Nov Flash back

I know I've been gone for a really really loooooooooooooooooooooonnnggggg time and I haven't been writing anything good either. I was just too busy. I don't know what I was busying but heck, I'm busy. Or lazy
I'm back! and a quick flash back of what's happening in my life for the past month. Well, not many things happened. Even if it did, I didn't take much pictures of it.. :S


28 Oct, I've forgotten I took these pictures.
On my way back to my hometown, I saw a really weird phenomenon. There's this weird toxic-like colour cloud ring around the sun. In my opinion, I think this is what happened when our air gets too dirty. -.- Ya know? like those colours we see on the water when it is intoxicated.

eerie shit

7th Nov 
Back in hometown

lol. okay. random.

flash attack!

11th Nov
Large outing with friends!
Movie day
Immortal was wonderfully bad. Seriously. Don't ever watch stupid gruesome movies like this, cause I don't get the story at all. Except people hack around and blood blood blood. 

And tick tock tick tock, it's after12am
12th Nov
We can't get enough of the Friday night fever.
So we decided to buy some beers and drink till..... well, till we're sleepy. 
:P was exhausted but worth it.

Sylvia playing "sut sut". hahahaha


she's still so cute even when she's talking while eating. hehehe!
13th Nov
Early birthday celebration!
Xiao Le and Jonsin are getting one year older now. 

lol.. funny faces by me and Alicia. XD

The girls. XP
 Birthday boys got caked!
Jonsin : Peace out

Xiao Le : What the heck.... i got creamed!!

I look so great in the dark.. weeeeee~
on the other hand, Alicia looks so blur and sleepy.. LOL

Impromptu photo shooting session! 

Gawd, drama queens and their dreams

17th Nov
The week where water is all you can see
MMU fucking flood weh! wat the hell! 
Ribut taufan pun ada! Takut giler!

19th Nov
First time having my university friends seeing my grandma and brother.
And also first time of having guy friends coming over into my Shah Alam home.
And it's not me that invited them over, it's my mum. =.= 
My mum, a Teluk Intan ambassador, treating everyone TI's Chee Cheong Fun.

Don't be fooled, they are actually gambling.. Mahjong is the new Black Jack.. LOL

20th Nov

Grandmama, watching TV #likeaboss

everyday in front of an electronic device

Samseng giler dalam rumah

Herp and Derp
22nd Nov
Dropped by at the new Snowflakes in Puchong

quite empty for a new franchise

A new friend (?), Jason Ng
Be proud, you look so cool here. Because it's blurred. LOL

chatime is ♥!

My treasured course-mates.
Behold, they are husband and wife. Don't be fooled. :P

Sleeping in class again. Which is pretty normal. Sorry Weng Fai. :P

The black brothers

My mischievous housemate, Sam. Not concentrating very well in class like me. haha 
And when people gets bored... 
they do something really gay....

No eyes see liao la
23rd Nov
Movie day again!
Watched You're the apple of my eye at Midvalley
Fawesome emo movie, guaranteed you'll be so emotional and down after the movie.

Pwen : smirk, Sylvia : blur, Soonen : camera detector

Emo dao bao

Oh glorious food

24th Nov
Random picture of a tired face.
Just in case you have forgotten how the blog owner looks like.. 
Well, here it is..

I hate my really dried up hair right now.. It's so lion-like and messy. Uncontrollable weh.

Well, since I'm already in this topic, might as well edit some more of my selcas and upload it up.
The more recent me. :P With special appearance too.

Cat eyes ♥

Act cute.. puahaha
special appearance there! LOL

say no to paparazzi 
Troll smiley face

Please refrain from nose-bleeding okay
Sexay pic coming up at the finale!
Look like a horny slut though aw shit :P

Okay okay, that's it.
November is gonna end soon.
December.Is.Gonna.Take.Over.Though! Me likey!!!!!!
But damn..... I hate assignments.. =.= I  have like one assignment submission every week in Dec.
I don't care, I'm gonna party like there's no tomorrow when the time comes