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image Recommended place to visit
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Firenze S.M.N.

To be honest, I didn't expect much from Florence, but after staying there for 2 days, I fell in love with the city. They've got exquisite architecture everywhere, foods are just amazing, and people here are just delightful. Definitely one of the must go-to places if you are ever in Europe!

| Guesthouse Sayuri

Picture credit to the internet, but this is the exact room that we stayed I think. 
We were living quite far from the city center but it was near the train station. The house-owner was very informative and friendly, and there was this really good restaurant near the place which we just love! Also, since we were far away from the city center, the food there are cheaper.. like a lot. There is also a bus stop near the place, so it was surprisingly easy to go anywhere. We mostly travel on foot and on bus. 

Map we got from the guesthouse, and all the info from the owner. 

Boboli Garden

If you're going to have a long day ahead, I suggest that you don't stay in Boboli Garden for too long, because it's just effin humongous. You'll need to walk a lot in here. There's nothing much to see in my opinion. But they do have some weird statues lying around the places.  

One of the weird-ass statues that I was talking about lying at some random corner of the place.

image Piazzale Michelangelo

The well-known for a panoramic view of Florence. Even though we took a bus up here, we were required to climb some stairs and walk quite a while to reach the top because I fancied some hiking done. You can actually take the bus or cab all the way up to the top. But it won't be as fun if we do that right?

Hi David.

explored a scenery at a nearby church

Actually somebody was proposing at that moment in front of the church when we were just chilling there. How romantic aye.

image Laurentian Medici Library

Ever since I saw some pictures of this place, I said to myself that I simply must go to this place. Even though there's nothing much outside the area but this place is just breathtaking. Look at the picture above, I mean, can you just not love it after setting your eyes upon it???

image Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

The famous church in town and it's just beautiful. I would recommend to just enjoy the church from the outside unless you have the time to queue up and go in. I mean look at that line! It's just insane! People are queuing around the gargantuan church. Even if you manage to go in, I don't think you can enjoy the view much since it will be crowded inside anyway. 

Walking around town

There are a few David statue lying around town, but do not be confused. They are simply replicas and they are not the real one. The real one is at Accademia Gallery in Florence. I didn't know this until I googled it when I am typing this down. I thought the real one was hanging around Piazzale Michelangelo all these while but I was wrong. Oh gosh. 

Oh, speaking of David. They sell this cute little fridge magnet of David's "little one". LOL. If you know what I mean. I bought one back myself because I thought it was funny and cute.

Ponte Vecchio

Picture taken from the other bridge

Walking along Ponte Vecchio

This was where we were standing for the picture above. 

image Santissima Annunziata

A lesser known magnificent church. To my surprise, this church was empty! Not much people were there but I think that was the best part, because it's empty, we had the whole place to ourselves. I think it's because it was under renovation so the people wouldn't really come in because the exterior of this place just looks nothing like a church. It's just covered with rag or some plastic cover thing. Idk, constructions stuff. BUT, the inside of the church was still intact and it was simply bewitching. 

Journey to the West
image Hike to Piazzale Leornardo Da Vinci, Fiesole

Went off to a little adventure of our own. Even though the hike was highly recommended (online), there wasn't a soul hiking up with us. It was kind of cool, I mean taking the road that not much people have taken. 

Poor XM, he had to carry the heavy stuff we bought in town. I've forgotten what is in it. It would either be his leather bag or my mum's stuffs. Idk. But all I know it's heavy af. 

Rewarded with this killer panoramic view at the end of our hike.

And now, we have to go back using the same route. LOL.

La Carrala

Gelato is a must have when you're in Italy. But I got quite sick of them as they were too sweet for me. I wonder how I ate so much gelato back in Rome. Maybe the gelato in Rome wasn't that sweet. Meh.. I have forgotten.

image Trattoria Mario

Highly highly highly recommended place for T-bone steak! If you are travelling alone, and you wanted to try some, you could share it with some strangers at the place because we saw that happening at the next table. People there are so nice. And the portion was no joke. It's impossible to finish one portion on your own. 

Crazy delicious.

image S. Jacopino Trattoria Pizzeria

Our favorite to-go restaurant which is nearby the place that we are staying. Also, recommended by our hotel owner. The pasta are simply to die for, and it's effin cheap (from 6€)! Super super recommended! Best pasta we had in our whole life, and no, I am not exaggerating! Just look at all these pictures below, and you'll know why. All of them were simply saliva-inducing. 

I miss clam so I ordered this. Lol. Just stick to pasta. Eat clams when you're in Belgium


image Joey's Florence Travel Tips!

  1. It's easy to walk around the city but be careful of scooters. 
  2. Buying a fake product (from street vendor) is illegal. 
  3. Buying food to go or eating standing up is cheaper than sit down service (applies to all Italy cities).

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