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I think I don't even know how to blog anymore. It feels like I'm going to leave out a lot of stuff that has been happening for the past two months. Or maybe not..? There's only a few major interesting events to talk about anyway. I think I am mostly at home with my PS4 even when I am free or even in the weekend. Anyway, who is still reading my blog? Wait, the better question is, who still read blogs? I don't even read blogs anymore, to be honest. More or less, I will occasionally search for blog post if I needed some information for my travels. Other than that, I really do not care (mostly about how other bloggers live their lives). If you are reading this, I am not even sure why you care about how I am living mine??? Oh, funny thing it is, innit? And yet, here I am writing a public blog post that can be accessed by a million others on the internet (if they know how to find my blog). The irony. 
I'm not sure what I am on right now. I always go off track and trying to sound like I have really deep thought, when the truth is, it's just random stuff flowing out of my brain that doesn't mean anything. Not really deep, maybe, just random, mostly.

Right right, I digress.
I'll continue on with my... stuffs. I'm sure the total number of words in the paragraph above far exceeds the one that I am going to write in the sections below. I guess picture tells a thousand words, or so I've been told. 

I found this place solely because I saw one of my very good friends was sharing pictures or videos of some unique leaf dish on her igstory. (Yes, it's all about the igstory nowadays, if you don't have one, you do not matter *heavy sarcasm). She told me it was a seasonal dish and the experience of eating that leaf was so unique that it felt like eating somebody's tongue. It sounds so dirty..... yet it made me went there to celebrate mother's day. HAH. 

And you know what, since it is seasonal, it wasn't served on the day that I went there. Oh tough luck. But it's fine, the other dishes were really good and it's really satisfying to look at too.

I guess it's sort of like a Japanese fine dining experience? Since they decorate it so nicely but I think the price was not too expensive considering how it was presented. You can check the menu out. The food are all great but what stands out to me was the garlic fried rice and the soft shelled crab. I know, I think I'm just a sucker for rice therefore I really liked their fried rice. 

I'm actually researching for how to cook a good fried rice. Hey if you guys think it is easy, well, I do urge you to try. I always make soggy fried rice which is the one thing I want to avoid but I don't know how to. I even tried the leftover chilled rice method. Still doesn't work. I think I'm going to under cook or use less water for my rice in the next attempt. 

Was in Thailand for a short weekend on the 19-20th May. Weekend trip sounds tiring, well it is, and you get zero rest in between two weeks of workdays. The sole reason I went there was because my flights were sponsored. My partner was there for a week or so for some exhibition, so he thought it was a good idea to treat me to a short trip. Now that I think about it, it was nice of him to do so. I didn't thought much about it until this moment, now that I am typing away the reason that I was there. He's so busy these days, I only see him maybe 1-2 days per week. But I think I am already accustomed to his absence. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing to be honest. Even when he is back, I tend to do my own stuff and he, the same. I guess that is what happens when two has been together for quite awhile. Gosh, I think this is too personal for me to share to everyone. 

And yes, thank you to my boyfriend for sponsoring my flight tickets and accommodation for those 3 days and 2 nights. Flew over to Bangkok on Friday night and on Saturday, followed my bf and his partner to their exhibition lot and toured the place for awhile. The scale of the exhibition is quite impressive though. Then I went out on my own because my boyfriend and his partner has to mind the booth until the evening. 

salivate after seeing this kao ka moo!

Since this trip was not planned, I did not have a planning to where I should go. So, I went back to the place that I have visited because I know the street food outside of Emporium mall is amazing! 

And also, I saw this when I was walking around and thought it was peculiar (to me anyway). Fancy some surgery anybody?? 

I think this is my first trip overseas after my surgery. I've not been walking a lot since the beginning of the year. So, walking a lot in Bangkok was kind of taking a toll on me. The bright sun wasn't helping much either. I actually wanted to walk to The Commons but it was quite far away from Thong Lor. After a quick search on foursquare, I decided to go to this cafe called Mocking Tales. It's quite a find, I must say! I was in love with everything in there, the interior, the menu, the food, and also they have costumes so that customers can try them on and take pictures. I saw a group of 3 person who was actually there for some shooting I guess? 

