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Sunday, 31 May 2015 
London at night, a whole new world.

Visits | Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Theater, (Night view) Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge
Eats | Royal China Bayswater, Princi Soho, Ducks and Waffles

Dim sum time!!
I miss dim sum! It was soooooooo goooooood. I kind of had an embarrassing moment though because I asked the waiter for some sweet sauce. In Malaysia, we usually eat it with chili sauce and sweet sauce but apparently, in the original version, the dim sum are eaten with chili sauce and chili oil. Hahaha, the waiter was like "What?? Sweet sauce?????? WAAAATTT?!". Just kidding, I'm exaggerating if you can't tell. 

After a satisfying brunch, time to walk it off! To the parks again, and this time, on foot. I haven't yet visited Buckingham Palace. 

The squirrels are totally not afraid of people. Especially when you have food in your hands. 

Ah! I can see her at last! 

The statue of Queen Victoria

The Mall, yes, it's the street's name. The road is closed off on Sunday to prevent vehicle from coming in. Except police car apparently.
I even got the chance to take the bus. The front seat of the upper deck was the best! 

Then, me and my ah yi rushed to Piccadilly Circus to catch a musical! Jersey Boys.  

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons actors 

Even though all the songs they sung are not familiar to me (except Can't Take my Eyes Off You and Beggin), I enjoyed the story and the rhythms. Very impressed again, how they put on the act on one stage and in 2 hours straight. 
Straight after the musical, I have to run off again to meet with a new friend I met during my Rome Trip. I know, what are the odds! We actually talked about meeting since like the beginning of my London Trip but only got to meet him on my last night there. I'm glad we did end up meeting because he showed me the night view around London and also recommended some really nice place to eat!

At Princi, Soho
Had Italian food for dinner! It is kind of funny since we knew each other in Rome, we had loads of Italian food there. Hahaha. But I did love the food in Princi! We randomly chose the food, and everything was so good. Love the pasta even though we didn't know what was inside. Haha! We just chose the weirdest sounding one. Italian food names aye. 

Selfie with Derrick

The empty Regent Street at night
Derrick said I was very lucky because apparently, they have some Magnum event during the daytime along Regent Street, that is why no transport are allowed along the street. So, the street was empty! I can even stand in the middle of the road without worrying my death.

Above the Piccadilly circus subway

I'm still not used to walking at night though. It is still scary to me even if I'm in London. Luckily I wasn't roaming around London street at night alone.

Moving on to Big Ben

London Eye

Then we took a bus to get to Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge look really different. 

This actually reminds me of Disney. Hahaha. If you see the similarity.

Treating ourselves with supper at Duck & Waffle

BBQ-Spiced Crispy Pig Ears.
My grandmother can do a better one though. :P

Of course, the signature dish is a must. Duck and waffle

Duck Egg En Cocotte. LOVE THIS. Because of the cheese and mushroom. 

And also witnessing the breath-taking bird's-eye view of London from the top of Heron Tower while eating
What a great way to end the last night in London. :)
Thanks Derrick! I'll return the favour when you come to Malaysia for a visit! 


Monday, 1 June 2015 
Time to go back.

Visits | Museums in South Kensington
Eats | Le Pain Quotidien

I didn't do much on my flight day. I just revisited Natural History Museum (only 15 mins then got out) and V&A Museum (which I spent like 2 hours in. I love it there). As for lunch, I had Le Pain Quotidien (originated from Belgium). They exist in a lot of country but not Malaysia, and I heard they have really pastry. I had to try. 

Juice and Hot chocolate

Le Petit Dejeuner 
I still remember some of my French. Petit Dejeuner is breakfast. Direct translation "small lunch". Kind of surprised because they served me more food than I expected. I just thought I will have a croissant and a hot chocolate but I got orange juice and a basket of other bread as well. I even ordered sweet potato hummus (which was served again with more bread) which wasn't really necessary for me to order if I had so much in my Petit Dejeuner set. Hahaha. I ended up having a very full tummy. Should have read the menu more carefully. 
Anyway, I'm definitely coming back again when in Belgium!. 
Maybe I should start a Le Pain Quotidien in Malaysia, since I love bread so much. I wonder.....

I was really scared that I might miss my flight because I thought the journey on the coach would take me an hour, but it took around 2 hours instead, First, because the online timetable was not accurate, so I had to take the next coach, which I had to wait for another 30 mins. Second, the coach was slow (it was predicted that it is an hour journey, but no). *Random fact, you have to wear seat belt while on a coach, it is a law* I reached the airport in time though, and early too. The flight was delayed.... Sigh.. I even forget to get my passport checked so I didn't have a stamp but the flight attendant was lenient and let me pass. It is so confusing, why don't they just make the visa check counter a must? Instead, I have to find it somewhere else.. Sigh, but I'm glad I could get on the flight. 
And since the flight was delayed for an hour, there was no train or bus I could take. I can only take a taxi and I had to burn a hole in my pocket. Instead of paying 10 Euro for public transport, I had to fork out 72 Euros. *Cry* Very tempted to stay in the airport until 6am.. Should have did that if only I knew I would skip the class next day. :( Oh well, what was done has been done. *rant rant rant complain complain complain*

As for London, I hope I will see you again! There's still plenty of place that I haven't visited, plenty of things I haven't seen and also plenty of food I've yet eaten. Fufufu.. Till next time!



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