Charizard amigurumi, granny crochet & crochet top

This post has been in my draft for at least a few months, I think I finally need to upload this without having to add more things into this lengthy and picture heavy post.


First and foremost, I didn't create this Charizard pattern. It was all thanks to miahandcrafter for sharing this very realistic version of Charizard. The most beautiful version I've ever seen! And it is kind of her to share it with the world. If you're interest in making one too, please visit her site for the pattern and instructions.

I've made a few amigurumis before and I have to say, this is the most complex one I've done. It was a challenging process but I enjoyed it all the time. I realize I really like doing handcrafts stuff because I seem to abandoned my homework and other more important things than doing this. Hahahaha... Maybe I should quit studying and just make this is my life goal

Of course, I know I did this a long time ago but I only found the time to write about it right now. Nothing much to say about them though, just pictures. image

Joined body, arm, and tail

Joined arms

Joined wings, which I think is one of the most trickiest part! I followed the pattern and the wing has a little distortion, I only found about about this in the end, because of the different thickness of the yarns. Even though they are the same brand, the yarns may vary unfortunately.

Joined it's pink belly

Completed his round and thick legs

Pretty toes aye? I hate doing minuscule parts, because of the need to take care of tiny details

Attached the snout and ears

Now, it's almost finished and look wonderful already. 

Added the eyes, eyebrows and the flaming tail details.

I was super satisfied with the end product. It truly looks like the one in the cartoon except it is being realized in the physical world! The one who created this pattern is simply a genius!

After making this, I made a few more amigurumis for earning some extra pocket money. It wasn't much but at least I love doing them. 

And I bought a few more yarns to start my granny squares for pillow case! I found a really beautiful pattern online and I couldn't resist not buying them and start making it. 

Daisy daisy~

I also made some crochet buttons with some stitch markers.

The process is a loooooooooong one but I really am addicted to doing every single one of them.

And with a little modification, I did it! 

Hehehe. So happy with it. I'm simply loving the pastel colors!

I also accidentally brought extra two yarns (I don't know how I ended up with two extra ones that I didn't need in my shopping cart). And since I have them, I started using them on another project! Making a clothing piece! It's my first time doing a wearable crochet piece so I'm quite excited. I was afraid that I don't have enough yarn for them so I replace some parts with white colored yarn as I couldn't think of any color that is suitable anymore. Well, at least it came out alright, I think. 

The end product. 
Will probably post a picture of me wearing it when I have the picture on hand.

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