My most favorite part of the cafe is actually the menu. It's so pretty! I love the artwork style.

All of the dessert looks simply magical but unfortunately I do not think I can finish them alone. So, I opt for something small. I asked the waiter to give some recommendation, and this is what I got. I forgot the name, sorry, there's photo reference so I think it's all good. It was a bit too much for me since I ate a whole lot before going there. Can't wait to go back there again to try out other stuff with le bf. 

Then, I visited House of Lucie, a group exhibition that showcases the works of top photographers in the world. Yes, that is the famous National Geographic photo that awed the whole world. It was near the cafe, and I had nothing to do, so I went there to take a look see. It wasn't easy to find. The entrance was pretty humble sliding door on a side of a building and also the exhibition is on the second/third floor. There wasn't a soul there when I was visiting, but only one staff, sitting on her work desk and she did not bothered me (nor did I). 

I'm not sure why, but I really like this photo.

As always, Snow app is the best. I can even change my hair colour with some filter. I think one can look very different with a simple hair change. 

It's so stupid now that I think about it, that we fight over picture taking. LOL. I was complaining to my bf that he did not take much picture of me whenever we go out. Unlike the photos what we often see people (mostly girls) post online, they always have picture perfect poses and scene.. and importantly a photographer, else the picture wouldn't even exist. So I started to complain, then my bf complained that I did not know how to pose. Great. This is just another never ending argument that we will have. Another one to the basket. 
To my defense, I am perfectly awkward around cameras and I am thoroughly embarrassed when there are passersby looking at me while we are at it, but who wouldn't want a picturesque photo of themselves? I would prefer it to be candid though, since there isn't a need for awkward posing. It's all natural but only the pros (photographer) can do it nicely. Oh, what have society made us do. It is now the era of perfect travel photos with clever backgrounds. It's really is rather silly and even made me embarrassed after the fight. 

But at least we still attempt it.. although not quite successfully. Hahahaha. 

hello, just casually standing in front of some bags. Do you want to buy one??

candid, but background is horrible, but we cannot control that. 

I finally get to try the authentic boat noodle in Thailand! I've only eaten once in KL I think, and it was a few years back, when I was still a university student. Most of the noodle dish is so spicy, I need to rest in between in order to continue eating. 

I shall work for a magazine company.

Then we went to visit the museum. We actually planned to go to Chatuchak market with his partner (and wife), but they were quite tired around noon so they went back to the hotel (they are quite elderly, therefore). It might sound really bad of me, but thank goodness, because I didn't want to go to Chatuchak, they were quite neutral to that place too but my bf kept telling them that they should visit it if they have never went there before. I think they are not fond of the idea of walking under the hot sun (well, me neither).
I mean Chatuchak is great, but... I ended up buying loads of useless things from my first visit. I bought too much tank tops and t-shirts which I only wore a few times, then they were untouched. The place is especially crowded in the weekend, which I am absolutely terrified of. So, thank gawd for that.  

Revisiting After You after 5 years?  The menu changed a lot and happy to see they are serving Kakigori too! And it was delicious! 

They were really generous with the sauce and toppings, I am afraid it was too much for us (since we were eating non-stop since morning). Not that I am complaining though. 

I've been reading a few books (only a few) and buying f load of games recently. Mostly because of my newly acquired Nintendo switch that my bf bought for me (YAY, but he only sponsored bomberman which I'm not really a fan of.. but it was cheap, sold near the shop that we bought our Switch in HK). We got a second hand one but we found out that the console was originally bought in April, which is quite new and we only got it for 1680HKD (around 292SGD) which is a steal! Normally a new one cost like 420$!

If you're interested in having a look at the store when you are in HK, I don't have the address but this is a street view from google maps. Just take the escalator to the second floor then you will see a few shops selling gaming items. This place was introduced to us by our Hongkie friend (who is also a gaming fan! Thanks!).

I'll list down what games that I have bought (solely in the past month), and for the heck of it, I'll note down the price too. Just to serve as a gentle reminder to myself that I am going to be so broke if I continue this shopaholic mode of mine. 

