Amigurumi Pattern | Winnie The Pooh


2.75mm hook (or any hook size that suits your yarn)
Minlon acrylic yarn (or any sport yarn)
Black embroidery thread
Embroidery needle


Crochet Pattern

ch - chain
sk - skip stitch
ss - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
inc - increase
dec - decrease
* or * * - repeat following pattern until row ends
* * xA - repeat instr inside for A times
MR - Magic ring
F/O - finish off

*Some basic explanation for the pattern I have written 
"inc" means sc x2 in the next sc
"inc by 3" means sc x3 in the next sc
"2sc" means sc x1 in the next sc, repeat 2x
"2inc" means sc x2 in the next sc, repeat 2x

Use #yellow
R1: 6sc in MR (6)
R2: *inc (12)
R3: *sc, inc* (18)
R4: *2sc, inc* (24)
R5-8: *sc (24) 
R9: *2sc, dec* (18)
R10:  *sc (18)
R11: *sc, dec* (12)
R12: *sc (12)
F/O and leave a long tail for sewing.

Use #red
I didn't really note down how I did the shirt. I just simply make a base chain stitch and measure it around the body tightly making sure it's snug and not too big. Then when I'm satisfied with it, I ss into the first chain to make a loop. Then, sc for 3 rounds and F/O. Use embroidery needle to tuck in the ends into the shirt.

Use #yellow
R1: 6sc in MR (6)
R2: *inc (12)
R3: *sc, inc* (18)
R4-7: *sc (18)
R8: 2sc, inc, *inc by 3*x2, inc, 2sc, inc, 8sc, inc (26) 
R9: *dec (13)
R10:  *dec*x6, ss (7)
You'll notice that the head will have a small pointy shape coming out. That is the front side and the pointy thing will be the nose! Embroider the nose into R8/R9.

Use #yellow
R1: 4sc in MR (4)
R2: sc, inc, sc, inc (6)
F/O and leave a long tail for sewing.

Start with #yellow
R1: 4sc in MR (4)
R2: *sc (4)
change to #red
R3-5: *sc (4)
F/O and leave a long tail for sewing.

Use #yellow
I've use a different technique to do the feet. So, to better understand how I did it, I decided to upload a chart. It can be quite tricky to do it with just the written instructions. Hopefully this will help.

Base: 4ch
Start R1 in the 2nd ch
R1: 3sc, 1ch. Turn.
R2: 3sc, continue 3sc at the other side of the base
R3: start 2sc at the beginning of R2 sc, dec the 3rd and 4th sc of R2, continue 2sc.
F/O and leave a long tail for sewing.


How to Assemble 
It's pretty simple. Basically just stitch everything together! Nothing special about it. Just make sure the pooh has it's shirt on before you connect the head and arms. I even stitch the shirt in place when I was stitching the arms into the body so that it doesn't move around.
To make sure you really like the placement of the parts, use pins to arrange and secure them to the body before you stitch them in place.
Finally, use black embroidery thread to add in the finishing touches that is the facial features.


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**Disclaimer: I do not own this character, this character solely belongs to Disney. This is purely a fan-based work and pattern by me. Please do not sell the finished product. Please credit me if you're using this pattern in any way. Thank you. 


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