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Transportation | Bus | Bicycle 

1 trip Ticket - 1.30€ per person per ride (bought at a convenience store)
1 day Ticket - 5€ per person per day 
In my opinion, you do not need to buy the day ticket as Bruges is very walkable and better to experience the city on bicycle if you want to see more. Only take the bus to get to your hostel/hotel. 

Rent by hour or day - 5~8€
There's a lot of bike rental shops in Bruges, so you might have to find the best option yourself (although I think it's all the same). Try asking your hotel/hostel whether if they provide this service.  

Useful App (iOS) | Ulmon (Offline map 

What to eat! | Chocolates, waffles or Frites (hot fries with mayo)

Info added are found in official website and is true as of July 2015, please check the official website again to make sure the information you have is the updated one!

image Recommended place to eat 
image Recommended place to visit
image Find the compilation of tips I have to offer at the end of this blog posts! 

At the train station 

Stay Snuffel Hostel
The hostel has recently moved but they are still on the same street. The rooms are very new and spacious but empty. I'm not sure if this applies to all the rooms but the one we were assigned to on the ground floor has no shower room in tact but there is a small toilet next to our room. We had to go up to the 1st floor's public shower room and it wasn't very pleasant. The room was very stuffy (during summer) as there is no fan and the window has only very small slits to let the wind in. Though the designs of the rooms are very trendy, unfortunately, not a comfortable place to stay in.
Backpackers might have a different opinion of this place as at night, the hostel becomes a social gathering place.  

random canal near the hostel

The famous Bruges photo

And this is my Google Auto-Awesoome version. Google is so smart some times

image Rozenhoedkaai
Truly the most popular place for photo-taking. If you search Bruges on Google images, most of the pictures shown are usually taken from this area. It is also recommended to come to this place after the sun sets as the view gets better.

Visitors could of course climb up this bell tower for a fee to enjoy a panoramic view of the city (but you have to go through a total of 366 steps first).

Provinciaal Hof
Colorful houses of Bruges
Grote Markt
Some views we got on camera around the market place where the Belfry of Bruges is situated in.

Museum entry package! We got the Choco-Story + Frietmuseum Combi. It's much cheaper this way. 

Choco demo! 

This museum was very interesting. Not only there are free chocolates for visitors, we learnt a lot about how cocoa was founded and how chocolate was then made. There is also a demo as to how Belgian chocolate are made by hand, we also get to test them out as well!
I also bought the original kakao (the Mayan/Aztec version, which was made with chili) to try as I was curious about the taste when I read the ingredients list. Surprisingly, I like it very much!

If you're wondering why french fries are called "French fries" instead of "Belgian fries", you might be interested to come here to read about it. I'm not giving any spoilers.

Stopped by at this place for tea time to enjoy their famous waffles. Waffles were super crunchy but a bit tad expensive. My companions weren't too happy about me blowing our budget though. LOL. But in my honest opinion, I liked the waffles very much.

Both of us rented bicycles to cycled to Damme (around 12km back and forth) and also to explore more of Bruges. Definitely a fun activity to try out while in Bruges. 

image The Damme Canal
The view and the atmosphere of the impressive long canal was pretty amazing. Definitely one of the must-do when visiting Bruges. Don't judge this place by the picture I have above! It felt very different when experiencing it in person.

also known as the Lake of Love. Not sure why they call it a "romantic" place. Maybe it's not our thing. Hahaha. 

I feel so sad right now because I had some picturesque photos taken at this place but it is all gone now. *Cry a river*. Anyway, this place houses a semi-monastic community of women called Beguines, religious women who sought to serve God without retiring from the world. Visitors are to be respectful so there is no cycling allowed or noise-making in the area.

The street of Bruges
Stopping by here and there during our bicycle trip

Tai chi spotted! 

at Koningin Astridpark

outside of Gruuthusemuseum

Had our dinner here. This place was introduced by the owner of the bicycle rental place that we rented from. Since it was recommended by one of the locals, we were assured that we were in good hands. Food was absolutely on point. *double thumbs up*

image Joey's Bruges Travel Tips!

  1. Buy bus ticket beforehand. It is cheaper to buy from a convenience shop than buying it on the bus. 
  2. Cycle and walk everywhere! It's the best way to explore the whole city. 

Places I think worth visiting!

Attractions and recommended places to eat

Choco-Story (Museum)
The Damme Canal
Begijnhof (Beguinage)

Le Pain Quotidien 
Humpty Dumpty Tea-room
't Lammetje

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