Cotswolds | Day 8 & 9

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Friday, 29 May 2015 
Dayum, these aristocrats... 

Visits | Blenheim Palace, Chipping Campden, Dovers Hill, Bourton on the Hill 
Eats| Horse & Groom

First visit of the day, Blenheim Palace where Winston Churchill was born and currently the home to Duke and Duchess of Marlborough. Yes, I just copied that from the brochure.

I wonder how it feels like to live somewhere where you are constantly visited by strangers from all over the world.
"I hope they don't break my Chinese Porcelain in the dining room"

Basically, the building is saying "I have my eyessss on you"
Visitors can only observe a small portion of the building and in all of them, lies many many items from Churchill era and also about his childhood, history, love lives, and what not. I also found out that Sir Winston Churchill once dated the grand-aunt of Drew Barrymore. Okay, not very useful information but it's just like a fun fact or something. I'm humoring you. 

Fountains is a must for aristocrats
and of course, must have a huge land where there should be nothing but trimmed grass.
Hahhhhhh, I can just sleep on this lawn all day and night to observe the sky.
The Duke and Duchess have a son and he's just 23 years old this year (same as me), so girls.. maybe it's time to learn how to seduce impress him and marry into the family. 

I have to say something regarding my....... my attire. I've lost all my fashion sense since I came here and my skin still doesn't like the cold weather. So, you'll see me wearing the same jacket again and again because it's the only coat that I have to protect me from the chilly weather. I'm wearing 4 layers everyday. Yes, four. I kid you not. 
Seriously though, I look very undesirable during these few months. Well, at least I don't encounter pesky guys hitting on me. HAHAHA. 

An interesting sculpture I've found in the palace chapel. Is this suppose to be a dragon + lion + bird + cow?

Massive organ with the fancy keys and buttons everywhere

Next, drove to Chipping Campden and started to climb toward Dovers Hill. It was raining a little that day.

Following the Cotswold Way

We saw a lot of snails on the way and was very careful on where we landed our feets.

And we reached the top!

Pictures do no justice to this place. Have to be experienced first-hand to understand the beauty of it all.

But the place is just covered in poops. Everywhere, I tell ye. 

Succeeded in the first try! My ah yi is a talented photographer. :D

The itinerary of the day
Went to the town centre to walk around and it seems like they were getting ready for some event. Turns out, the Olympicks was going on that very Friday! And it was on Dovers Hill. We saw the shops, props, trucks and all but we thought it was over because there were no people there. Turns out it was being held in the evening. We were too early. They have this very interesting competition called "shin-kicking"... I'll forever remember that word. It's the  most interesting word I've ever heard. To observe how they play the game, please go to and watch the video. It's a shame I couldn't witness them in real life. 

And then it hailed. During the end of Spring & the start of Summer. What is this sorcery???
Got out of the town and went to Bourton on the Hill for this very famous restaurant called Horse & Groom. We were lucky we went in early because more than half the place was reserved and there's only limited places left. They don't serve until 7pm. Since it was not time yet, we asked the waiter to save us a table and then walked around to kill some time.  


Dinner time!
Apple crumble with rhubarb and ice cream
The food was amazing (it is a bit pricey but understandable since the quality is superb and felt like fine dining)! No pictures (again) but it doesn't matter. Their menu changes according to the produce they got from the local farmers. Definitely the best English food I've ever had. :) Even the dessert are delicious. I'm so hooked up on the apple crumble and the ginger pudding they served. I need to find a similar recipe to try at home.

Friendly little horse
Since the sun is still up, we walked to a nearby farm because we ate a lot during dinner. At least we won't feel that guilty if we burn off some of those calories (but I doubt it's much). This young horse came running to a family who were walking in front of us and they fed them some of the grass. Then, we tried the same when they continued on. I think he/she is very clever, since there's not really that much grass to graze inside the area, he/she depended on passersby to feed him. Really cute. Even when we walked away, the horse was following us for awhile then. We spent like almost half an hour feeding him. LOL. It was just too much fun.

Yummy long grass

Till next time, dear foal.

Saturday, 30 May 2015 
Farmers' Markets are fun. Seriously. 

Visits | Naunton Market Place, Chipping Campden, Oxford 
Eats | Michael's Mediterranean, Four Season

When you are in the countryside, you don't have to worry about parking space. There's just ample of land and view for that.

Visiting the Naunton Market Place

Freshly picked strawberries!!! Yum yummsss

Craft shop!!!

Even saw handspun wool yarn in the making.
I'm a big yarn geek, this was so very interesting. 

I'm really very impressed again on the effort they put into everything. It's all about the packaging. I'm now inspired to make my own wall-painting and hand-painted plates. Lol. 

Stumbled upon this very cheeky shop when we were back in Chipping Camden for the event that day. The quotes are all very amusing. 
After the Olympicks was held on Dovers Hill yesterday, they have a more family-orientated event in the town centre with fun fairs, dance, parades, and pageant (I think?) going on.


Haven't been on one since forever. Hahaha
I have a thing for shooting.
Oh, sounds like a confession. LOL

Two-in-one door

Today, we're having greek for lunch!

Feel in love with Greek food instantaneously after the Mezze, sardines, and mussels. 

Traditional maypole dance by the childrens

The new "Queen" ceremony. 
Time to go back. But first, a quick stop at Oxford city for the prestigious colleges! I've also found out the the University of Oxford is not.. a normal university. As in, they don't teach scholars there. They only have exams and seminars. So, the students have to enrol in one of the courses in one of the many colleges there for classes and stuff then take the exam in the university. I never knew a university can work like this. So, if somebody said they are from the University of Oxford, the next question would be "which college?". Same goes for the University of Cambridge. 
It was already 5pm when we were there, so all of the colleges are closed and no visitors were allowed in. We could only observe from the outside.  

:PTrying to peek into the church which Harry Potter's dining hall scene was taken. I think there was a wedding taking place, so we couldn't go in either. This is a funny picture I have to say. Hahaha.

Sneak peak

The architecture of each of the colleges are really astonishing. I think it is very cool to study in a place like this. With the medieval looking buildings and all. Some how I can just picture the students in the old white Greek cloth and having a fruit and wine party somewhere. Lol. 

We're back in London City and for the big finale, we had a huge feast in Four Season. 

Lobster and noodle! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I'm going crazy even by looking at this picture. I miss it. 

Siew Yok and roasted duck

I iz a happy girl.
Thank you very much to my uncle and aunt. They are so very generous. If not for them, I could not have experience the magical world of England's countryside and all these wonderful food. Much love! 

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