Week 8.3 | Hiking through Oberkirch, Black Forest

Sonntag, 26 April 2015
A great day for hiking! As it was sunny and a little cloudy and thankfully not rainy. We went hiking at Oberkirch with the other international students and some from the Senior Service. 

We so fly 

Another observation tower to conquer

And look at what I found

Marta just chilling after the long climb up. Hahaha!

meet the photobomber

Couldn't resist this shot as Sarah was looking very chic! Too bad there were other people in the background. 

We also met some pigs. Hairy pigs and their little tent houses.

This is where you can get beer in November after a long hike up. I'm really curious how the place would look with people drinking beer in the currently-abandoned place. 


Marta's version of The Scream 

Funny we only saw the map once and it was in the middle of our hike, maybe we didn't exactly follow the trail perfectly. But yeah, I think we hiked around 14km that day according to this chart.

Some information about the history of The Bishop of Strasbourg and the Cherries
I'm only reading this part of information when I'm writing this. Apparently, Oberkirch was once a part of Strasbourg around 200 years ago. Oberkirch has the largest cherry farm area in Baden Wurttemberg and there's a lot of distillery there.
Oh, an interesting fact that I found out. Apparently, the Black Forest cake is originated from Black Forest! Therefore, now you know why the (original) Black Forest cakes are often made with cherries and cherry wine.

I like taking pictures of sceneries without people in them. :P 
So here are some of the pictures I really like. Enjoy!

That is a red hammock btw. In case you were wondering

I really love this spot but I think this picture do not do any justice to the real thing. If only I can take a picture with my own two eyes and show it to you guys. It's so beautiful, I could just die here. 


After our hike, we had a barbeque session at the foot of the mountain at some... place. I didn't know where we were and I have no idea what it's called either. HAHAHA! I just know it looked like an ordinary home + brewery + guest house + barbeque place. It's an all-you-can-eat-buffet style lunch/snack and we only had to pay 5 Euro per student! Which is really cheap I think!

Bonfire time!!!
Our 'spears' for the food. 

This is just so cool. Never in my life have I tried barbecuing like this. It just takes thing to a whole new level. AND I didn't even know we can bake bread like this!!! YES! And I call it Bread on a Stick. I'm just so astonished by this discovery.

Now I know how the ancient people did it.

Surprisingly. the food was very good! Never underestimate simple things. I just loved everything. The sausage, marinated bacon (bacon goooooooooooooood) with chocolate (yes!! You heard me. With chocolate!), cheese, vegetables (which we should barbeque together with the meat too, but I ate it raw lol), and of course the bread with little pieces of bacons in it. 
Went back home satisfied with a full tummy (I even smuggled some food back home. *laugh cry* how asian of me.) and this is definitely one of the best hiking trip I've ever taken. Perhaps I'll return once again in the future!

In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. 
-Abraham Lincoln 

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