Ça va tres bien!

At first I thought I would write like 26374858 posts of my days that I've missed recording it down here but then I though.. "Nahhhhhh... Kill me." because that would take a century of donkey years for me to finish it. So I'm mushing it all up here. Short and not long-winded. Because I have less words to say today, I'm pissed off right now goddamnit. But I will retain my greatest mood right here right now... for a short period of time.

For the past month, I...

Met my long lost god parents, whom I never saw from Form 3 till now. We weren't close because they moved out of town when I was a wee-little-kid.

Went rollerblading at some deserted place @ Subang Avenue.
Spot our matching outfit for the day, we didn't plan beforehand to wear a black tee and red jeans at all. It's just super coincidence! Great minds do think alike. Hahaha!

Stomached many yummy yummy foods. 

Had a fun karaoke session with just 4 people.

Learnt to make food,dessert and some crafty things.

Harbouring a deadly grudge for this person who, once in awhile, can be a pain (an excruciating one) in the *ss and then somehow, surprisingly, can further evolve into a pain in the whole f*cking universe's *ss. But still, I cannot stand spending a day without him in my life. 
Oh, how ridiculous is this love-hate relationship of ours

Impromptu BBQ session with the old guys. Ivan's chicken wing, Xm's tomyam(i think?) fish, Soon En's roasted sweet potato, and Pwen's marshmellow-y marshmallows are on the menu! Lol. 

And this was yesterday. Dinner at Plan B and then second round at Murni, because.. I rather not say, it's quite tedious to tell the story.

And ate this much yesterday. Four person, 2 main course, a appetizer, a soup, a salad and a dessert. 
Was meant for 6 people, but like I said, looooooooooooooooong story short, we ate them all and we were SO full. 

And now, that's it for today. I have to get my beauty sleep. Haven't been sleeping very well for the past 2 nights. Yikes. Goodnight! 
It's Thursday tomorrow! Hurrah! It's like my TGIF but I have two of them. Maybe I can say TGIT instead, because my Friday I haz noz clazz. Ties! Tres bien! Oh yeah, I'm so obsessed with French since I'm taking a class this semester. Lol. Excuse moi. 
Oh, shut up you French wannabe


  1. it looks like you had lots of fun and food!! cheers.. xoxo

  2. I did! Hey, thanks for stopping by again. :)