7/10/15 | Graduate photo, Aiden's Birthday

Of course, it is....

I'm typing this in the office.. and I am a little nervous because I'm afraid that my other colleagues will come swooping in and check out what I have on my laptop screen... Lol. Oh well.. I have to make this a quick one. 
So, for the past week and also this one, I have been surviving on a very old XiaoMi phone (as my iPhone is still... broken), and my office laptop has restrictions on it.. And I don't have a laptop bag yet, so I am lazy to bring it home. So, now I have to do this in the office. Fellow colleagues, if somehow you are reading this, please don't report me. Thank you. 

Of course, it is mandatory to go for a photo-shooting session with Die Familie with my graduation coat on. I don't know why, but everyone does it. At least the Asian family does. Then when we are done, we print out a great big picture to hang on the wall. 
Although, we looked overly-photoshop-ed.... I don't even know if is it me in the photos. 

This blardy hell photo session costed us like RM400 (or 500, I don't remember) and they only let us have 1 big printed photo with photo frame, 5 4R photos, and 5 soft-copy pictures out of all the 100++ we have taken. And if we want an extra one need to pay an extra RM120 per softcopy photo. Specifically soft-copy ONLY. Maybe being a photographer ain't that bad after all, considering the amount they charged us. 

Happy First Birthday Aiden!
Well, technically, he is not yet 1 year old. Birthday is still few days away (10 Oct) but his mama held an early birthday party for him. I traveled 500km just to attend his birthday celebration, else his mama is going to kill me and skin me alive. 

With Mama Liz, Ann, Isabelle, and Aiden (who is very reluctant to have his picture taken) 

Actually, no run for a reason... and it's haze

The long awaited Standard Chartered run was cancelled, thanks to the haze situation. Hopefully the haze will be under control as soon as possible. I ain't running for awhile now. But I am a bit relieved because it's been awhile since I have ran more than 5km in a session. Lol. 

Okay, got to go now. Going to learn some C#. Only nerds would understand what I am saying. 


  1. congrats on your graduation! funny how asian families do the graduation photo thing now what you mentioned it XD
    my dad still goes hiking in Bukit Mertajam lol.. but with a M95 mask on

    1. Thanks Sydney! I know right? It's somewhat like a tradition to show off to relatives when they visit. hahahaha! Wow, ur dad is really something, n95 so hard to breathe can still go hiking. But still, it's better to avoid physical exertion when it's bad out there, health is important!