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Day 6 // Osaka 
/ Kaiyukan
/ Namba

I know, it's a particularly short day cause we spent quite awhile in the Kaiyukan. I think if I were alone, I could have stayed longer, just to stare at the whale sharks as this does not get to happen everyday. We also got some shopping done at night at Don Quijote in Namba. 

I think this was the best OOTD I wore during my stay there. I got a new *fashionable* shoes (cause my sneakers were killing me, and it got my bunion worse, so bought a roomier one to lessen the pain). And my outfit matches my coat (which I wore every single damn day). 

We had our brunch at the Tempozan Market Place. Not a great place for brunch but we didn't really have much of a choice. There wasn't much restaurants or shops open along the way from the subway to the Kaiyukan. We stumbled upon a food court in the Tempozan Marketplace, and it was crowded, but we had to settle for food there since we were almost at the Kaiyukan already and we were hungry. We ordered ramen from one of the shop, and it's awful. Well, it's okay, but if compared to the normal food we ate, let's just say it's not the best. 

Obligatory touristy poses with the Kaiyukan building.

This particular penguin father was actually warming up his egg underneath his pouch. 

They have mola-mola there as well! 

The star or the day

Sunset view from the cafeteria

If you are visiting the Kaiyukan, I would highly recommend this whaleshark ice cream from the small cafe inside the Kaiyukan. We ordered just one to try, but then ordered another one again after we finished because it is quite addictive! I think it's just half vanilla and half ice cream soda ice cream. It's really good

abusing baby sharks... Their skin feels rougher than I would expect it to be. 

Japan, the land of Gashapon. Saw the cute otter and thought of trying our luck to get it. Unfortunately of course, we didn't get it on our first try. So, we tried and tried again. I think we tried quite a few times, and it's not even cheap for one try. If I remember correctly, it was 300yen per try. 

Kept getting the lobster one, which I wanted the least. But it was really fun and quite addictive as well! Anyway, great as souvs (the unwanted one, that is. HAHAH).

There's also a mini light show after sunset!

After Kaiyukan, we went to Namba for some shopping. It was pretty crowded, as expected. A lot of food stalls, restaurants, pharmacies, and shops. 

Le famous Glico man in Namba

And of course, we have to try Ichiban Ramen, which is like the best Ramen store in the whole world. Despite having a long queue, we didn't really had to wait to long to be served. We were queuing at the branch next to the Takoyaki store and after a few mins, the waitress asked us to line up and follow her to another entrance. 

The ordering process is quite unique. You have to buy coupons before you are seated. Then you just pass these coupons while seated, and wait for your food.

This place is just perfect for people who likes to eat alone without people staring at you. Or maybe the concept is just for you to focus on your food and nothing else. 
We went to another branch in Kobe, and found out that we can actually unlock the "compartment" separating you and your partner. I'm not so sure if you can do that in the branch in Nanba, because I don't see any locks in this picture.

Looks amazingggg... 

Also tried the matcha pudding, which is just mediocre in my opinion.
After some shopping in Don quijote, we decided to walk back to the takoyaki store beside Ichiban Ramen. There's two Takoyaki store actually. The corner shop has a really long queue (most probably because it's famous I think? I am not really sure, didn't really researches). We ended up ordering from the takoyaki store next to the famous one called Takoyaku Kukuru, because 1) there is no queue 2) there are seats we can sit in if we order from them.

While sitting there and eating, we dispatched my brother to buy another set of takoyaki at the famous stall, whose name I do not know. 

If you would like to know the difference, I honestly couldn't tell because we are not really fans of takoyaki. I think they were almost the same? Price-wise, I forgot how much it was, so I will not comment on that. 

Spotted this cute little thing when we were freezing our asses off while eating the takoyakis. Fed some to this little guy too. It was so cold, I kind of feel sorry for him. Just see how his tail curled up on his front paws. 

On our way home, we stopped by some dessert shop as we go. There was this shop which only sells pudding for takeaway. If my Japanese is good enough, I think it is read as Mattari Purin and this is the google address. The pudding is very creamy! I still think the one sold in Sukiya (the fast food chain) is the best that I have tasted there. But this one does take the second place in my list!

Also ordered Pablo, because I have never tried it (in Malaysia), or maybe... I have tried it but I have forgotten how it tasted like. Anyway, nothing special to say about this. Although, it was pretty much sold out when we were there in the late evening. 

Showing off my Gachapon otter. Perfect for showing my emotion on Mondays at work. Haha. 

Day  //  Nov 17 // Osaka

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