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Woah, this draft has been sitting here for a long time, I guess it's about time I post it up. I haven't been really active in creating new amigurumi as of now. Because, surprisingly, I have been getting orders for bags after I created two for myself. And actually I have a few amigurumi orders as well after that, but nothing new. It gets really boring some times when I have to do repetitive pattern plus right now, I have less time to invest in my hobby. So, I stopped putting my "Made to order" item in Etsy to avoid orders. But if requested, I will still make it.. Which is what is happening right now. Hah....

Rainbow coloured bag for a friend, who actually ordered for his girlfriend. Which is very sweet of him. :)

And this huge navy and grey bag is for my colleague. Effort x3.  

I wish I had more time for my hobby!!! Currently I am splitting myself into doing crochet, learning German, playing Zelda games on 3DS (which is awesome), cross-stitching decos for my room, grocery shopping & cooking, blogging and finding nice place to eat in Singapore. I miss the days when I can laze around at home and work only for my Etsy shop. Hopefully this will come true in the future.

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