PS4 games that I have bought

// Dissidia - 30$
// Final Fantasy World - 25$
// Ni No Kuni II - 51$

Switch games that I have bought

// Yonder - 43$
// Just Dance 2017 - 35$ 
// Zelda - 55$
// Kirby Star Allies - 55$
// Mario Odyssey 55$

Total damage 349$ - 82.5$ (subsidized by my bro for some games) = 266.50$
With 8 games, I think 266.50$ is not a bad figure. Since I mostly buy second hand games too. The only new one I bought was Ni No Kuni II and Yonder because they were on sale and it was cheaper than second hand. With so little time on my hand, I wonder how I am going to play everything... Buy first think later mindset. Gah... 
Anyway, Dissidia is really bad.. I was expecting more out of it. I am a diehard FF fan, but this is below my expectation. I think I'm going to sell it off soon. Ni No Kuni II is amazing! Love the Studio Ghibli style and the gameplay. It's very rare to find something this good anymore! I'm playing this everyday nowadays. 
Yonder is also quite addictive, it's more like an open world/survival/harvest moon kind of game. Just Dance is...well, self explanatory. My mum loves it more than me. All other games that are not mentioned, I haven't played yet.

Books that I have read
// Howl's Moving Castle 
// Castle in the Air
// House of Many Ways
Basically I finished the whole trilogy of the Howl's Castle series by Diana Wynne Jones. I love Howl's Moving Castle and House of Many Ways. They are both very very entertaining and also quite humorous. Howl and Sophie are always here and there, it's so funny how they interact with each other. Castle in the Air however, was lacking a bit. But I still enjoyed it. 

Currently reading 
// Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick 
Recommended by a friend. The book talks about real life story in North Korea. I just started this book few days ago, it's quite an interesting read. It's like a whole different era there. But I am thoroughly amazed by how the citizens are brain-washed and think that their dictator is simply a gift from god. It's a pity, since they have no exposure, they would believe everything that was being taught to them since young. But to control the masses by this method.. it's a bit horrifying. Anyway, I highly recommend this book to everyone too!

Finally, I tried Luge! I never knew it existed until the beginning of this year. But unfortunately, when I found out, it was after my toe surgery. Therefore have to postpone the activity until I get much better. Now that it's already 6 months after, I went there with my mum and bf. Since she was visiting, thought we could go try together too. 
It was 25$ per person for 4 rides and another 12$ extra for priority queue. Please do not buy the priority queue pass, it is rubbish. We didn't know about this until our 3rd ride. Apparently the priority queue is the same queue as second-or-more rider. Basically meaning, anyone who has taken luge ride, can queue in the same place as priority riders. Which means... the priority pass doesn't do anything impressive but maybe advantageous for the first ride, but I still do not understand the logic to this. Basically, it's cheating money from customers. The queue was long either way, with or without the priority pass. We only knew this too late. 

After all that complaining, Luge is quite fun if you minus all the noobs on the track that rides with 5km/h speed who is also blocking the whole road. Tourists are the dumbest people on Earth. 
Would I go again? Maybe... if there are no queue, then I shall consider.  

It's quite a rare chance for me to go back alone to my own home. Usually, I am far too lazy or I am always back with my bf. I know I have a choice of not following him, but since he is always not around at home, I thought it was a sound idea to follow him during the weekend when he is available. This time, it was convenient, because I was back for my doctor's appointment so I asked Ann and Aleena if they have free time. Luckily they were! 

It's so refreshing to go out with the girls. I miss this, and I think I rarely have chance to do this. Maybe because I don't have anyone that close in Singapore or perhaps I am far too shy (or don't want to, if I am honest) to ask them out. Hahahaha! I'm only comfortable with a small number of people. 

Last but not least.. and you know what it is.. 

A rare chance to see them cuddling up to each other.. 1 min after this photo was taken, they started fighting. Typical.

Not lady-like at all

She really likes to sleep on our bags and clothes. I have no idea what fetish this is. 

Will be writing another post for my HK trip! But not much I guess, because I didn't take a lot of photos, but mostly videos for my vlogs which consist of mostly food videos. Till then!

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