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This is going to be my master post list for my Japan Kansai Autumn 2017 Itinerary (man, that is a mouthful). I still have not figure out how I am going to write them yet but I don't think I'm going to push them all in one post. Most probably will split them up according to the timeline. So, I'll be linking up the detailed ones in this master post. I am also planning to make a bonus post about what to buy in Japan (snacks and souvenirs ideas). Personally tried and tested by yours truly, and also might be biased because I'll be recommending the things that me or my family likes. I thought it would be useful because I have also no idea what to buy before I went there. Tried to google for "what to buy in Japan" and a whole load of drugstore items came up which is not what I had in mind.

I personally planned everything for our Japan trip. So, what I like to do is research about the city that I want to go then go in details about each point of interest and then only decide if I want to go or not. But no definite day on where to go because I wanted to make it flexible. I have also prepared some maps on google, marking interesting places, filling in details like opening hours or what to especially look out for at those area. I don't go to everything I marked of course, so I'll leave them for future trips.


// Breakdown of expenses //

$ = SGD

-- essentials --
AirAsiaX return flight (KL - Kansai airport) // RM1369, ~456$ per person **including 20kg check in baggage
Airbnb Kyoto 4 nights // 267.82$, ~22.32$ per person per night
Airbnb Osaka 6 nights // 336.72$, ~18.71$ per person per night
Japan Wireless PocketWifi // 6950yen, ~82$ for 10 days

We also changed 1000$ per person to yen to be used there.
So I could say that we roughly used around 2000$ per person in total for our Japan 11 days trip. We mostly spent on food and buying snacks/souvenirs. That includes:

-- optional --
Gion Nanba Kaiseki // 8000yen, ~ 96$ per person
Universal Studios Japan // 7600yen, ~90$ per person
USJ Express Pass // 11478yen, 138$ per person
Kobe beef // 30000yen, 360$ for 3 person

-Edit end-

So, this is the breakdown of my itinerary. I'll also link the blog post when they are up (please click on the "Day X" to go to individual post).

/ Touch down
/ Buy passes from Tourist Info Centre at Airport
/ Go to Kyoto from Kansai Airport
/ Settle down in our AirBnb

/ Fushimi Inari Taisha
/ Nishiki Market
/ Ninenzaka & Sannenzaka
/ Kiyomizu-dera 
/ Gion Corner - performance
/ Gion Nanba - Kaiseki dinner

/ Arashiyama
/ Iwatayama Monkey Park
/ Owl forest zoo
/ Bamboo Grove
/ Okochi Sanso Garden
/ Gion for dinner
/ Eikan-dō Zenrin-ji Night Illumination

/ Kibune town
/ Kifune Shrine
/ Random walk in Japanese neighborhood

/ Nara park 
/ Todaiji
/ 水谷茶屋 (teahouse serving sweets)

/ Kaiyukan
/ Namba

/ Kongobuji
/ Kondo Hall
/ Daimon Gate
/ Okunoin
/ Torodo Lantern Hall
/ Shinsaibashi for dinner

/ Arima town and Onsen
/ Kobe beef

/ Universal Studio Japan

/ Kuromon Ichiba Market
/ Nipponbashi
/ MEGA Don Quijote Shinsekai

Joey's Maps
Kyoto // Osaka // Nara // Kobe // Koyasan

Honestly, if you ask me. I think I have only covered like 20 percent of what I want to see. There's just too much to see but so little time. Actually in the beginning I was planning to see more places so I kind of rush everyone to be fast but in the end I just went with the flow. I don't want to stress myself or my family too much. I mean it's meant to be a vacation so might as well enjoy most of it rather than be upset about what we missed. There's always a next time! And now we also know better on where to get the good things with good prices too. Teehee. Alright, now to filter out and edit the photos!

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