Sept '17

// Today's post features //
an *almost* visit to Yayoi Kusama exhibition in Singapore
flower dome x Lok&June
steak party
darts, my new found talent
Bianca & Grey
girls weekend
terrace house x Lauren Tsai
drunk man outside my house
photos around Singapore x snow app
some random shits in between
and a lot selfies recently

Clever and impulsive me decided to go to the Yayoi Kusama's exhibition on the last weekend in Singapore. I must be crazy to do that because the queue was 2 hours long, just to get the ticket and that is not the end of the queue yet. You still have to queue up to ENTER the exhibition, which is another 1-2 hours. 
Knowing it was a hellavu wait, I gave up. Since we were there, it was a bit dumb to actually go back home empty handed. So, we went on ahead into the museum for the other free exhibitions. 

lacquer painting, I'm very sure this is done by an engineer

Impressive wall lacquer piece. I want this in my future home. 
Of course, not as exciting as the Yayoi's exhibition but we spend a good 2 hours there walking around.


Got a free entrance to the Flower Dome in Gardens By The Bay, all thanks to June's brother. *Thanks again! I doubt he'll be reading this but I just felt it's more polite to at least type it down* It was my first time in the Flower Dome and it was pretty impressive. I've been to Gardens by the Bay but just the free admission part of the place. Never paid to go in to some other special section. Now, I know the difference.
There was a humongous pumpkin uncle in the middle and some special pumpkin fest going on but we didn't take his picture because we thought it was kind of creepy. So yeah. I'm not gonna give you nightmares. However, you could see his back from the picture above. That's about it. 

me and my matching daisy dress

It's not a dragon but a wyvern. Awestrucked by this. I mean buidling a wyvern with woods??
James Doran is a genius. Be sure to check out his other works!

We also went to do some roller blading at East Coast Park before we went to Night Safari Zoo. After that we went on a mini food hunt at Udders and Ming Fa Fishball noodles (awesome bak chor mee) at Upper Thomson Rd. It was a long long day but a productive one. 


On a quest to find a new sneakers. I got my eyes on this new Adidas EQT Racing ADV Shoes and also this New Balance (in the picture above) one. Unfortunately EQT cutting is not a good fit to my feet and the whole black New Balance seems a bit odd on my feet. The quest to find the perfect sneakers has not ended yet. I'm also aiming for ultraboost (because it's effin comfortable but also it will burn a hole into my wallet), but I'll have to think about it. 

And here are some random selfies when I have nothing better to do on my weekend. I was playing around with make up again and Snow app. All the imperfections gone with one camera app. Lol. I'm just in denial of all my imperfections that comes with aging. I still can't believe I'm 25 this year. I mean... I feel like I've just left university not long ago. I want to be a young adult forever! 

Anyway, I've been studying Japanese recently. I even bought two exercise books *dedication*. I have downloaded the pdf for Japanese for Busy People I, but for the life of me, I cannot find the audio file anywhere online. So, I ended up buying Japanese from Zero! since it was recommended by PewDiePie or Marzia in one of their videos. Actually I bought 2 books, vol. I and II.
I was hoping for an audio CD but unfortunately, there's none. Though the books are quite thick with 250++ pages. Vol. I progressively teaches hiragana and there's a lot of romaji too. Vol II teaches katakana. I already know hiragana, so it's not really helping much. I am also learning katakana but it's still a bit hard for me to read them. I'm already half way through the first book. The writing hiragana part is not that much of a help for me but the grammar part is very good. It's easy to understand but I guess it's super beginner level. It's good to learn them as a basic I guess. 


Cooking dinner at my place

By Jason Ng. Lol.

We had a steak party the other night before Jason flies off to Malaysia for his long business trip. This is the second time we cooked that much steak in our place. We thought the result would be better on the second try, unfortunately, all the beef steak was over-seasoned. Too much salt. I felt like I've been drinking 3L of water in under one hour. HAHA. Super satisfied with the sauteed mushroom and onion though.

And I got too carried away with Snow app again. It's so fun though. I can laugh for quite long with this app on hand. Hahaha. 


Went out for a dinner with a friend and discovered maybe the best pork knuckle vinegar in Singapore. Authentic Mun Chee Kee King of Pig's Organ Soup, try it out if you can. Although the pig organ soup is still okay. I prefer the one at another branch. 
My friend took be to throw dart after. I can't remember how long was it that I have threw my last dart. Probably around 5 years maybe. I don't remember but I guess it was during my university years. I have no idea how to aim, I only know how to throw. Anyone would. 
Some miracle happened. Yes, I threw all 3 darts in the picture above. No, only two actually hit bulls eye. One of it was a bit out. Believe it. I was shocked, my friend was even amazed by it. It's just pure luck. Or maybe I was possessed by some pro dart thrower idk. But it only happened for that one round. I didn't manage to hit bulls eye anymore I think after that. HAHAHA. Gosh, I surprised myself some times. 

Here's a random picture of Bianca sitting in a box.

