Week 9 | Filming, Avengers, Parliament Visit and Badische Meile Run

Dienstag, 28 April 2015
Today is filming day!

For one of assignments for the Hochschule. And this is definitely not the only filming day. Going to play around with green screen too, but the idea of using green screen doesn't appeal to us because it didn't make any sense to our short video theme. But oh well, we must, because it's one of the task given to us. 

Miniature dress and shirt I made
I made use of my crocheting skills in this project. Never in my life I would think that I could make use of my crochet knowledge this way. Especially not for filming purposes.

Sarah as the director and Bea & Helena as the filmers.
This is how a pro filmer films. :P
It was kind of decided that I will be filmed from long ago because Sarah saw one of my video on Instagram where I was singing with my ukulele (and I was basically useless in all other aspects because I have no idea how video-editing software works LOL). As an "actress", I didn't really have to do much really as I do not need to say anything but just stand/sit/crochet silently. HAHA! But still, I'm camera shy (really. I'm so awkward). 
Some were asking me about the "movie" that I'll be starring in because I post a picture on my instagram with the caption "Filming in progress. #imgonnabefemes". I appreciate you guys for thinking that I have a chance for stardom when you've only witnessed one picture so I'll take this act of questioning as a form of indirect compliments. LOL. 
If you're curious, the end product is just 20 seconds so... not really a blockbuster movie that y'all are expecting. Sorry I had to burst your bubbles though.

However, Sarah edited and posted a "preview" version of the video on her blog! So, if you are interested to see it, click on the this link or the website below! Please don't mind the background music (we can't download and use any music we want, as it violates the law in Germany!), we won't be using that old-school music in the final version . Instead, I'll be singing them! So, look forward to that (???)!

Sarah is an amazing artist & a seasoned photographer from Melbourne, Australia. Check out her team's official website (link below!) and see the wonderful things she and her team has made. Those who love cinematic photography will indefinitely love their work too. 

Mittwoch, 29 April 2015
Avengers - it was good I guess.

I've heard so much about the hype of this movie since few months ago and finally, it is out.

It's not easy for non-German speakers to go to the cinema because all the movies are dubbed in German! And they only have one screening in the original audio (which is English in this case) on one day. And the only option was in 3D. I wanted to watch 2D because 3D gives me headaches but I didn't have a choice exactly because they don't have english version on 2D. 
It was my first time going to the cinema in another country. It surprises me because the cinema sells tacos, m&m's, candies, and beer. I didn't really like the popcorn because it's not sweet enough as compared to the Malaysian (Royale) version. I miss Garrett popcorn!!! The tacos are really good though.
The movie is pretty good I guess, but not as great as I thought. But of course, expectations expectations expectations. Some how I'm relieved too as it is not a 3-hour-long movie like the first Avengers. 

Samstag, 2 May 2015
It's the European Parliament Open Doors Day!

The European Parliament opens their doors to the public every year on the Open Door Day event. This year, it falls on 2 May 2015 for Strasbourg branch. I didn't knew about this until my house-mate, Sevda invited me for a trip there. Lucky me! Carpe diem aye?

The event day starts at 10am till 6pm. So, we started our journey at 12pm because I didn't get enough sleep the other day. *tongue out*

*For those who is interested to visit the Open Doors Day in Brussels or Luxembourg, they are doing it on 9th May 2015!

The glass-like building is Strasbourg Gare Central. The train station I mean. 

We arrived at the Parliament at 1.30pm and the queue was LOOOONNNNG.

All dressed up and ready for posing. LOL. He's a natural.

After waiting an hour, we're finally inside the outer entrance
In total, we waited for 2 hours to get inside the building because we have to queue up for security check before we can get it. We were actually already half-tired because of the waiting and queueing process.

Finally, we are inside!

It was really a challenge for me and Sevda to understand everyone and everything because all the informations are mostly in French or German! Very little English, it was quite disappointing but I guess they are targeting people from France and Germany. 
I read about the tour they are giving in the website but I forget to ask about it when I was there. So, instead of wandering around aimlessly, we did the Quiz Trail! And luckily, they have English for this quiz. They gave us a booklet and all we have to do is visit every quiz booth and answer the questions correctly to get stamps. After getting all the stamps, we can exchange it for a surprise gift! I think it was really a good idea because it was kind of fun and we can get to learn interesting facts about the EU Parliament too. Although right now I don't really remember much.

These are called "trunks"
Trunks are used in the transportation of important documents throughout the EU Parliament branches and are colour coded according to the official's offices.

Displays of chairs used in the Eu Parliament

In one of the rooms.. I don't know the name of the room. Sorry! Lol

Hmm.. very posh

I guess it says "Protocol Room"?

Finally, inside the Hemicycle

Trying out the translator audio thingy.

Perfect demonstration from Sevda. Hahaha! 

