19/4/14 PikNik & Budan's Brew, Georgetown

It's time for a PikNik! 
Yes, you heard me! A piknik, not a picnic! 

Weekend cafe hunting trip with ze interns. Today, we visit one of the more well-known place to be in town. PikNik offers a very playful surrounding as you can see here. 

It's like a fusion of cute hipster doodles + asian vintage styled home deco.

They even have these for the customers to occupy themselves with. Mostly consist of some random magazine or books (which I have no idea what genre those belongs to because I wasn't paying attention). Saikin found a "Lao Fu Zi" comic book in this pile of "treasure" too. They also have a few sets of Jenga, which you can see, is thoroughly abused with inks and also some notebooks which are overall occupied by doodles by some of the over-creative customers. But frankly, they are quite entertaining to see and read. 

Awesome graffiti that caught my attention. Simply loving the sketch. 

If you're feeling silly like us, you can play around with the "mobile black chat boxes" like us too. 

Passion Fruit Yogurt, RM9
Yummylicious yogurt-y sour and sweet drink. Felt absolutely refreshed after a few sips from this. I almost finished my drink before my food was served!

Waffle Bacon, RM12
The highlight of this place is the waffle because they serve it with bacon/beef patty/salmon instead of ice cream and chocolate drizzles! They look perfect for a hearty breakfast ya? The waffle was quite thick and a little soggy as well but overall, I guess it was okay for me. At least it's something different.

Bolognese Cheese Bake, RM15
The portion was quite small but I think it would be no problem for a girl to finish this. If you're a guy and you have a big appetite, trust me, this wouldn't be enough for you. Taste-wise, mediocre for me. 

Rating | 7/10
We actually came here twice. The first time we got here for dinner, the whole place was packed with people and we had to wait for our seats so we didn't. We went for another place instead. So, if you plan to come here, be sure to come earlier to snatch a place of your own! I would suggest coming here at around 5.30pm - 6pm will be better. I really like the playful concept the place has, the decos I mean. As for the food, I think you won't find another place serving waffles with buttery scrambled egg and bacon. Can give it a try if you haven't. 

Phone | 
Opening hours | 

As for our.. I guess you can say it's our supper tea-time, went to Budan's Brew. Heard it was quite a happening place but...

It was a Saturday night, and the place was simply just too quiet. 

The huge blackboard menu at the cashier. 

Caramel Macchiato, RM9
Not a coffee drinker, so no comment. If I recall what my friend said, I think he just say it's normal. Sorry, not much comment on this drink.

Iced Chocolate, RM9.50
The drink does look nice but when I drank it, it was tasteless. If you prefer a non-sweet or simply just a milk drink with some hint of chocolate, maybe you'll like it. 

Greentea Latte, RM10
I love the presentation of the latte but taste-wise, it was simply too bitter for me and very powdery. I literally felt the powder in my mouth. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad since this means that they were really generous on the green tea powder but I guess it was simply too strong for me. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing?

Shepherd's Pie, RM9.90
A very small shepherd's pie. No comment, just normal. 

*No picture taken*
I wonder why I didn't take the picture but I'll write a comment anyway.
Cheese Cake, RM10
The cheesecake was just TOO sweet and the texture was quite hard. I didn't like it. 

Rating | 3/10
The place doesn't feel very comfortable but if you want to study, I guess it's a good place to do so since it's so quiet and the cafe is very well-lit. I personally didn't like the drink and the cake that I ordered so... that explains my rating. There's plenty of room to improve though. 

I've searched online for Budan's Brew, and it seems like they have pretty high rating. As for me, I'm giving a pretty low rating. But mostly all the high rating came from their breakfast menu which I didn't get to eat. So, I'll explain that I went there for tea time during late evening and the place was empty. Just simply not a good place for dessert. That's it. 

2, Lorong Argus 
10200 Pinang George Town, 
Pulau PinangPhone | 04-261 3930
Opening hours | Sunday to Thursday 8.30am - 7pm
Friday & Saturday 8.30am - 11pm

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