I feel different

Life is only colourful when you decided to colour it yourself.
Hello there! It's too long since I've blogged about my life. 
And I've decided to blog today. How come I do these things when I really should not. I'm having my finals on Monday. I really shouldn't but it's not like my studying is doing well. I've been clicking here and there on my computer. So, I guess blogging awhile wouldn't hurt much either.
I should start reading too. My language command has been getting worse since... I don't know. 

I feel different. As in, suddenly I thought about starting to blog again. I thought about a lot of things. Learning new things and doing new stuffs. Well, it's not the first time I thought of those stuff. It's just I'm half-assed to do any of those. I got lectured for being aimless and non-productive everyday. I feel like a sloth and an ass right now. 

  • Work part time 
  • Be hardworking
  • Learn html
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Read my untouched novels when I'm free
These didn't go so well as I expected. But I would like to propose to myself again. But I have learnt my lesson, to not work in a big company if you're not committed AND while I'm studying. Hardworking.. Alright, I'll try. No more "who-am-I-kidding-kind of thought". Learning html, I got interest and I blog so why not? Just a click away. But of course not NOW. Blogging once a week is not a hard thing to do. Novels used to be my favorite thing but I got so into 9gag and stalking people. Such unhealthy hobbies, I shall not participate in anymore... Well, not so often at least.

Say hello to my 3-month-old goddaughter, Hailey! 
Isn't she adorable? I stole all these photos from her mum's instagram. Hahaha. I made a collage of her and currently this is my wallpaper on my smartphone. 

And hello to my dorky lil brother. He was suppose to show me his center parting of his hair but he trolled me instead. Disappointed really. Oh and btw, the black thing at the bottom right hand side corner there, is my bag and not some Sadako's sister with a flower pin on her hair. 

My darling housemates. Well, except Sam is not there. Shasha, Shiping and Alicia. 

Please. Don't. Press. Play.
You know you're an idiot if you did. 

My currently surviving classmates/coursemates. Who won't be taking exactly all the same subjects as me next trimester. That means nobody will be signing for my attendance either. T.T No more class skipping. 

Ah Thum came back from Taiwan! And well... Kien Bing is still Kien Bing.

Old school steamboat with le fellow Seremban-friends-slash-boyfriend's-friends
And Happy Bilated Birthday to Yang Yue!

Bromanceeeeeeee.. awweeeeeeeeeee

Wen Sheng dai lou new pets. So fluffy and cute!!! XD

And here are some very photogenic photos of inanimate objects and food from my insta. I'm learning how to take photos which speaks to people. *ekhem*

My old and spoiled ukulele. Poor baby. It's neglected. 

Zhu Zap Zuk from Seremban. 

Ngau lam fan from Seremban too.

Starbucks, my name is not Jowie. It's Joey.
No more coffee or starbucks for me. I've learnt my lesson. 
I do not want to suffer from insomnia again. It feels like my brain had a roller coaster ride while being electrocuted by Igor. Uek.

And the following day, I went jogging. It's been awhile since I last jogged. I'm soooooooooooooooooooo weaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. Maybe it's the coffee I had before that day. When I came home, I lay down on the floor for half an hour because of the giddiness. 

Deliciously tangy and sweet mango from Shasha's backyard

ridiculously photogenic chick. :P
 That's it for now.
Good day!

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