Day 12: Hand write three favorite books.

I don't read much anymore. 
Well, except for engineering textbooks, which are not my favorite things.

Day 9: Hand write your favorite word.

It has so many meanings.
World Taekwando Federation
Way To Fail
Will To Fight
Write To File
Win The Future
What's This For?
Went To France
and.... What The Fish. HEH

Day 5: Hand write your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s/crush’s name.

And you think I'm gonna write this for the public to see?? HAHA!
I don't think so.
But at least you can appreciate my work of art. :)

15/10/11 Real Steel is AWESOME!

slumber driver

"Don't take my pictures!", still took it anyway.. :P

Dinner at Ichiban Ramen @ Sunway

Food are too sweet. No likey. :( They better cut down on the sugar and salt, it's not making their customer  healthier.

Lol, mum

And the awesomest movie of the year

The sh*ts looks so damn real. The robots and all is so awesome. 
Omg, I don't even know what to say to describe how good this movie is.
I was captivated by every moment of the movie. Definitely not boring, and very very very amusing.
And Hugh Jackman is the main actor, like.. how could the movie not be awesome?!?
And I have to say, the kid was not bad too. Bravo. :D 

I love Noisy Boy's design. Woooorrrddddddd.

and Atom is very cute. :)
 I even thought it has some sort of unique function (like having a mind of its own).
But too bad, it's doesn't.

This movie...
You know there's no such thing as a perfect score, but whattheheck.
I wanna watch again. Seriously.

*Random moment coming*
Spot an adorable grandma wearing a plastic on her head to protect herself from the rain. 

All About Capricorn - Part 3

Part 3

Capricorns are very stubborn. They have their own ways of doing things. Habitually, they will consider the feelings of others and then only consider their own. This makes them hurt themselves badly, but they will still wear a smile on their faces and tells the world that they are fine. Towards their own family and matter, no matter how one persuade them, they will be unmoved. Unless  the matter itself has exceeded the expectation of the Capricorn or it has disheartened them. But the fact still stands, the stubborn Capricorn has not given up.

When in doubt, they will question. When asked, they will answer. When they can do something, they do it and will never stray from their path. Seldom lies, in fact, they don't even bother to make up a lie. They lie or make a fuss in order to not bear the consequences. Capricorns rarely take the initiative to lie because they feel that there are no consequences that they could not bear. If you dare to do it, then why be afraid of taking responsibility?

Capricorns mature faster and are early to see the world clearly. They are cold-blooded but it is only a barrier made to protect themselves. But still, frequently, when they finally found someone who they can trust, they are yet deceived again and again.

If you can marry a Capricorn woman, it is really a very happy thing. First, you will have a clean and orderly mannered home. Whether if she is a housewife or a career woman, she will make the best arrangement for her family. Secondly, she will be unremittingly diligence,  be ready to suffer and fight all the way for their ideal future with you throughout the way. They will not throw tantrums without a reason. Capricorn women will not take "wife" as an overtime job, and she is a disgruntled woman at home.

Capricorns has very stubborn temper. If one day, they are really angered, they are willing to perish with you. It's easy to put off the fire of their anger, as long as you spoil them with words (like coquetry), it is guaranteed that they will cool down.

Capricorns are introverts, so if they are in a long distanced relationship, they will not show a strong passion. So, as a partner of a Capricorn in a long distanced relationship, you should be the active party. Otherwise, the feelings between you guys will become dull.  Don't worry about Capricorn disliking text messages, phone  call, or messenger. Instead, regardless of the contents of your message which may be mushy or in a reproach tone, at least it will make them feel they are close to you.

If a Capricorn surrounds in your circle, it does not necessarily means he/she loves you.
If a Capricorn spends time to accompany you, it does not necessarily means he/she loves you.
If a Capricorn bothers to please you, it does not necessarily means he/she loves you.
But if a Capricorn is willing to give up their most valued dignity, it means he/she has hopelessly fallen in love with you.

A Capricorn ....

  1. will not easily give up when they are determined.
  2. is stubbornly rigid and does not heed others' recommendations. 
  3. will exert their utmost strength in work.
  4. has a dull mouth and doesn't really know how to humor people.
  5. hides their feelings in their heart when they are moved or sad.
  6. has luck in women, but will be extremely shy around girls.
  7. will not do despicable things to people who treat them badly.
  8. prioritize reputation. If they lose someone's trust, they will greatly blame themselves.
  9. lack of romance. Has an extremely cautious observation.
  10. is feisty but does not show it off.
  11. will appreciate their recognized friends for a lifetime.

I'm kinda bored of translating though... But still... one must finish what one has started. Still a heck of a long way to go. 
Till next time~
Part 4 next!

