Happy Three-month-sary!

I've never written post of these type of genre. It's because.... I have some "issues" when I was younger. But hey, I'm here today to.. try to.. express... urm.. yeaaaahhhh... *blush blush* I'm so shy to express whatever I'm thinking right now. *big awkward guffaw* 

It's officially the 3rd month of our relationship today. 
Funny story, we don't even remember when we *officially* started this so I just took a date down (the 25th because I said so. XD). No, neither of us pop "the question". It's a very peculiar story but I'm not gonna tell it. Hahaha! But all I can tell is I'm the one who constantly poke the topic around. It's frustrating, constantly worrying about the competition *ekhem* that surrounds us. But at the end, I had to try because... well, self-explanatory, need I say more? 

*pinch pinch* He's mischievous.

Constantly on his smartphone.

At least he skypes with me... when he has good internet coverage that is. ==''

Lazy ass engineer graduate

A perfect victim target when I'm bored

..and shows me this kind of face when I'm obviously angry at him...
but in the end, some times, I have to apologize instead. 

berbanyak banyak pattern some more lah

And lucky for me, I'm currently in a love-hate relationship with this guy. ❤ 

I'm not the sweetest girl in the universe. No, I don't cook or bake things for you. I don't do artsy stuff like a homemade heart-shaped card with glittery sprinkles on it on a day like this. I'm like a very boring and nerdy and clueless typical engineering student. Lecture me all you want for being like this, but I'll never change..... well, not overnight at least. Hahahaha! I'm kidding, I'm still young, I'll learn.

What I hope in him on the other hand.... well... surprise me.. please? >.<

I'm not even free at this moment to have romantic dinner with this foul-mouth bastard. *sobs* After my finals, i guess. Or we'll just probably forgot about celebrating because it's too mainstream. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I want my celebratiooooooooooooooonnnnnnn, even if it's a tiny one!

Sleep tight

Happy 3rd-monthsary my love.

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