Sevda in the translator room and trying to translate whatever it is that is shown on the TV

While me patiently waiting and listening to her translation.. which was nothing.
Hahaha! If you are a translator and is looking for a job, look no further, apply for a job in the EU Parliament. It's not going to be an easy job though. I am very impressed as you know, they are not speaking just one language in the Parliament. In fact, they consist of 28 member states and have 24 official languages. Therefore, there's 552 (if I'm correct) possible combinations of translation.

Chinese wasn't one of the official language so I didn't get the chance to translate anything. LOL. But according to Sevda, she said it was very hard because the speaker was speaking very fast. She was trying to translate the first sentence but the speaker is already speaking a few more other sentences. Mind-blown.

Inside a smaller chamber(?)

Crossing the bridge to another part of the building

The new 20 Euro which will be launched in September 2015.
I had the privilege to be one of the few to witness the new 20 Euro in person! Well, but I'm not going to stay here long enough to use it though.

Krama as a gift
After a long walk around the Parliament, finally we completed all the quiz! At first we were disappointed because we got a recyclable sling bag made from plastics and old newspaper. Not to be rude but it wasn't very pleasing, it wasn't really big either. I wouldn't be able to use if for grocery shopping. Luckily, when we were near the exit, we found out that we can get another gift, the krama. It was very pretty and there's a few colour that we can choose from. We were happy again. Haha.

It was only 6pm when we left the Parliament and the sun sets at 9pm here during Spring. So, we decided walk around Petite France! Even though I was here before, I never had the chance to take my time strolling around the streets and take pictures of them.  

A lovely house in the middle of the river. Not sure if it is inhabited or not.
Wooden parts

Some random place we walked into. Getting lost doesn't seem like a bad thing at all.

Me with the famous picturesque view of Petite France

There's a whole lot more spectacular scenes around Petite France but it didn't really look nice through the camera's lens. Go there and experience it, I'm sure you'll feel like you've travelled through time. 

I think I've written this before in my last post about my visit to Strasbourg, but I don't remember. Oh well. Hahaha!

My loot of the day
As a Malaysian, I love my free gifts. LOL. They were giving out quite a number of things in the Open Doors Day. A lot of information brochures and booklets about the works in the EU Parliament. But all I care about was the postcards, memo pad, sticky pad, and pens. HAHAHA! Sorry, I'm an ignorant girl.  
I also grabbed a really curious piece of recycled paper, the one with the title "Let's grow together". Turns out, you can plant the paper and grow flowers with it. This is so cool. Maybe I can try growing them in Malaysia, not sure if it will survive the all-year summer though.   

Sonntag, 3 May 2015
I ran 9km today in Karlsruhe, Germany. 

Well, I guess it's not much of a distance if you consider my past hiking and cycling trips. But it's still a hellavu run. No thanks to my running hiatus since February. I'm currently suffering from aches along my back, thighs and legs. 

The weather forecast for the day: Rainy.

At first we were having this hoohah about going or not in the morning, as we need to catch the 8am train (latest). We decided to not go at first because we don't want to risk getting sick from the rain. Later, 15 mins before the train leaves, we decided to go. The plan was to collect our shirts and numbers, then we'll see how it goes. If the weather is not that bad, we'll run.

My number!

Me with Soo Yee!

The Offenburg Hochschule runners! 

My Medal!
Turns out, the rain isn't that bad. It only rained a little so it's bearable.
I thought it was going to be not much of a problem for me but oh, I'm so wrong. I was having problem in my last 3km and my legs couldn't take the impact from running. I had to stop for every 10 seconds of running. I felt so bad. *cries*. Well, that's what you get for not running for a long time. 

And nordic walkers.... damn, they are so fast even when they walk. 
It was my first time seeing people running with baby strollers too. This shows that these people are determined to run, really. Nothing is impossible. Though, my bf told me that this is also happening in Malaysia too but I never saw that happening even though I've ran a few marathons in Malaysia. 

Thai food, I love them.
After all that running, we need to refuel. What better way to do it than taking Thai food? Haha. My love for Thai food never dies!

After 4 years! We're are meeting in another country!
I look so shitty after the run, and now I regret cutting my long fringe. Lol.

Met with Eu Jinn for the first time after 4-5 years! We first meet during my first year in the university and we were the working committees for a photography event. 
I didn't knew he was working in Karlsruhe and he didn't know I joined the run. Not until I posted a picture of my medal on Instagram. Then, he contacted me through Facebook and then we decided to meet for lunch. Apparently, he was living in the neighbourhood where we ran. It's quite funny really, the power of destiny?? LOL. And much gratitude to the creator of Instagram, Facebook, and the internet. 

Now, please excuse me while I tend my aching arse. Need to lie down on my belly and enjoy my rest day while watching Game of Thrones. 


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