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Mainly triggered because I am reading Anne Frank's diary and it inspired me to do so. I'm only 10% through the book and it's very very intriguing.

This blog was supposed to be my confidante during my middle school years. Yes, despite it being a public domain, it is. That is why so much drama happened during puberty. HAH. So many years later, the definition of blog has drastically changed.

I don't know why I felt like I should explain this to everyone. My gosh, I keep forgetting this is my blog. Not a newspaper.

Mainly using this for travel posts and some random thoughts. Thinking of starting a daily (okay, not really, maybe weekly?) journal-ing. About whatever I am doing. Wait, I think I've gone through this phase before. To decide whether or not I want to keep a journal publicly or privately. Well, I tried this app that I paid 2.99$ and I only used it for 2 weeks. It is compact and mobile. But something is off when I am typing on my phone for a long ass post thing. I felt like a keyboard is a must for loooooong ass rant and looooooong ass descriptions. Although yes, I can pour anything out there including my deepest darkest and dirtiest secret but I have to restrain myself here. Oh, trust me, I am restraining a lot alright.  I guess I am gonna sit tight and hope nobody reads my very private diary-ish post here. Really, my life isn't that interesting. I just want to make it that way by writing all my mundane activities.

"When you have no friends to rant to, and you are reduced to ranting to a dead thing" - Joey, 2017. 

Actually, I don't really even like the idea to ping my friends and start to rant about my everyday life. Come on, people have a life to live and they have their own problems. Unless I am very depressed and I just have to. I know I can rely on a few close ones. But for other matters, let's just leave that for the times that we meet in real life. And probably only the major rants, not stupid little petty things. 

How's work? I've been waiting for work for months. Since January to be precise. There's plans but then the plans went into the drain. More plans came and I'm reduced to nonchalant internet surfing, online shopping, and blog writing in the office. Coming in at 8am, leaving at 5pm sharp. I am suppose to self-study on some topics, but I am always not good with self-studying if it bores me to death. Plus, I think some of it is pointless anyway, because I am not doing any hands-on, so I'll soon forget after a month or two. Imagine this, I have been asked to study OOO last July, and until today May 2017, I haven't have a single opportunity to hear that OOO being used in my work tasks. Pointless, yes? Trainings? Oh gosh, haven't had the inkling of what they are saying. And again, not using it. Told it to my supervisor, better to not bother about arranging training for me if I am not going to touch the topic in the near future. It's just a waste of resources. I can't be more specific since its a bit P&C and I might get in trouble if the workplace decided to scan my profile on the internet before deciding if I am fit to be hired. Does that even happen in real life I wonder? Or maybe it's just too much TV. But I think that's enough about my work. Hoping a big change finally next month. 

ON to a more happy topic. I've been so into knitting lately. Made a few garments already. Although one of my latest creation was a bit too big for me. 

That's 2 months of wasted effort. I'm just going to give them to somebody who can wear it. Maybe my grandma. Gauge is very important ladies, I learnt it the hard way. Even though some times it's a bit tricky. I followed the smallest size pattern, and turns out I'm knitting for an XL body. Gauge gauge gauge. I have already bought more yarns for this, gonna make another one, this time, using the correct size needle!

A quicky project I made, the Kit Kat hat. Something that I can wear if I go to anywhere that's chilly, perfect for a cat lady. It only took me like what.. 4-5 hours to complete this. Or maybe it's a lot less, since I was basically watching TV drama while I work and when I knit, I tend to do something else in the middle of it. Minus the distraction, I think it could be safe to say I used 3 hours of productive hour to make it. RM16 for a ball, for me it's dirt cheap, it's wool!
If you're wondering, I usually buy my yarn online here. Some times, it's a bit frustrating that the colour of yarn I want is sold out, but they are selling the yarns at a pretty decent price considering the market is quite niche in Malaysia. They mostly sell their own brand of yarn. 

Is this my first time posting somebody about my body? I am not sure. Guys, I know I've been gaining some pounds for a good one year. Laziness is probably my biggest enemy. Or maybe it's food. I think it's safe to say, food is my BIGGEST enemy, not laziness (he's second, but don't tell him that. Else he'll try to fight for the #1 spot). 
But last month, I decided to give piit28 a go. Yes, I did pay for the plans. I thought it's something equivalent to paying for the gym, except it's much cheaper. I thought that if I paid my hard-earned money for something, I would follow it thoroughly. I did... for the first 3 days. HAH. Probably dedication is not my best forte. But I did eat clean for... 3 weeks (3 days in between for cheat meals since some times I go out). Eliminated all dairy, wheat, grain, and unhealthy sugar. Exercised 3 times a week (minimum). After 3 weeks, the results can already be seen even though I cheated a lot. 
Or maybe I'm cheating you by taking pictures from a very deceiving angle. Unfortunately I let myself go crazy last weekend, I consumed most of the calories back (I hereby curse the existence of delicious Hong Kong Dim sum, cheesecake, and Garrett's popcorn'). 1 day can ruin a 3 weeks worth of hard work. Guilty. Okay, probably a good idea to get back on track. Currently, I am eating 5 meals a day, I get hungry pretty fast.  

20.05.17 | Art Science Museum X Punggol Park 

Time for some artsy fartsy stuff that nobody actually really understand. Admit it, because I have already done so. We went to 2 exhibitions that day because I thought it was interesting: Human+ & The Universe and Art. Saw a few interesting things and beautiful sculptures. Some photos of the artist went through a surgery to put an artificial ear into his arm for God knows why, maybe to prove he has an aesthetic sense. Then a guy who planted an antenna on his head/brain and claim he could sense colour through it. A girl who said her cyborg hand has the ability to sense seismic waves before it hits. Then these two were fighting for their "cyborg rights" in the UK and the guy actually won a recognition of being an official cyborg. Neil Harbisson, go figure. What I think? Just human trying very hard to be different from each other and to express themselves in the most wackiest way possible. 

Seriously, you can see a lot of wacko things in an exhibition. Or maybe it's just there to provoke your thought for certain things that seems far from reality because of the insanity of it. Oh well, insanity is what mostly fuels the world, me thinks. Therefore the existence of war, Nazi, and Trump. I might be going a bit political there. 

At night, we had a walk and even cycled at Punggol Park. Me, XM, Liling, and Choy. Then we went for dinner to meet with Soon En and a mini food-hunt together. I really should start my obsessive habit of taking pictures of food before eating them again. Else, I have nothing to show here, really. 

Update about my cats. Have been getting naughtier and also more affectionate these days. Bianca has this new found confidence to climb onto our back whenever she saw the opportunity to. She's trying to get her toy in this picture. At other times, she'll climb on my back when I clean their litter box or trying to wash my face at the toilet basin. Sneaky girl. Grey is Grey, getting bigger again. Tummy is getting bigger even though both of them are eating lesser. Grey has a newfound hobby on waking me up. He used to do that for food but we bought an auto-feeder recently to feed them in the early morning. He will still sneak up onto my face after I snooze my alarm. Then he'll stare at me up close and meow. Both of them gives me little kisses in the morning and when I come back after my work. They do this nose to mouth thing. It's either that or they are just sniffing my mouth for the heck of it. Lol. My babies.
Okay, enough fawning over my cats now. 

Gonna get back to work. Ciao!

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