Amigurumi Pattern | Moogle from Final Fantasy

I've been playing RPG games for quite a long time and one of games I really enjoy was from the Final Fantasy series. I've actually played only some though. FF7, 8, 9, 10 and 12. Though, I still like FF7 and FF8. The story-line and artworks are unforgettable... Even they may look super low def now, they were awesome when I was 15. Hahaha. But anyway, I rarely play games now, let alone RPGs. Feels like there isn't enough time to even play one. 

So, I was thinking... how bout making one of the mascot?? I've already made chocobo, so my next creation was Moogle! Chocobo was one of my proudest creation I think. Hueh hueh.. Every time I see it, I admire it once again. :9

I really like drawing too. It was one of my favorite pass-time during middle-school. I was always drawing comics of my everyday life. I think I still have the doodles in my hometown. I was never good at coloring though. I tried my best here. 

Ta~da~ And I made it into an amigurumi by basing on my drawing. 

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Let's get started! This pattern is just something I came up when I was making the Moogle. Not many pictures are taken when I was doing it, so.. if you're a beginner in amigurumi, I think this might be hard to do. Since there's not much instructions on how to connect them. But no matter.. It's all about experiments right!? *I'm not being very helpful*

3.00mm crochet hook 
Minlon Acrylic yarn  (or you can use any Sport or DK and a suitable hook size)
- White
- Red
-Light Purple
Black embroidery thread
Embroidery needle
Thin wires or pipe cleaners

(Optional for the pink part on the ears)
Light red felting wool 
Felting needle 


Light red felt cloth
Fabric glue

ch - chain
sk - skip stitch
ss - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet
inc - increase
dec - decrease
* or * * - repeat following pattern until row ends
* * xA - repeat instr inside for A times
MR - Magic ring
FLO - front loop only
F/O - finish off

Some basic explanation for the pattern I have written 
"inc" means sc x2 in the next sc
"inc by 3" means sc x3 in the next sc
"2sc" means sc x1 in the next sc, repeat 2x
"2inc" means sc x2 in the next sc, repeat 2x

Before you start crocheting the parts, make the pom pom first so that you can insert into the head when you're crocheting half way through. I've made my pom pom with a pom pom maker but you don't need that to make one. You can refer to youtube videos on how to make one, like this video here.
With the two long strings from making the pom pom, tie it to the end of a pipe cleaner or a wire (make sure you bend the ends so that it forms a loop for easier tying and it wont hurt anyone with the pointy parts). I've used a pipe cleaner in this case as the pipe cleaners are easier to bend than wires. You can glue the pom pom to the ends for better security.Wrap the reds around the pipe cleaner for a bit. Then use black yarn to wrap it over, make sure you cover all the red parts for the antenna. Pictures below.

TL;DR version:

  1. Make red pom pom.
  2. Tie and glue onto pipe cleaner/wire.
  3. Wrap extra red string from pom pom around the pipe cleaner/wire.
  4. Take black yarn and wrap over the red.
  5. Tie knots after wrapping for few cm.

Remember to stop half-way when you're making the head to insert this in

Use white yarn
R1: 6sc in MR (6)
R2: *inc (12)
R3: *sc, inc* (18)
R4: *2sc, inc* (24)
R5-7: *sc (24)
R8: 6sc, inc, inc by 3, inc, dec, [(FLO only for this part) 2inc], dec, inc, inc by 3, inc, 6sc (32)
R9: 6sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc, dec, [(FLO only for this part) 2sc], dec, inc, 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 6sc (36)
R10: 6sc, 5dec, sc, dec, sc, 5dec, 6sc (25)
R11: *3sc, dec* (20) *fixed on 29/11/15
R12: 8sc, 2dec, 8sc (18)
R13: *sc, dec* (12)
F/O and leave a long tail.

To make sure it doesn't drop out, I tied a knot with the pipe cleaner on the inside of the head. 

Use white yarn. Make 2.
R1: 4sc in MR (4)
R2: *sc, inc* (6)
R3: *sc, inc* (9)
R4: *2sc, inc* (12)

Use white yarn
Make a base first, then crochet the two legs in.

