February Recap

I don't always go out and stop here and there for a tiny break (or to spoil myself). But when I do, I do it during my busiest moments. That is, during my finals.

Fancy a new name during coffee break? PM me.
I just feel silly giving a fake name to the counter. I can't even resist a giggle when I said "Victoria" cause I don't even look like a Victoria. Haha. 

First time at Chatime Galleria in Puchong. 
Nothing special about it. Just more sensible chairs and tables and woody decorations. A perfect place to hang out with your chatime-addicted friends.

Soon Fatt


Soon En

As if he could hide from my camera by doing that

Studying hard? I don't think so. hah!

Girls night out. 
Karaoke time.

Dim Sum for dinner! 
And the candid shots were all too hilarious. That's why I love 'em so much. ♥

Shasha: "Oh, pish posh!"

Alicia trying to trick me to not take her pictures. Didn't work obviously. Haha.

Sam Gallery.....?


Don't disturb me while I'm paktor-ing with the chilies - quoted from Sam Chong

So much WIN


End of finals. 
Back to Shah Alam.

Mum making him carry her bag.
Verdict : She is still as cheeky as ever to make him look gay. lol.

Mum playing with unfinished food.
Verdict : Mentally still a child. Some times.

Foot massage after a long day of nothingness.

And back to Cyber again to meet up with some friends. 

 It will not be our last encounter.
Good luck on the interns guys! We'll be seeing each other next time. :)

Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour

 I'm not good with selcas anymore.
Trying to "rock the look"?


 Concert was great! 
Had a lot of fun... Shouting the lyrics... Most of the time.
 Was surprised by the song choices, a pleasant one of course. Pumped up kicks by Avril Lavigne and her bandmates? Hell yeah!
'Tis my second concert I've been to. The first outdoor concert. 
The feeling? Awesome! 
If only it didn't rain that day then it would be perfect.

Surprise date with hometown friends

Jo ann finished STPM and was working around the corner, so we decided to meet up. 
Didn't take more pictures. :/ Whoops, sorry guys!

End of Recap.

I know I haven't been blogging much or properly. It's my hiatus again. 

Another side

Nothing wrong with trying to be sexy aye?

Second concert of my life! - Avril Lavigne

Gonna see the Queen of Punk today!
I can't believe I will be actually seeing her in front of me!!!
Party mode : officially turned on. 

Saint Valentine's Day

A surprise gift. 
And it definitely surprised me! 
cause I don't even know how to respond to it. 
And all I gave was *poker face* 

But I greatly appreciate it. 
It's just that I don't know how to show it.
Much love.

Have a great Saint Valentine's Day everyone! ♥

Oh gawd, why did I do that?

Ever have that moment when you would just feel regret on the things that you said, wrote or did?
And after some time has passed, you suddenly remember the moment again. And you felt embarrassed and stupid again.

Oh no, it's flashing past me. The moments of year 2008/09.

Ew, I can't believe I wrote stories about my crush with literature-ish tone. 
Of course, I deleted those things because it was shoooooooo shtuuuupiiiddddd.
I now realized I did that not because I like that guy. It's because I was lonely and I was a loner. Crazy things people do when they are out of their sane minds.

Love is stupid Hormones are stupid. 

Why did I suddenly wrote this? I don't know. I just feel random.