You shouldn't wash your jeans

I've heard this a long time ago, that jeans should not be wash as often as we think. I never really think much about that statement. But I used to wash my jeans after every wear and then gradually change to a week once.

In these few days, I got more curious about caring for jeans because I've bought a lot of colorful jeans from Kitschen recently. It's crazy cheap! But I'm not sure if it's like... the real jeans material. I know jeans aren't cheap, so I'm doubting it... Okay, I'm sure those cheap ones are fake, because some of mine has like.. little cotton-ish thing coming out. *bahaha* All together the more that I shouldn't wash them as much as I thought I should.
I decided to ask my family and friends about it. Apparently, my mum didn't even know that jeans shouldn't be washed that much. She even asked me "Isn't it dirty if you didn't wash them after you wear them for a day??", I honestly couldn't answer her anything, cause I don't even know the true way to care for them. Then I asked my friends. They said they don't wash their jeans unless they got dirty or if they smelled funny. 6 months without washing is okay they said! For me, 6 months..... wow, too long. Very dirty.

Then I asked Mr. Google. These are what I got from all of the sources I've read.

First of all, for hygienic purpose, it is common sense to wash the clothes we bought first before we wear them right? (I don't do this but if it's underwear then I would wash it first lah of course) For jeans, you can rinse it with COLD WATER and put it inside out and lay them flat to dry. You can also choose to hang them upside down too like in the picture above. It is best to dry them naturally without any heat source as it would damage the jeans material. No sun light of course.
How to lay flat to dry? I also don't know, but click the question. I've put a link of Yahoo Answers. But I guess it's basically means do not hang them as it will stretch the clothes.

Secondly, do not wash it ever again....
I'm serious. Lol. It is said that jeans should not be washed if possible. If it smells, you can just let them air dry them for awhile or even use an odour eliminating spray.
But if you choose to wash them, it is best to wash them the first time after 6 months (minimum) of wearing them using as less soap as possible, or even no soap at all. Remember to turn it inside out. Do not use biological washing powder that contains enzymes though. Don't tumble dry. Hang them in shady spot where fresh air is flowing.

There are other ways of washing them too. I'll just quote them here. This is taken from
A little known Japense method recommends taking a bath in your jeans after a few months of wear.  After around 90 days of wear, jump in a lukewarm bath with your jeans on and use a scrubbing brush to create a colour fading effect.
A third method known as the ‘reverse technique’ involves wearing your jeans after you have washed them.  To try this, prepare water in a bucket between 30c and 40c and steep your jeans in it for 1-2 hours, making sure the jeans are fully submerged. If you like, you can add a table spoon of salt or vinegar to the water. Afterwards, take the jeans out of the bucket, and wash inside out at 40c without washing agents. Dry the jeans and wear! Using this technique, you should look to undertake your second wash after around 6 months of wear.
There's more info in the link above. If you like to know more, then you're free to research on your own. :D But I guess asking a denim lover friend also works too.

After reading all of the info I got from jeans care, I realized I have done too many things that I shouldn't with my jeans. I put them all in the washing machine with A LOT of detergent. I even tumble dry them then hand them normally to dry under the sunlight. So it's getting looser and looser. No wonder. I am therefore never washing my denims that much anymore after this. Haha.

One thing that I learned not to do also.
Please do not attempt to smell anyone's jeans unless it's yours.... Otherwise... uek. 

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