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I changed my layout again! This time, back to blogger's. As it's easier for me to manage and well... less... complicated. And I like the background. At least now it's simple and the font are easier to read. It's not the size 10 font and it won't hurt your eyes while you're reading anymore! *Hurrah!*
And on the other hand, I don't have to deal with the html codes for decorating complicated shits anymore because I'm lazy like that. About few years ago, I asked myself to make an effort to go and learn some website coding via W3Schools Online Web Tutorials...

And obviously, I failed miserably.
Happy ever after.
The end.

I went full out crazy after I finished my exam. 3 weeks of holiday for me and I took an additional week off..... Week one only maaaa, sap sap water lah..
It's a new trimester now, but it doesn't change the fact that I can still sleep in class. -.- Bravo.
A short update to what I did during those 4 weeks.

The awesomest senior gang in the whole universe.
I will miss you guys!

2012/13 Senior's Graduation
Don't forget me when you all become millionaires!!! XD

And then I went to China for 5 days with my mum. Following a Shanghai Tour. So basically I've went to HangZhou, Wuxi, Su zhou and Shanghai. 

And when I came back to Malaysia... I went to 2 hours of class only for the week, then I went away again for my own sweet honeymoon with my dai gao sui


small size buildings and architecture

And then, a surprise from my Siao Yi 
Free tickets to Big Bang Alive Concert!
2 free tickets for my brother and I

G-Dragon is really really really good looking. No kidding. 
And TOP..... IS HOT!

Time to upload my pictures to facebook. A LOT to go through.

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