Here's a random picture of me smushing Grey
How do I tell them apart? All I can say is "a mother knows". Haha. I always get that question. 


Took an evening bus back to Malaysia on a Friday. Went straight for dinner and pool with some friends that I have long seen. It does bring back memories. I miss those times where I have more friends to hang out with whenever. *Sad*. Went home late and slept around 4am and had to wake up early the next day for renewing my license. It was expired last year, I didn't realize that until a few months ago. But I was rarely driving in Malaysia anyway.. but still.

First time taking a grab ride in Malaysia. Uncle was looking at the rear mirror when I tried to take selfies. Haha. Or I am just being sensitive.
After that, met up with my hommies. 

Selfie craze with Snow app again. Met up with Aleena, Jo Ann and Liz (who drove all the way from Teluk Intan). Have been planning for a meet up and finally we did it!

Went to Ahroy Thai Cuisine near Cheras cause it was recommended. It's really very very good. Prefer the soup from the squid dish rather than the tom yam soup though. Lemongrass salad is super but Pad Thai is below average. 

Obligatory photo from Empire Damansara visit
We didn't know where to go actually for dessert. So, we were just spending time at Aleena's home before lunch to think about where to go and so. Since KL and Selangor is so big but also we don't want to drive so far. We ended up going to HarajuCube for dessert because the post on Instagram looks amazing. Then went to MidValley to do some shopping before going to our AirBnB.

This toast is very photogenic (hah). By the time everyone is done with photographing it, the ice cream was already melting away. Haha. Green tea was super bitter, but I think it's perfect when eaten with the toast and honey. 

And yeah, a hell load of selfies. Actually not that much. I think I posted about 80% of it already here in this post. But yeah. 
Thanks for the weekend babes. Although I only got like 2 hours of sleep, we talked a lot, maybe learn a little more about myself which I didn't know, and also made me think about the future. I know I am hopeless but I hope I can sort my shit out as best as I can. 


If you've watch Terrace House Aloha State, you'll know who this is. If you don't, well, you're missing out. Lauren Tsai! My crush of the moment. HAH. She's very interesting, she's only 19 but is already making a name for herself in the model and art industry. What am I doing with my life. 
Love her face, look, style, art and personality (a little awkward like me, or I like to think so). 


I finished my Muay Thai trial classes last month, and I got myself some "souvenirs". This is what you get for not kicking with the correct part of your leg. It is hard to aim, I have to say and it's damn painful hitting the sand bag. It's fun though when I nailed all those moves that the instructor call out. It feels like an achievement. Bought another trial promo at another gym, will try it out by the end of the month when I'm back. 

and also here, a picture of my silly Bianca


as I said when I post this up in my instastory
I look like an angry chef working in a Chinese restaurant.
"Nei you sek mou? Mm moi sek zau mm moi zho ju sai la. Diu nei geh zao gai!"
HAHAHA, my angry Canto chef impression

Hello, more selfie. Decided to drag Grey in and use him as a prop. Haha. Also trying to nail the cat eye look inspired by Lauren. Don't think it match my eye shape. Just looks weird when I open my eyes like normal. So much for that. 


I found a drunk guy sleeping in front of our house the other day when I was going out for a hike on a Saturday morning. Actually he woke us up the night before at like 3 am, he was shouting and banging on our neighbour's door. Since I am in the room next to the corridor, I can hear everything. Our HDB has thin walls and I am a light sleeper which makes everything worse. The first round of noise last quite long, then he fell asleep, then woke up again at 4am and made some ruckus and again an hour later. I couldn't sleep at all. I think I only slept like 1 hour plus before I had to wake up for my morning hike. No thanks to this drunkarse. 
We did thought of calling the police on the first round, but since he quieted down, we didn't. Never knew he would wake up and do it again. Next time I'll call for the police straight. 
It's scary but at the same time funny though. I had to tip-toed out of the house. Not only is the guy on the floor, his phone, wallet, keys and fake teeth was all over the floor. Yes, a fake set of teeth. I will never forget that. Hahaha. 


Rainy season came early this year. Normally we only get this kind of weather in November or December. It seems like this year we have in early in September. 
I like it, honestly. I much prefer rainy and cloudy days than sunny ones. I don't know, it just make me feel elevated. Like I can do anything. I'm in the high part of a roller coaster (if you know what I mean). I don't think so much depressing thoughts, I just feel like exploring and trying new things. It's weird I know. Also, it made me appreciate the daily scenery that I can see. Like these...

The first two photos are taken just outside my office. Which I pass by everyday but never realize how pretty it looks on camera until now. The rain and clouds helps bring out the mood I guess. The third picture is taken just near my house. I love this shot a lot. 

Pictures taken from my hike at Dairy Farm Nature Park. First time taking Wallace Trail. Second time at Singapore Quarry but I didn't really take any good pictures there. 

Had a nice evening jog at Toa Payoh park too and discovered this Japanese styled garden in there.

That's it for September.

Hope October will treat me good.

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