Day 4: Hand write your best friend’s name.

And will always be. ♥

Day 3: Hand write your Tumblr URL.

*Edit* Day 3: Hand write your Tumblr Blog URL. *Edit*

All About Capricorn - Part 2

Here comes Part 2!

Capricorn does not know how to grasp their own happiness, so their love life is often bumpy and tortuous. With their personality factors, Capricorn's feelings are very hard to move up from love to happiness. Without a doubt, happiness from love is suppose to be in full. Capricorns who are in love are brave, strong, and so persistent that it is difficult to describe with words. It is very difficult for a Capricorn to give up on a relationship, that said, it is actually almost impossible. Unless, it is the Capricorn himself that determines to break up.

Capricorns are not only honest, but also responsible. In life, they are the most principled, but in love, they are not. As long as you're observant, you can see the Capricorns around you are actually attached to their other half. They obediently adjust their own pace to match with their other half's. They are the giants in work, dwarf in love. Perhaps this kind of balance in their life are perfect for the lovely Capricorns.

Some times, Capricorns will unexpectedly become very depressed, and they do not want to talk nor move.When people question them, they do not know how to answer. Maybe it is because they suddenly read something relevant to their life, or maybe they thought of something, maybe they heard something from friends, or maybe even nothing has happened. It does not need any reason for something to happen and ultimately, it doesn't have any reason. 

Capricorns tend to have obsessive-compulsive disorder, especially towards pictures. Has serious love for cleanliness. At first glance, if they spot any difficulty, improvement on it might be very difficult. They like the idea of being "fixed". They will not admit they are mad when they are, they will keep telling that they are not angry but when a question is asked, they will love to say they don't care. Have not so strong self-confidence. They believe their intuition, it can be said that Capricorns like to follow their instinct and feelings. They can easily greet strangers but to become a friend to them, you will have to start your countdown from "6 months". *Well, good luck with that!*

Capricorns often give the impression of "every man for himself" and that they are self-centered . On the contrary, they always think of other people before making a decision. It is without any exaggeration to say that they think of every aspect first before doing anything. It's just that they do not like to express themselves, but of course, the lesser the reason, the better. So, when people benefits from it, very few people can imagine a Capricorn's hard works. Particularly, their true love. Therefore, this greatly reduces the chance of having a Capricorn feel happiness in their marriage. Often melancholic, occasionally surprising.

When pain is encountered, Capricorns will forgive their love ones but they are also very stupid to let them have a reason to hurt themselves. They will be ready to forgive anyone that they love even if they have given them immeasurable amount of pain. So, they will not want break up because of that 99% of grief. Even if they are angry, they will only say hurtful words, but they will eventually come back to you and choose to forgive.

If you have accidentally fallen in love with a Capricorn, please don't be indignant just because they does not know how to communicate and express themselves. They just do not know how to say it out loud. They will think that their words will bring you pain so they will not say it. Calmly tell Capricorn about your grievances and doubts. Tell them that you need their help and comfort. Capricorns will slowly learn to understand you and will try to avoid misunderstandings to happen again.

Male Capricorns have relatively more practical goals, so much that they choose their girlfriends as they choose their future wives. Their other half must be gentle and thoughtful, and not sassy. They also need to be lively because Capricorns have more of a boring personality. Capricorn men are less likely to speak or express themselves. They do not know how to perform their best for their crushes, most of the time, they are contradictory. They would want the girl to be with them, and they would try to be nothing but general.


Capricorns are...
  • Sophisticated, but there is no such thing as smooth-sailing in life.
  • Passionate, but in a frosty manner.
  • Worshipers of power but disdain authority.
  • Legalistic but desire freedom.
  • Pursuant of, and also indifferent to fame and fortune.

Stay tuned for Part 3! Yes, it's not the end, there are still a lot more.. 

All about Capricorn - Part 1

Stumbled upon a zodiac page in facebook. But it's in Chinese. :S So, I took the liberty to translate some to English, where mua can understand.
And here are some, translated to English of course. 
This is going to be very long, but if you're interested in reading it, please do so! :)
Helpful for some(? to get to know a Capricorn much betta?) and it's good for me too. People can get a better idea of me......... I guess?

So, basically, Capricorns has very cool personality. During first contact, you may feel and think that they are a big pile of iceberg. They rarely speaks and silently listens to people's conversations. But as you get to know them and become closer to them, you'll realize that they are very fond of making jokes and likes to fool around. Like a child, they are easily coax/persuaded.

