This is an overdue post.
29th September 2012

Shaftsbury Square is finally having more restaurant and food cafes now. We spotted Tappers that is newly opened, thought we'd tried it since the deco is fairly nice. We've never eaten at Tappers before, this was our first time.

A night out with my housemates. It's the day when me and Sam had out last paper for our finals. Couldn't held it in much longer, must get out and about to play. Haha. 

Shiping! I did her make-up, thought it would be fun. Cat-eye look. :D

Rigid Sam reading the menu

Shasha, spot her new green contact lenses. Cleopatra for the night. lol.

And finally, me.

And now for the food!

Spaghetti Tomato Sauce with Meatball

Chicken Schnitzel

Hainanese Chicken Chop
The food was plenty! And it's really good too. Plus the price is reasonable, not expensive plus the chicken chops can feed two of me seriously. Their spaghetti dishes are really good.
But to my disappointment, when I went there for the second time, the food tasted different. I wonder if they had hired a new chef or something. It's not nice anymore and it's just like any other food place in Cyberjaya now.  *Utterly disappointed*

Mood ~ 

Will I go again? 
Yes, since it's like eating in Oldtown or Padi House. It's the same I guess. 

Setia Walk
They're looking at their cameras, don't misunderstand. Haha!

Having fun at The Beer Factory in SetiaWalk
Note to self, never bring a guy friend to a girl's night out. Especially a friend that you're not close to. I had to be a "nanny" to make sure he's not left out plus my housemates weren't talking as much as they do because it's awkward. T.T And The Beer Factory is too loud and noisy, not a good place for talking too. 

But I enjoyed myself anyway. 

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