's the end of the trip. :)
oh and urm.. a priceless souvenir from Penang.
One of a kind.
Blur Joey. Blur.