I'm just gonna leave my blog to die here....

Malacca food trip!

An impromptu trip suggested by my mum. 
And we really did went for it.
All of a sudden, she feel like taking a time off and do something different with a bunch of youngsters. Haha.

At Donald and Lily's Corner for their Rojak, Cendol and Curry Mee!

 I wonder why I didn't take any pictures of the food! Maybe I've forgotten when the food came. 
It was all okay. The rojak, in my opinion, has too much tofu and too few of other ingredients. And I'm not a fan of tofu so a no no for me. 
Cendol tasted okay. Nothing special. 
Overall, there wasn't anything special with the food. The only thing that i think was special and unique was their decoration inside. Very baba nyonya-ish with the antiques stuffs. 


Soon En very CHIO with his new mustache! Hohoho! 

 3 very serious people discussing serious stuff while I snap away after karaoke session with mummy.
I feel so dumb sitting there. :|

And I'm back to my home town!

My family and I at Damien's Hall for IU day.
And my grandma is too cute. 
Very cool in front of the camera. lol
And we missed the chance to see my brother dancing his shoes off on the stage! 
What a waste!

Look who's rocking the runway.

Fashion show by the middle schoolers

And on the side note, my mum has been going crazy about mille crepe after our visit to Malacca's Nadeje.
And she decided to do one herself. 
Mango flavoured!

Layer by layer. What a hassle!

We have one mini sized too!

The tester!
Sushi King service manager as the food critic. *erhem erhem* lol

Have u ever seen someone eat a cake with chopstick? Now you do! lol

 Some random photos on my outing. :)
Zoe and me. And Dave with his awesome hair. haha!

Have a nice day
I'm random as usual

Hmm... Exercise? What is that?

Hold me back, bro. Hold me back.

No thanks to the people who called me "fat". Congratulations, you have successfully made me feel insecure about myself, lower down my self-esteem and made me realise that i don't exercise and that's unhealthy.

Well. I admit, i'm gaining a few during the holidays. And it doesn't feel very good.

Need gears. And a jogging buddy.