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I did another amigurumi key-chain of my own written pattern again! Yay! So now, I wanna share it with the world.

This pattern is inspired by Fat Rabbit Farm main character. Credits to http://www.fatrabbitfarm.com/ for designing this really adorable character.

Before I begin, there is a few things that crocheters should know. 
I have always made my amigurumi the normal way, which is I increase my amigurumi round with the continuous round technique. However, lately I discovered the Japanese way of depicting new rounds, that is the joined round technique. I like the Japanese way better because it's much smoother, I can clearly see the rounds and it makes joining parts easier since the rounds are really on par with each other. If you are using the normal way, I think you will find joining parts a tad bit difficult, they might come out wonky and stuff.

As you can see, in the Japanese way, they always add an extra chain stitch in the beginning of the round and end the round with a slip stitch. So, when you count your stitches, you can ignore that extra chain stitch/slip stitch (don't count them in).

You can however, use the continuous round way. I'll write the pattern without telling you where to add these extra chains as it's very easy and self-explanatory. So, you can choose whichever method you like. I personally prefer the joined round way because I don't need to any stitch marker to mark my beginnings once I get the hang of it.

Let's start! 

  • Yarns - 8 ply cotton yarn in light yellow colour
  • Black and red felt
  • Small bits of Minlon acrylic white yarn 
  • 3.0mm crochet hook
  • Fabric glue
  • Tapestry needle
  • Black thread and needle
  • MR - magic ring
  • ch - chain
  • sc - single crochet
  • hdc - half double crochet
  • inc - increase
  • dec - decrease 
  • ss - slip stitch
  • *   * - repeat 
  • F/O - fasten off
  • R - round
*Note: When decreasing, please use invisible decrease to minimize holes. Tutorial available here.


R1: 6sc in MR (6)
R2: inc around (12)
R3: *sc, inc* repeat around (18)
R4-7: sc around (18)
R5: *sc, dec* repeat around (12)
R6: dec around (6)
*For really nice and invisible finish, please refer here.

Make two
R1: 3sc in MR (3)
R2: sc around (3)
F/O & leave a tail for sewing.

Make two
R1: 5sc in MR (5)
R2-3: sc around (5)
F/O & leave a tail for sewing.

Make two
Ch 3
Row 1: Sc in second ch, inc; ch1, turn (3)
Row 2: hdc, sc, ss; ch1, turn (3)
Row 3: ss, 2 sc; ch1, turn (3)
Row 4: sc, dec; ch1, turn (2)
Row 5: dec; ch1, turn and slip stitch into side (1)
F/O & leave a tail for sewing.
You'll have something like this... like a drumstick

Now, attach all body parts! 

Please refer to the video here on how to make a mini pom pom. 

As for the face, you can cut out the felt for the eyes, mouth and tongue. This was extremely excruciating for me because of the size of these things. I use a tweezer to help hold the felt cloth. 
As for the nose, it is impossible for you to cut that size okay, don't be ridiculous. I used thread and needle instead and made a french knot.
Glue the face and tail in.

Ta-da~ and there you have it. :)
I have some key-chain straps on hand, so I hooked it up. Hope you like it!

I also made a bigger size plushie.
For more info on the amigurumi & the pattern please go to my Etsy shop!

Till next time!

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