Day 8 : What you want to do when you grow up.

When I.... grow....... up......?




Ya know, this used to be so easy to answer when I'm in primary school.
It's like

  1. Teacher
  2. Doctor
  3. Housewife
  4. Pencuci Pingan *keeeeeeeddddinnnnngggg*
I have no idea what I want to do when I GROW UP actually. I guess I'll just live my life aimlessly until I find out what I want to do. :| Too bad, I like arts and stuff, but it's not my future (?). Maybe it will be if I'm passionate enough. 

Some times, we just have to make a few mistakes in our life to find out what is right for us.

Day7 : Favorite movie.

Well, I don't have a lifetime favorite movie. But for this year, 

Tear jerker. T.T
Well.... not really. But it's really touching. :)

It's about a special horse, which was bought by an accident (well, actually, it was bought because of an old man's ego) and was force to be trained as a farm's horse. Was sold for war because of some poverty issues and was then separated by his owner. Trained as a war horse. Gone to war.

And then some miracle happened! 
[insert a bloody rainbow here]

Reunited with his blind owner. 

The End.

I got bored halfway, so the review was random. I thought I would spoil the good movie for you if you haven't watch it! So, that explains the crappy synopsis! I know, you're welcome. :)  

Day 6 : Favorite drink.

If you know me, you probably know what I like best.

No. I hate alcohol.

Learn thy Chemistry.

Seoul : Day of flight and Day 1 *Extras!*

Just a little extra photos I took from my aunt's album. :D

Seoul : Day of flight and Day 1

Hello! Yes, after one year of waiting since our flight booking, it's finally time for us to fly off to Seoul! I can't believe we really flew there and stayed there for a week. All I can say is that, I want to learn Korean language and live there if I can, because it is all beautiful and I'm in love with the weather there!

3 awkward people laughing because we wanna take a picture with the airasia plane.

Day 5 : Favorite place.

A place I call home. :)

well, it doesn't look exactly like my home. But this is how we used to draw our home when we're little kids right? hahaha~! Yes, I doodled this in a wimp on my iPhone. ♥

First time in a "gaming hub"

I'm not big about games and all (but I do occasionally play console games. RPG is my thing), especially online games. But I have my fair share since my last post about DOTA, which had upset a few gamers. *It's been 2 years though but yeah, still promoting. lol* :P

At first when my friend introduce this place to me, I thought it was one of those rotten dark Cyber Cafe I normally see everywhere. But it's not. It's what they called "a high class gaming centre". A place perfect for gamers to get their gaming satisfaction(?) with.. other fellow gamers?

I don't like CCs honestly, or anything resembling one. But I went there for the first time with my seniors since I just finished my last paper for my trimester and I was hungry for entertainment. They had PS3, so that basically won me over.

It's located inside MSC Knowledge Workers Development Centre, which is.. a surprise to me. And what awaits us was a huge area with *well, obviously* computers. And many other rooms with the same facilities as well.

Greeted by my friend, Kien Bing. Who was the one who introduced to us, and yes, he works there. So that explains everything. 

the back area, which is dimly lit.

I saw rooms that intrigued me. Turns out it's a "Battleroom". Perfect for playing a team battle? 
What do I know about gaming? Nothing. Meh. So, I'll just shut up and let you all see the pictures instead.

Closer look inside

Hardware they used

I heard of this and I know it's a really big thing for gamers. Hurrah~

Proceed to the gaming room.

was waiting for the set up of PS3
Sleepy seniors sleeping.

Can I have one??? T.T

Played street fighter. 
There wasn't much games to play. Football wasn't my thing. Racing, didn't prefer it. First person shooting game? Meh, not my thing. But they said if we have our own DVDs Bluray (corrected by my friend. OMG, I feel like a sua ku right now), we can bring it over. 
But I was thinking, if I have PS3's games, I should have a PS3. If I have a PS3, why would I be here playing?!? Mindfucked. But yeah, just saying I guess.

If you're interested in going there, here is the address,
MyCORE Centre, KDC Building,Block 3730, 
Persiaran APEC, Cyber 8,
63000 Cyberjaya
(opposite Dell, next to SME3 & Kirkby International College)

Facilities available are 
VIP room
and even carparks

Specs which you would like to refer to if interested: 

For more info, please click this link.
The website contains the rates, more pictures of the centre, information about upcoming events, contacts and even a forum in there.
Oh, and you should check out their facebook page too,

Day 4 : What you want to do before you die.

I have yet again FAILEDDDD to keep my promise to blog in 3 days after each post. But hey, I have a valid reason. My desktop wasn't with me! Yeah... I'm guilty.

My bucket list? I've never really thought about it actually.
But I was once asked by my friend/my-now-god-brother about it, (not about my bucket list, but rather about my dreams and aim in life). I guess both of them are the same thing?

Here is my current list. *Will update when I think of new things I want to achive?*

-To learn/be better with a musical instrument. (ukulele! but I have stopped since mine broke)

-To visit Rome at least once
I mean to say travel around the world, but I like Rome. I means it's all in rubble and grass and things, I don't know why, the statues there just amazes me. The moai in Easter Island amazes me too.

-To visit Easter Island.... (Oh, look, I have a new aim.)

-Sky diving
It's a cliche but.. come on, it's exciting! There's too few things that you can do that will make you see incredible things while having a near-death experience aye?

-To find works/jobs that I love and be passionate about.. in another country (other than Malaysia and Singapore) in conjunction with my travelling-the-world wish

-To find and have a stable relationship... for life. And to do all of the above things with him.
It's a foolish wish. No, it's not. I mean who doesn't want that? I don't wanna be a loner forever! I don't wanna be the lady with the 27 cats! And my dear girls(especially the one with the initial LJA), stop pressuring me! What is meant to be will be, what is not.. well.. just fuck that shit and move on. :yaoming:

-To live till 80 years old
I don't wanna live a long life. Unless I can move like a youngster. But seeing my routine exercising schedule, I'm not gonna run like the wind at 40. Not even now when I'm 20.

I don't ask for much in life. It's that a good thing or a bad one?

Day3 : Favorite TV show.

The Vampire Diaries.
Ian Somerhalder is so damn hot. *swoon* Definitely on Delena team. Waiting for Season 3!!

I used to be so into Heroes.
But when I missed an episode on it on Star World, I'm  fucked. Because the story line changed and twisted so much in just one episode you couldn't understand what is happening. The evil become the good, the good become the evil. Confusing but at the same time amusing. I didn't finish it. I stopped watching at the second season. XD I think I'm gonna go stream it when I'm free in the future if I remember.

My wife and kids
I love this! They are just too funny to watch!

The Big Bang Theory
People, even nerds and geeks are hot okay. Omg, Sheldon and Leonard.
Engineers. XD

Day 2 : Favorite food

My favorite varies from time to time. Last time I was so into bread but now I barely eat them now. Weird.

My current obsession would be....

ikan bakar garam
Ikan Bakar Garam!! @Seri Kembangan
Picture is taken from . Blog post contains food review and the address. :) I feel hungry now. bleh.

Dolsot bibimbap
My heart is still in Seoul. *wails*

Rojak Buah
And a sudden craving for rojak as well..