Capricorns are very pure. This does not mean that they do not have wisdom, but it means that they rarely take the initiative to have their own desires. With experience, wisdom and sixth sense, they can see through a person's nature. However, when Capricorns is in the face of unforeseen circumstances, they often naively thinks they will face it without problems, and throws their defenseless self into it. Is a fool to be careful when communicating with people.

For their loved ones, Capricorn can tolerate many things. They can even accept unimaginable things. So, being loved by a Capricorn is a blessing. But because of their limited expressions, the loved ones of a Capricorn often thinks they are either 1. Selfish, cold, stubborn, difficult to communicate, difficult to understand, not gentle, not romantic.. Or the other one, by contrast 2. likes ambiguous love, romantic, unrealistic.

Capricorns are easily moved. On the surface, they like to act brave, but secretly, most of them are crybabies, they just do not want to shed tears in front of people. So, when Capricorns are being taken care by someone, they will feel grateful and touched, but these thoughts are often repressed in their mind. They will also hope to return the favor to the other person. In a sense, if they are moved, they will continue to believe that there is a bright and warm side in that person.

Capricorn quirks.

  1. Loves to crush
  2. Have low self-esteem and doesn't like to deal with people 
  3. Some times, in the inside, wants something really bad but on the outside, tries to not show any desire. When there's nothing to do, likes to go off into wild flights of fancy.
  4. Experiences insomnia or sleepiness *which I think both is related of course*
  5. When happy, become as happy as a kid. When not, it's a mystery.
  6. Does not like selfish hypocrite
  7. Have a good heart that is easily moved
  8. Loves to reason
  9. Clean freak *I dont think this applies to me lol*
  10. Likes to go to quiet places which nobody goes
  11. Think in a way and sort things like black and white *I'm not sure about this translation*
  12. Does not like to wear underwear :X
  13. Likes to stay at home

Capricorn characteristics.
  1. Have the most sincere, enduring, and the deepest love.
  2. Some times, likes to tease people 
  3. Does not like to quarrel
  4. Some are shy
  5. Tough and uncompromising
  6. Has unique sexy charm
  7. Born noble and deep detached(?) personality
  8. Easy to be moved
  9. Cool on the outside, warm in the inside 
  10. Some mischievous. ♥ *Oh, so true this one*

Capricorn's good points.
  1. Has a temper that comes and goes fast.
  2. Have fighting spirit, hard working
  3. Finds a way to be their own boss. A zodiac that has the largest number of CEOs
  4. Puts feelings first, but with a sense of obligation
  5. Give kindness to him, and he will return it in double amount
  6. Does not hold grudges, easy to coax
  7. Simple with no effort
  8. Puts joy and anger on the table, does not act
  9. do things resolutely and efficiently
  10. Born planning experts. And has strong plans

Capricorn's drawbacks.
  1. Very lazy. Does not go out if there is no plans
  2. Likes to daydream
  3. Likes to act a fool, but actually knows what is happening, they just does not want to say it out.
  4. Miss old friends, but does not contact them
  5. Very emotional
  6. Has double personalities
  7. Has own set of principles, go their own ways
  8. Some times confusing. Responses are often slow
  9. Particularly sensitive and fragile
  10. Give cold treatments to people who they are not interested in. This is no secret.

I actually think most of them are very true. 
There's still a lot more but I'm lazy to translate more and I don't wanna make this post too long. Or else, it's going to be so very very boring for people to read this. I don't like to put off publishing this post, so I'm gonna end this here. And look forward to Part 2! Till then. :)

Oh, for those who knows how to read Chinese and would like to read more about other zodiac signs, you can go *here* and read them up. Hope you have fun reading! 


What is puppy-sarcasm? Actually, pupscasm sounds nicer.. But whatever.
Don't bother finding the definition on google, this word doesn't exist. That is of course, until today.

Definition of puppy-sarcasm:
To be sarcastic, but yet, in an innocent manner. In other words, ambiguous shit. 

Thanks to a certain someone, who basically INSPIRED me to create this wonderful new word. Oh, Anonymous, thank you for being such a prick ass bastard. I have no idea why are you doing this to me since we don't really know much about each other. Meeting me and being a "colleague" for a day or two, doesn't give you the license to constantly say ambiguous things about me publicly. Well, at least you did this in front of me and not behind me. 
But seriously, every time I see a facebook notification from you and after I read it, I literally.... Zzz..

At first, I was like..
Not sure if it's a compliment or an insult
Jackie Chan FTW

But I guess all my reactions have just sum up to this right now..