Base (you will work around the foundation chain)
3ch, sk 1ch, 2sc, 2sc at the opposite side (4)

-Update 17/Aug/16-
Adding in this diagram to have a better visualization of what I meant.

You will have 4 sc (as shown in the picture : 2sc from green highlight & 2sc from yellow highlight) from the base piece to work with. DO NOT F/O OFF! We're not done yet.

2sc on the base first.
Now, you will need to join the legs with this base piece.
Start sc around one piece of leg, you will need to sc around the whole 12 sc.
2sc on the base on the opposide side.
Start sc around the second piece of leg.
Now, the three parts will become one piece. There should be a total of (28) sc in this Round.

R6: *sc (28)
R7-8: 12sc, dec, 2inc, dec, 10sc (28)
R9: *5sc, dec* (24)
R10: *sc (24)
R11: *4sc, dec* (20)
R12: *sc (20)
R13: *3sc, dec* (16)
R14: *2sc, dec* (12)

Use white yarn. Make 2.
R1: 6sc in MR. (6)
R2-5: *sc (6)
R6: 3sc, ch1, turn (3)
R7: 2sc (2)

Use white yarn. Make 2.
R1: 3sc in MR. (3)
R2: *inc (6)
R3: *2sc, inc* (8)
R4: *2sc, dec* (6)

Use purple yarn. Make 2 for each part.
Part I
R1: sk 1ch, inc, 1ch, turn (2)
R2: sc, inc, 1ch, turn (3)
R3: inc, 2sc, 1ch, turn (4)
R4: 3sc, inc, 1ch, turn (5)
R5: inc, 4sc, 1ch, turn (6)
R6: 6sc, 7ch, turn (13)
R7: sk 1ch, 6sc on chain base, 6sc, 2ch, turn (12)
R8: dc, sc, *ss all the way till the end (12)

Part II
R1: sk 1ch, sc, 1ch, turn (1)
R2: inc, 1ch, turn  (2)
R3: *sc, 1ch, turn  (2)
R4: sc, inc, 1ch, turn (3)
R5: *sc, 1ch, turn (3)
R6: 2sc, inc, 1ch, turn (4)
R7: *sc, 2ch, turn (4)
R8: sk 1ch, ss, ss into first sc, ss along the other 3sc, 2ch, sk 1ch, ss, ss into the last sc.

Part III
R1: sk 1ch, inc, 1ch, turn (2)
R2: sc, inc, 1ch, turn (3)
R3: inc, 2sc, 1ch, turn (4)
R4: 3sc, inc, 1ch, turn (5)
R5: inc, 4sc, 1ch, turn (6)
R6: 5sc, inc, 1ch, turn (7)
R7: inc, 6sc, 1ch, turn (8)
R8: 4sc, 2hdc, dc, 2dc in the next sc (9)

Join wings to form a complete wing with the excess purple yarn for the pieces and the embroidery needle. Then I used a wire and shaped it to form the wing skeleton (as long as two wings). Insert it into the back and crocheted the top parts of the wings onto the wire.

Or you could just cut some felt cloth to form a wing. This is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy easier and it'll look nice too. I didn't have light purple cloth with me so I decided to crochet one out. It was a lot of work.

Sew the nose and eyes in with yarn or embroidery thread. I needle felted the ears, you could use felt cloth and glue them in too. As for the blush, I used real make-up blush for them.
As for the fluff on the neck, I cut a long string first as a base. Then bundle up around 5 shorter ones then tie it together onto the base. Did this for around 6-8 times. Brush the yarn out. Glued the bundled yarns to the base so it wont move around. Tied it on the neck and put more glue on it to tidy the shape. Sorry, this is the best way I can explain it without pictures. :S

So, there you go!

Let me know if I made a mistake in the pattern or I made a typo somewhere if it doesn't make any sense. I didn't proof-read them so there might be errors.
Thanks for reading!

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**Disclaimer: I do not own this character, this character solely belongs to Square Enix. This is purely a fan-based work and pattern by me. Please do not sell the finished product. Please credit me if you're using this pattern in any way. Thank you. 


  1. Thank you for making this pattern. I just finished making this today and I love it!!!