Pompuan, y u diff personalities?!

I'm sure everyone has experienced this before. 
Oh wait, I don't mean EVERYONE, I mean only the females. Because dudes don't have the privilege to flip the coin and see the other side of it.

Ladies, I'm sure you all have seen it and made friends with at least that one female friend that act totally different from her usual self when they are seen around with guys. Oh, you know damn well what I'm talking about. Or else, you're the one who has this condition but you are unconscious of this behavior. Or maybe you know it but you just can't contain it.

Please answer these questions below:
1. Do you act differently around friends and acquaintances?
2. Does other girls tends to avoid you? Or even ditch you?
3. Does your voice change when you're talking to the opposite sex?
4. Does your friends watch you with a weird expression when you're out in a group outing?
5. Do you prefer responding to guys rather than girls?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, bitch, you're one hellavu a piece of work.

Since I'm from an all-girl school, I see a lot of these. I'll make up a story about it. First, I need a name I could make fun of. A bitchy name, great for portraying every ounce of ickiness I feel for them when they are starting their act.......................... I can't put any names of people I know, I'll probably get killed..... soooooooooo........ M...... Monique. MONIQUE IT SHALL BE!
*Please be aware that these are all for the sake of entertainment and the character is fictional. It is not a recreation of a living being. If there is any similarities with whoever you know, these are all only pure coincidence*

Monique talking like the mightiest dai kah jie (big sister) in the gang with one feet on the chair and the other on the floor. She eats chicken drumstick like a barbarian. She folds up her collar to show her chio-ness and dai kah jie-ness to every girls in school. 
*Suddenly, a wild guy appears!*
Monique evolves!
Her voice sounds like a squeaky mouse with falsetto capability!
She giggles like a school girl. An unbelievable sight!
Oh em gee. She making weird noises at every sentence people said and every little action she did! 
*Le fucking mindfucked me staring at Monique*

It's like multiple personality disorder. I don't know if it's a natural behavior or instinct to them but some times these behaviors just gets under my skin. It's one thing to be a flirt but this? This is just an advance level of an attention whore or a pity-vote seeker. Can't do anything though. Can just witness it and feel so weird and disgusted. :( Boo~