You might be thinking.. This person, what has he done to me?
Well, he kinda insulted me. Every single time. With the same accusation and style of writing. Fark it, normally I can joke around with people lah but this one. He's taking it too far if he constantly say the same thing again and again. 
Or maybe I'm just too sensitive? 
But I don't usually react like this.
*portrait-ed with memes in the pictures below for entertainment purposes*

Example of an actual situation.
*Le me uploading a facebook picture*

This really did happen.. 
And I'm gonna show exactly what took place..
Play with fire, now you're gonna get burn. BURN BABY, BUUURRRRRRRN! 

Me, happy with my own vainglorious picture
Got one or two compliments and jokes about my messy table from friends.
And then...

Like dude... kuat make up? You blind? 
And what lazy to click like? You don't like then don't like lah! You type so many words for what??? If you are really lazy then you wouldn't even be commenting, okay?? oui, imb├ęcile.
Every single time accuse me like I'm a fake person. Putting on HEAVY make-up and I look like a swan. Means I'm fugly without them lah?! Niao lah!
*Oh shit, no no, I didn't mean I'm pretty without make up.. :X All I meant was.... err... shoot, can't explain* 
Here are some more comments that I would like to show you. Annoyance in action.

And now, I would like to reply with full honesty from the bottom of my heart and I don't care about ethics anymore. You hurt my feelings *sobs*, and now I'm gonna get even. *evil grin*

My reply to Accusation 1
What nowadays? I'm like a fucking maestro since the day I was born. Get your facts right.

My reply to Accusation 2
Ppppppppfffffffttttttttttttttttttt.... DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK?! No duh! I rule MMU campus like a drag queen! I'm like the queen bee there. Everyone worships me like a goddess. And this queen bee fly like a G6. They don't go crazy, they go loco roco for me. 

My reply to Accusation 3
Dude..... Are you developing more female hormones in your body right now? Why would you even...... want to learn..... make-up? And by the way, I only know how to enhance a female's features with it. Not a male. Or are you trying to say that I look like a guy?? And the make-up I usually do is suitable for one?.........................................................*BITCH-SLAP x2*

*throws nitro bombs*

What's funny is that the fact that he's so dense when I'm making sarcastic counter attacks at him. He thinks I was joking. I even had a little help from my friend to at least make him back off a little and get the point that I'm actually angry at his comments. But yet, he messaged me asking whether if I'm mad or not. I'm not sure if he did apologize or not, I forgot. But that's not the case, even after that message, he still continue what he do best. Dayum.

My dear friend, are you jealous or something? Cause the way you write, sounds like a jealous 15 year-old teenage girl trying to be pretty. Did I offend you in any way that made you feel like questioning my looks and appearance? 
Hey, I don't wake up everyday just to impress you. *stares*
So STFU and be a man. Just stop writing anything about "How pretty you look with make up/How skillful you are with make up". Somehow, coming from you, it sounds like an insult more than a compliment. Every single time, I swear. If you want to do it, at least do it without writing these two words, "make" and "up". If not you can also say it out loud (when I'm not in front of you, of course). Whatever shwt you can think of, just say it out in front of your computer while looking at my picture. *Okay, that sounds creepy and stalker-ish to me*. On the second thought, you should do that while looking at the mirror instead of the computer screen. Teehee..
If you don't oblige to follow these suggestions then..

Yish, trying to be innocent while throwing daggers at me. Guna Puppy-sarcasm!?!? Kebabian!! 

I'm gonna show more of my "heavy make up looking face" to you then!!!

P.S. Did you know? I bite. Bitch, please.


9/9/11 Spontaneous Genting trip

9th Sept, Sunday

'Tis my first time travelling to Genting at night. I didn't get enough sleep since I was drained after my Saturday trip to Ipoh with Liz. I forgot to take my camera with me to Ipoh, therefore no pictures of us having fun in the "Lost World of Tambun" aka Ipoh's Sunway. But it was raining when we were there, no point in bringing our camera too. :/ I have to say, walking under the rain is kinda fun.
But that doesn't change the fact that I have a shitty memory.

Thinking Ng

KerKeng drove us there that night. 
Can't believe he actually drove to 3 different places to fetch 3 of us. 

Weng Seng making use of his own body heat to keep his arms warm. LOL.
Damn, it was really cold and I didn't even bring my jacket with me! I was wearing shorts too! oh mai gosh, what was I thinking?? I must have knocked my head or something. 

What did we do there in the middle of the night?? 
We were there by 1am, so most of the shops are obviously closed. We had Mary Brown, then we walked around in the cold. Walk more. Walked outside, walked inside. Then sat down at Starbucks. First time trying Hazelnut Hot chocolate, and it taste weird! Me no likey. *shakes head* 

I spot a sleepy person, a non-stop jerking guy, and a smooching monster.

I think he hurt his.. urm.. glory part. LOL